Depositions, Elections, and Military Questions

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc in the Friday news round up: Hunter’s deposition, Michigan elections, predicting the 2024 election, Smirnov’s arrest, Eric Adam’s reservation about sanctuary city status, Kirby says no troops on Ukrainian ground, and Prime Minister Netanyahu interviewed.

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4 thoughts on “Depositions, Elections, and Military Questions”

  1. With respect to your final comment about how the Democrats plan to win the election by activating Antifa mobs etc.: Joe Biden said on the Seth Myers show the other day that he plans to destroy the MAGA wing of the Republican party (“we’re going to break them”).

    Not sure what specifically he has in mind, but listening to a sitting president speak about his political opponents as if he were a mafia don was quite chilling. This is especially so given how Trump has been treated by the partisan DOJ and FBI and everyday Americans such as the majority of the J6 “rioters” in the D.C. court system.

    I don’t wish to sound sensational or alarmist, but what would a future look like if Joe Biden were reelected and the radical Democrats take both houses of congress? We know neither he nor they have any respect for the rule of law. If they would deliberately break immigration law on a massive scale then why, for example, should we expect them to obey habeas corpus?

    We know how the Nazis seized total power in Germany and turned a constitutional republic into a police state. Is history repeating itself?

    BTW, sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you’re feeling better and nothing was broken.


    Fall?! Heck, I called it when the election was over: Kamala will push him down a flight of White House stairs and make it look like an accident. She’s dumb, but she’s not so dumb that she can’t scheme.

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