The Biden Family Caricatures

The Biden first family seems determined to confirm every stereotype of their antisocial behavior—to the point of dysfunctionality.

During the 2020 campaign at least eight women alleged that then presidential candidate Joe Biden in the past had serially and improperly touched, kissed or grabbed them.

One, Tara Reade alleged she was sexually assaulted by Biden, who denied the charge.

Yet Biden himself finally was forced to apologize for some of his behavior. Or as he said at the time, “I get it.”

He claimed that he would no longer improperly invade the “private space” of women and had meant no harm.

But Biden’s obnoxious conduct extended well beyond the eight accusers.

Women as diverse as former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and Biden’s own daughter-in-law Kathleen Buhle, have both alleged in their memoirs that Biden made them feel uncomfortable through his intrusive touching and embraces.

On several occasions, Biden developed a strange tic of becoming too physical with young girls. He habitually attempted to hug them while blowing in their hair.

His daughter Ashley wrote in her diary that she feared her past adolescent showers with her father had been inappropriate. Even as president, Biden has weirdly called out young girls in his audiences to note their attractiveness.

On one occasion, the president interrupted his speech to address a female acquaintance—enlightening the crowd that, “We go back a long way. She was 12 and I was 30, but anyway…”

As a result, Biden has likely been warned repeatedly to forgo intimate references to young women.

He has no doubt also been advised by his handlers to stop all close, supposedly innocent contact with young girls and children—if for no other reason than to prevent his political opponents from charging that Joe is “creepy,” “perverse,” or “sick.”

And yet like some addict, Biden cannot stop—regardless of the eerie image he projects around the world.

Last week, the president jumped the proverbial shark by embracing a young child in a crowd while on the tarmac of the Helsinki, Finland airport.

In his strangest act yet, Biden kept moving his mouth near the face of the young girl. He was apparently trying to nibble the youngster, almost in turkey-gobbling fashion.

She recoiled.

No matter—Biden continued at her shoulder.

Again, she flinched.

Biden then reverted to form, and sought with a second try to smell her hair and nestle closer.

Had any other major politician in the age of #MeToo committed such an unnerving stunt, he would likely have been ostracized by colleagues and mercilessly hammered by the media.

Not in Biden’s case.

The apparent media subtext was that it was either just “Old Joe” trying to be too friendly, or a symptom of his cognitive decline and thus not attributable to any sinister urge.

Senescence now provides paradoxical cover for Biden’s creepiness—newfound exemption for his old boorish behavior.

Also, during the President’s latest antics, cocaine was found in the West Wing of the White House.

All the White House spokespeople had to do was to reassure the public that the drugs most certainly did not belong to first son Hunter Biden—despite being a frequent guest resident of the White House and a former crack-cocaine addict.

Instead, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed reporters for requesting such clarification.

Then the official narrative went through several contortions, as to where and how the bag of cocaine was found.

The disinformation only added suspicion that the White House either would not or could not be transparent about the discovery of illicit drugs abandoned at the very nexus of American governance.

Requests for clarity were understandable not just because Hunter has had a long history of drug addiction.

He also has a troubling habit of leaving a public trail of evidence of his drug use.

Hunter forgot his crack pipe in a rental car. He abandoned his laptop that contained evidence of his own felonious behavior. And his unlawfully registered handgun turned up in a dumpster near a school.

In sum, the President and his son both have quite disturbing and all-too public bad habits.

Americans in response assume both would be careful not to offer the tiniest shred of evidence that their pathologies continue.

White House handlers should keep Joe Biden from even getting near small children and young women.

And they should be just as unambiguous that Hunter Biden has never, and would never, even get too close to illicit drugs while inside the White House.

Sadly they can do neither.

These suspicions are force multipliers of the mounting evidence of Biden family corruption. They feed narratives of heartlessness about disowning a granddaughter born out of wedlock. And they add to worries of presidential senility.

The result is the caricature of a first family: one that is utterly dysfunctional—and increasingly detrimental to the country at large.


