Who Will Say No More to the Current Madness?

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Britain slept in the 1930s as an inevitable war with Hitler loomed.

A lonely Winston Churchill had only a few courageous partners to oppose the appeasement and incompetence of his conservative colleague Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

One of the most stalwart truth-tellers was a now little remembered politico and public servant Leo Amery, a polymath and conservative member of Parliament.

Yet in two iconic moments of outrage against the Chamberlain government’s temporizing, Amery galvanized Britain and helped end the government’s disastrous policies.

In the hours after Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, there was real doubt whether Chamberlain would honor its treaty and declare war on Germany.

A Labour Party member, surrogate Arthur Greenwood, got up in the House of Commons to announce that he would be speaking for Labour on behalf of his ill party leader Clement Attlee.

Immediately Amery interrupted, shouting out, “Speak for England, Arthur!”

He was met with overwhelming applause and soon public acclamation.

After all, Amery was a political voice in the wilderness warning that neither his own party nor opposition Labour was speaking or acting for the real interest of the British people.

Amery, a shocked Greenwood, and others had finally had enough of the partisan nonsense, and demanded the nation unite against Nazi Germany.

Britain hours later declared war on Germany, the first major power to do so.

On a second iconic occasion on May 7, 1940, Amery voiced even stronger views—again, widely held by the public, but rarely voiced by the timid political class.

The inept Chamberlain government had just lost a winnable Norway campaign to Germany.

Amery responded with a blistering attack on the incompetence of the conservative Chamberlain administration by quoting Oliver Cromwell’s hallmark 1687 order to the Long Parliament:

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.” 

Three days later after Amery’s speech and the invasion of France, an ill Chamberlain and most of his advisors resigned. Churchill became Prime Minister. The rest is history.

We need a voice like Amery’s. Like Britain from 1939 to 1940, America is in existential danger.

The Biden administration has utterly destroyed the southern border—and immigration law with it.

Biden green lighted 7 million illegal aliens swarming into the U.S. without legal sanction or rudimentary audit.

China spies inside and over the U.S. with impunity. Beijing has never admitted to its responsibility for the gain-of-function Covid virus that killed a million Americans.

President Biden printed $4 trillion at exactly the wrong time of soaring post-COVID consumer demand and supply shortages. No wonder he birthed the worst inflation in 40 years.

In response, interest rates tripled, gas prices doubled.

Our military is thousands of recruits short. It lacks sufficient munitions.

Following Biden’s humiliating pullout from Afghanistan, vast troves of arms were abandoned in Kabul. Billions more in scarce weapons were sent to Ukraine.

The Pentagon’s woke agenda trumps meritocracy in promotions and advancement.

Our enemies—Russia, China, Iran, North Korea—are on the move, while the U.S. seems listless.

The Biden renegade Department of Justice, CIA and FBI have become weaponized. Ideology, politics, and race—not the law—more often guide their investigations, intelligence operations and enforcement.

The downtowns of our once majestic major cities are becoming unlivable.

They are mired in refuse and trash, violent crime and homelessness. Stores and businesses leave. Millions each year flee the blue urban coasts to the red west and south.

To even say there are still two biological genders, that global warming may not be entirely manmade or necessarily destroying the planet, or that class, not race, is the proper barometer of inequality is to face ostracism and career cancellation.

The public assumes that President Biden is severely cognitively challenged, likely corrupt, and a serial fabricator.

Most know what must be done, but few will tell the truth: Balance the budget. Return to legal only immigration. Restore a well-funded, but unwoke Pentagon.

Insist on racial unity. Curb the overweening administrative state. Enforce the rule of law.

Produce more gas and oil. Reestablish civic education. Insist universities protect free speech and due process—and stop proselytizing.

In other words, restore what until recently made America the strongest, most prosperous, and freest nation in the world. And quit undoing all the great good that eight generations of prior Americans bequeathed to us.

Somewhere out there an American Leo Amery is growing infuriated over what is being done to America.

And if he finally stands up like Amery to call out our bankrupt political class, the American people will echo his famous order to this disastrous government:

Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

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86 thoughts on “Who Will Say No More to the Current Madness?”

  1. We have a Prime Minister here in Canada who needs to hear the same dismissal, and likely will in the next election. On both sides of the border we must hope that 2024/25 will be a catharsis followed by a return to sanity. We’ve had plenty of time to see the alternative and it creates exactly what it claims to oppose. There’s a reckoning coming and two of the most successful countries in the world had better get ready for it. As always, many thanks, Professor Hanson, and godspeed.

