The Great Experiment

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review   We’ve gone from hard left, under Obama, to hard right, under Trump. Judge the ideologies by their results.   Most new administrations do not really completely overturn their predecessors’ policies to enact often-promised ideologically driven change.   The 18-year span of Harry Truman to Dwight Eisenhower to John …

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The Obamas and the Clinton Road to Perdition

By Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness Hillary and Bill Clinton were a proud, progressive power couple who came into big-time state politics on promises of promoting “fairness” and “equality.” It did not matter much that very little in their previous personal lives had matched such elevated rhetoric with concrete action. And so the ironies and …

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When Normalcy Is Revolution

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review Trump’s often unorthodox style shouldn’t be confused with his otherwise practical and mostly centrist agenda. By 2008, America was politically split nearly 50/50 as it had been in 2000 and 2004. The Democrats took a gamble and nominated Barack Obama, who became the first young, Northern, liberal president since …

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What Exactly Is Trumpism?

By Victor Davis Hanson//National Review First sketches of a list, starting with tradition, populism, and American greatness Donald Trump is hated by liberal Democrats because, among other things, he is likely to reverse the entire Obama project. And, far worse, he probably will seek fundamental ways of obstructing its future resurgence — even perhaps by …

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America as Animal Farm

By Victor Davis Hanson// National Review New commandments replace the old ones on the barn wall. The socialist essayist and novelist George Orwell by 1944 grew depressed that as a cost for the defeat of the Axis Powers the Allies had empowered an equally nightmarish monster in the Soviet Union. Since his days fighting for …

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Are Sanctuary Cities the New Confederates?

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online There are now 340 sanctuary cities in the United States — and the list is growing. All of them choose to ignore federal immigration law by refusing to report detained undocumented immigrants to federal authorities under most circumstances. Share This

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Don’t Trust Putin in the Mideast

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online Contrary to the principles of American foreign policy of the last 70 years, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry tacitly invited Russia to “help” monitor things in the Middle East. Now they are learning that there are lots of Middle East scenarios far worse than …

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Why Do Migrants Always Flock to the West?

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online There is a tragic monotony to the latest massive human migration, this one involving Syrians fleeing their war-torn country. Whether the migrants are from Mexico, the Islamic world, or elsewhere, it is always the same: Migrants flock to the West. Share This

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Is the West Dead Yet?

The West is paradoxically dominant on the global stage and eroding from within. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online  Never has Western culture seemed so all-powerful. Look at the 30 top-ranked universities in the world; they are all American, British, or European — albeit these rankings are based largely on the excellence of …

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