Are Sanctuary Cities the New Confederates?

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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4 thoughts on “Are Sanctuary Cities the New Confederates?”

  1. Don’t forget about the marijuana states. Federal law supposedly trumps state law, but they do not always enforce this. It’s an interesting problem though because conservatives generally argue for state’s rights.

  2. There is only one major political party in the US today: the Transnational Post-European Party for Multiculturalism and Mass Immigration. You retain, for the time being, the privilege of voting for who should be its figurehead at any given moment, but you do not get to have a say about which policy the Party should follow. That is reserved for the oligarchs. The peasants — that means you — can be distracted by breasts, football and reality TV.

  3. David J King, Jr

    I disagree with the concept of the sanctuary cities but also disagree with your use of the Confederacy as something that is akin to that; they had the Constitutional right to secede. The Republicans were the progressives in 1860. The states that legally left the Union decided that since a party that did not want to follow the Constitution was in power they would leave. The SCOTUS said it was legal. Mr. Lincoln needed the South to pay for destroying Federalism and instigated a war to force them back. He used an army manned by new immigrants. The ’48ers (socialist) and Irish kept his war going and bleed the South to submission.
    Jackson never had to use the military to deal with nullification (although he did use it to illegally do the Trail of Tears). Lincoln used the bayonet. Eisenhower used the bayonet. LBJ used the bayonet. We live under the Federal bayonet, today, thanks to the original progressive party destroying Constitutional Federalism. The Republicans are – by the way – still progressives; not conservative.

    Dave King
    MAJ, SF (RET)

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