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45 thoughts on “The Biden Family Caricatures”


    Such corruption in one family must be a Delaware thing. Remember Thomas Capano? Deputy state AG who murdered his mistress, Ann Marie Fahey. His brothers helped him cover it up. Democrats, too.


      Sadly, yes, there long ago should have been consequences served upon the Biden clan. Our collective confusion on the matter can be cleared up once we look at the the current media culture. MSM outlets on Monday thru Wednesday (I think it was) spent a total of 547 minutes of their combined news broadcasts on the DJT current DC grand jury pending indictment. They spent zero, Zero minutes on the Biden bribery scheme or the IRS Whistleblowers testimony. The Progressives have successfully captured all of our cultural institutions now. All of them. Media, movies, sports, corporate boardrooms on and on. Our once great Republic has certainly fallen. Question is, will *we* ever have the courage to reclaim any of it.

    2. I think it’s all about the Orange Man. The media has succeeded in its vilification of the Trump family.

  2. Biden is quite at risk if the Left or Democratic Party (pardon the repetition) and the establishment media (there I go again) ever become perceived not as a use idiot but as a liability.

  3. Stephen Leonard

    And yet, astonishingly, horrifyingly, Democrat politicians, apologists and our once-vigilant legacy media refuse to acknowledge or report on any of this bizarre behavior. They cancel and vilify anyone trying to bring it to the public’s attention. They have abandoned even the pretense of respecting the values that made America what it is (or was?) and have evidently launched a final, all-out assault aimed at overthrowing the structure pout in place by those old, dead, white men in 1789 and installing themselves in power in perpetuity. Fundamental transformation — he wasn’t kidding.

  4. I suppose we should be grateful that as long as Biden lives he stands between Kamala and the presidency. Not much of a legacy.

  5. His handlers are nothing without their friends in law enforcement. While we watch the puppet show (because he’s mentally incapable) the power is somewhere else. Because the power is somewhere else people humor Joe Biden to stay in the good graces of the power behind him.

    Roger Simon explained that Hunter is begging to be straightened out and that’s why he leaves evidence. He wants someone to help him leave his public life of immorality and dishonesty. He feels guilty and wants help. In the meantime the hidden power keeps churning out indictments. It’s an uphill battle even with a mountain of evidence.

    1. Because the power is somewhere else and because we read of Soros’ numerous WH visits is enough to wish we were a fly on that wall.

  6. It is remarkable that so many citizens do not recognize what is happening right before their eyes. Maybe it’s that so many get their news and information off big tech; or maybe so many are just busy working and living their lives. But many people in many other nations have noticed and ask, “what the heck happened to America? What are you guys doing?” But finally, we are getting a glimpse of those who actually pull the strings of our Nation; GS is but one. Those who defend Biden’s behavior and continue to cover for it and others are actually giving themselves away. If only enough citizens open their eyes to see. Vote to correct this nonsense in November 2024, or else. Or else.

    1. Totally disagree with the people in other nations’ comments. I have family in Asia and came back from Europe early this year and there is nothing and I mean NOTHING in the media that even remotely approaches Fox News, it’s all super left-wing reporting of how awful the right and Trump are in the States.

      My family is in Asia, think just the opposite of their family in the states about the states.

  7. Thomas Herring

    We’re moving into third world levels of corruption in our Federal Government.

    The recent book “The Dechurching of America” highlights the decline of faith in God in the last two decades, which I believe is the root cause of our predicament in the Nation-State.

  8. Thank you for the clear, concise and insightful descriptions of our dysfunctional first family. Compound the personal behavior of the father and son with their professional behavior and one is stunned by their overall perversion, corruption and ineptitude. Granted our leader is a vacuous shell, but it further astonishes me that the liberal left politicos and pundits continue to inflate him with supportive air simply to maintain his shape of a functioning person. I long for the Reagan of time’s past and Trump of time’s future, without which the American experiment may well be destined to fail.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and clear articulation. I have bookmarked your newly-discovered site and will return daily in search of more common sense issued from knowledge and tempered by wisdom.

