Wisconsin Watch Dog: Interview with Ron Johnson

Join Victor Davis Hanson as he interviews Ron Johnson on the border, Ukraine, and the Senate Republican leadership.

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15 thoughts on “Wisconsin Watch Dog: Interview with Ron Johnson”

  1. What a great interview! Three cheers to Senator Johnson’s results. Confirmed we were reading the border bill & back story correctly, which as a constituent of Lankford’s, I held no opinion back as I communicated to him my discontent. Thank you!!! Please correct me if I’m incorrect…one thing not mentioned by Senator Johnson regarding metrics proposed in that disastrous bill – as I understand it, the maximum number of illegals allowed per day did not include those from countries contiguous to North America (or similar specifics). If my understanding is correct, the potential number of illegal immigrants allowed per day would have been far in excess of the maximum number popularly mentioned. I’m sure there are other loopholes I missed and are not popularly characterized about that proposed bill. Fine print will get you every time, which is what “they” count on.


    An excellent interview. I think McConnell blundered when he stated that his number one priority was Ukraine and not the American people (or words to that effect). He probably meant well but that statement was widely criticized and for good reason. You don’t endear the American people by admitting your priorities don’t include them.

  3. It would be valuable if you, VDH, and Sen. Johnson meet in the near future.

    This was a great informative interview!

    Thank You.

  4. Michael Shadel

    Great interview! The only person who deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom but will probably never get one. He also deserve Senate leadership but also may not get it. We are being deliberately attack from within and no one understand their logic or ideology because we find it repulsive. But if they can’t get the 2nd amendment removed, economic attack is their only options…..and it’s working

  5. How could spineless, chinless, ball-less, Mitch McConnell have (arguably) been the leadership voice of FREE MEN for so long. He almost single handedly (with his purse-strings) cost us a Senate majority in the last midterms. Hasn’t Mitch oversat every conservative failure in recent history, on American’s slippery slope slide into our (now, not so) soft tyranny?


  6. Wonderful interview.

    Much to be gained from listening to Dr. Hanson, he exemplifies the wise and learned man, take head and question those that would criticize or belittle him, they represent the head of the serpent. Hanson’s studies of the ancients foretell a path that the U.S. is on, leading to self destruction. Complacency and fear of the Left is our undoing as a society. If we don’t come together and reignite the values that created our Republic, we will surly face the end of our once great nation. Our undoing is rooted in trusting the institutions which were once noble.

  7. It’s not enough to decry Mitch McConnell’s leadership, he didn’t get his position without the continued votes of his fellow Republicans. I like Ron Johnson, I do, but I heard a whole lot of the same old deflection. as an example, when asked about the viability of Trump removing the swarms of illegals, we get a lot of Biden did this and that. On this and other issues there was not a lot of proactive talking – we know how bad things are, the question becomes what are the people we put in office going to do about it. On the VDH front, he as usual was brilliant.

  8. I absolutely love this format. VDH asks a pertinent question then lets the guest respond without interruption. Occassionally the table gets turned and the guest poses a question then the professor kicks in with insights.
    Johnson got on my radar with his recent COVID panel making this interview a must listen and I was not disappointed. Two men who understand our past and looks at the reality of today!

    Ron Johnson would be a decent minority leader, hopefully a majority leader come January 2025.


    Hello Dr. Hanson. This was such an excellent interview. I have great respect for each of you, so it was a treat to hear you sharing views on the most important issues of our time. Some of which have never been encountered in our country before. Senator Johnson is a straight shooter and a true man of the people. His stance on vaccine injuries and support of those injured is heroic in my view. He has balked the system to bring medical crimes during the Covid debacle into view. I would love to hear another conversation if you can get together again. Thank you.

  10. Thomas O'Brien

    Great interview. After listening to it I love Sen. Ron Johnson even more than before. Every sentence he uttered exuded candor. What a patriot.

  11. Yes you’re playing checkers and the Communist’s are playing chess. Joseph Stalin claimed it’s not who votes but who counts the vote. The republicans need to imitate the communists. Millions and millions of ballot’s to be dropped on the battleground polls at 3:00 am. Ha ha we win, every vote counts, blast them as racists and election deniers. Arrest them, prosecute and jail as they did to the republicans. You have to beat them at their own game or the STEAL will never stop.

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