  9. William christopher

    An insightful encapsulation of how detrimental Biden is to our country. This also calls to mind how indifferent his likely “handlers”, (perhaps his wife) and of course, the news media are to the manner in which Biden represents our country to the rest of the world – – friend and foe alike.

  10. If this article were about Trump or any Republican, you would see it everywhere! But since it is about Biden, you will probably only see it here.

  11. None of them will ever have to pay for their crimes with prison time. That’s sadly “the way it is” in D.C. – political crimes go unpunished. If a Dem gains the White House after Biden, the Biden family members will be pardoned.

  12. So how did the Biden family corruption start?

    Was it always Joe, from the very beginning? Taking bribes, doing favors, playing up to the donors? Acting any way he felt without regard to consequences? Incessantly lying and bragging about absolutely false fable-like remembrances? Did it start with Joe?

    Or was it his brother(s) that figured out a way to grift off of Joe?

    Or did the corruption machine not get into full gear until Hunter came along and perfected the multi-pronged effort?

    Who is running this mafia-ike organization? Why can’t we take it down, just like with any other organized crime activity?

    Certainly there is adequate evidence.

    Some families are just crooks. That’s all they know. That’s how they get rich. When there are no moralistic guidelines, you can do just about anything and not regret any of it. You just can’t get caught. Or punished.

    From what we now know about Joe, is it any wonder that his family produced a totally failed human being like Hunter?

    With Joe as his father figure, what chance did Hunter ever have of growing up to be a solid, honest, hard-working, law-abiding citizen?


    Here’s my latest theory: Nobody thought that there was any chance that JB would become POTUS. Therefore they got as much as they could out of the deal while he was VEEP. Maybe got too greedy and careless. But now it is all being revealed — sunshine that never would have popped out had he not become Prez.

    It is all now clearly out of control.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Jim. Just think if Joe never ran for POTUS. Wow, what an arrogant fool to think he could hide and continue to hide all their corruption.

  13. I have been listening to Professor Hansen for several years, and now believe, sadly, that he is one of the few dependable truthful, voices in America today. Thank you Professor Hansen for continuing to fight the good fight! Praying for you and your family as you continue to speak the truth to the world.

  14. It’s becoming evermore obvious that that our “government”, in fact any organization that is run by a hierarchy of individuals not a part of production, consumption, and proprietary dispute resolution, cannot stand intact over the long term. Thus far about 250 years seems to be a limit beyond which those in charge of a nonproprietary state consume the majority of its output through nonproprietary greed, ie extracting so much of the fruit of proprietary trading will devolve into disarray.

    So, imagine a civilization of producers, consumers, proprietary dispute resolution, and any other desired function populated by organizations one can access or not at their choice.

    That would be a true revolution provided our species an opportunity to avoid continuous wars.

  15. Bill O'Donnell

    Free advice: Finding the Cocaine owner should be easy. Find for the Hookers and ask them. Hookers and blow go together like hotdogs and baseball. By the way, fee advice is worth every penny.

  16. The sad part is they about 200 Get Out Of Jail Free cards and when you own the DOJ it is like a “Teflon” coating. And they called Reagan the Teflon President, but this administration truly is.

  17. When Biden gropes and sniffs these little girls, where are the adults? Why do they just stand there paralyzed? Why do they not slap his face and say “Leave her alone!” or something similar? Sure, the Secret Service would respond, but let them. Make enough of a public disturbance so it would be on the news *world-wide*. Let him slink away from public office with people everywhere saying “Pedophile!” He deserves that, and so much more.

  18. I will say I one more time. If the subject is not election integrity then the subject is a distraction. Elections have consequences. Hands up if you believe that Joe got 81 million votes.

  19. David Timmons

    I am sick of this double standard for the Bidens, and, then, everyone else

    As you brilliantly pointed out, Prof. Hanson, the sexual nature of both Joe’s and Hunter’s interactions with women and children is quite bizarre.

    Then, there’s the abuse of Joe’s position for the Biden’s personal gain. The media bends over backwards to make excuses for them.

    Finally, it is so obvious to any one that has eyes and ears, that Joe is incapable of performing the job as POTUS. There was always talk of invoking the 25th Amendment for Trump, but, Biden is, as you often say professor, non-compos mentos.

    The Republicans HAVE to use their majority in Congress to impeach Biden.

  20. Professor Hanson,

    I couldn’t agree more. The Biden’s are a political mob. Joe reminds me of the Senator from Nevada in Godfather II. Next thing you know, they will find him in a house of ill repute. Wish you lectured in Minnesota, I would definitely attend. Thanks for supporting conservative America. History doesn’t lie.

  21. If Biden would complete the wall, enforce all immigration law, open all federal lands to drilling, cut out the nonsense regarding net-zero, and encourage congress to pass a federal law prohibiting the transing of minors, I wouldn’t have any problem with coke in the White House, nor Joe acting creepy with girls.

    I’d still have a problem with the taking of bribes.


  22. Richard James Borlik

    he should never have defamed the Mother of God by sporting the image of OLOG, while promoting near infanticidal abortion.

  23. My prediction: Nothing will happen. Joe will drift off to dementia-land well before any legal entanglements mature. President Kamala, get used to that. It’s happening. She then appoints HRC as VEEP, Kamala resigns, HRC POTUS 48. Then HRC-RFK Dem “unity” ticket, resulting in Trump POTUS 49. Got it? Exciting!!

  24. Joe Biden is a Loser-intellectually, socially, as a leader, as a father, as a pedophile-he is only acceptable to other, equally dysfunctional people that use him to achieve their ends–which are neither constructive nor in the service of our country. A Loser.

  25. Ron Fragapane

    Dear Professor Hanson,

    You are a voice of reason and clarity in a world of obfuscation and Orwellian re-definition of words.

    I enjoy your podcasts and written articles on a variety of subject. As a college dropout (1972), I am receiving a world class university degree through your words and articles.

    When I refer to the clown in the White House as non-compos Mentis to my “educated” friends, I receive a blank stare of incomprehension.

  26. Listening to today’s podcast discussing Biden’s pedophelia I found Sami’s nervous giggling disturbing. The videos of the man’s imposition on a small girl needs to be treated for the sick crime it is and not laughed off. Would that the mother punched him in the nose, hard, and told him to keep his hands off her child. This is more than Old Joe behaving badly.

  27. steven bonner

    VDH used to write serious foreign policy essays.
    This “essay” is little more than recycled NY Post gossip.
    I guess it pays the bills, but it is evidence of intellectual laziness.

    1. There are lots of serious facts there brother. Step down a bit and read some of VDH’s articles on military history or his latest book, The Dying Citizen – extremely serious and super intellectual.

  28. Dear Professor
    I found your blog through the Robinson podcast, I clicked to see you and hoped for intelligence. Instead I found contemptible bias and slander in the contents of this laughable, hate filled screed from an old impotent fool (you), trying to cope with the greatness of our best president in 25 years. Biden was (and is) exactly what our nation needed after the clown show of Trump. Is this disparagement of a great man (Biden) what I can expect from Stanford elitist academics such as yourself? I didn’t realize this was the state of your mind! How laughable. Go away. Are you supposed to be a scholar of antiquity? The ancient Greeks would drag you off to exile, and consign your property to slavery. Cheers pal.

    1. We’re witnessing a Soros-funded trolls or a mental disorder here. If this Leftist actually believes what he just posted, he’s obviously mentally ill. If he’s a paid troll, he’s suffering from a clear lack of moral character. In either case, he’s a problem that must be dealt with if this country is going to survive.

    2. Dean, thanks for bringing humor to an otherwise dreadful national story: the Biden family of grifters. Are you paying $5/month to entertain us? Keep it up. I’ll patiently await your next thoughtful contribution. It will be easy to remember your name: Portman = Man of the Left.

    3. Dean: Name just one accomplishment of the Biden Administration.

      You’re out of touch. The working class is hurting badly because of the Biden policies.

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