    1. As a fellow Canadian, it’s pretty shocking how corrupt and immoral Trudeau turned out to be shortly after the 2015 election. I’m looking forward to 2025 when we finally ditch Jr. and along with him the equally morally bankrupt Jagmeet Singh and the rest of the NDP party which has buttressed and enabled our narcissistic PM with their dirty coalition.

  2. What a great MAN OF GOD, who’s voice and wisdom will be a key power in activating our true patriots to right all these wrongs, dropped in our laps of silence and fear of repercussions. The anti American powers that want to change our Republic to their agenda must be exposed for what and who they are, then overpowered by returning our media to what they should be and once were. Conservatism must return to GOD first, then return our great country to our LORD. We have turned our backs on HIM and HE is turning HIS back to us. Only prayer, repentance, and GOD’s forgiving love for this country will bring us back to where we once were. We were created by HIM. Pray, vote, and return to Christian values that spawned this Republic, never before seen by HIS world.

  3. God Bless You Victor David Hanson! You help keep me sane in a world gone mad! The leadership void is deafening…I keep listening for the voice that will resonate across the divide! We’ve never needed it more than now, or at least in my adult life! This is a very scary time!

  4. Impeachment testimony by Ken Taylor, Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill contributed to the Russian / Ukrainian proxy war.

  5. I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked our country down will hear all of us soon.

    God save the Queen Man!

  6. Donald E Gehrig MD

    Dear VDH, we already have that ‘voice’, IMO, DJT’s, repeated, consistent and loud but we’re already in a take over, suppressed situation as that voice (along w/ RFK, Jr’s), has been thoroughly, in unprecedented fashion, censored and negated, removed from the masses’ inattention and MSM led distraction, who should know better, and should have already known the great history lesson you’ve so nicely revealed-thank you.

  7. It is a valid question that I have asked myself in recent days. Amery was in the same conservative party as Neville Chamberlin and he spoke out against his feeble leadership. Where is the American Democrat that will speak out against feeble Joe Biden and his corrupt cabal? Dietrich Bonhoeffer said once “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” which seems appropriate on America today. In my opinion, by not speaking out the Democratic Party is in collusion with our corrupt President.

    1. Do you think maybe Joe Manchin might be that person? I’m just humbly asking wondering how to go forward given this amazing summation by VDH. I’m a huge Trump supporter — both my husband & are — and yet I wonder if he is the one who can be the voice in the wilderness?

  8. Here is my problem. I read VDH articles, and I am educated by them. I see things clearer. I believe what I read. I share the articles with people in my circle of friends and family and they don’t care. Why? It seems so simple to me. I am not smarter than anyone else. I am just an average guy. I see the solution as VDH lays it out. Why do none of my friends and family see it?

    1. Paul, I have two children who are the same, they just don’t get involved or care. I can’t even talk to them about important issues relative to our country. They were’t raised that way. I have concluded that is the way that most Democrats behave…. They really don’t want to know what is wrong; they have no idea of the massive national debt but yet they want more funding to give the street people in San Francisco and the other large cities a “safety net” in case they fall from any recovery. They have no idea where the money comes from in this country….. just print more and let some undefined person or persons solve the problems.


  9. God bless you VDH you are our Avery! You are spot on you have spoken the truth again on all you have acknowledged. We are in dire need of a Savior to rectify this travesty. Come Lord Jesus save us from this darkness!

  10. Thanks for being a light in the darkness we are presently going through. If votes will not end the darkness, civil interference will.

  11. Excellent points on all counts. Certainly hope someone in a position to take bold actions, steps forward, to help save this country. We certainly are at a time of desperately needed, trustworthy, competent leadership.. As a side note, Brendan Bracken was one of Churchills closet advisors. Wish we knew more about him, believe he was instrumental in backing Churchill with much excellent strategy. Unfortunately, Brendan left instructions, on his death, all his papers and records were to be destroyed. Thank you for always providing great information. Enjoy the side notes, of managing your family farm.. Thoroughly enjoy your knowledge of military history. You’re forgotten more than I ever knew. All the Best, from a small town in the Sierra Foothills.

  12. I accept anything remotely optimistic but can’t see this as a a viable template. Here’s why:

    Adjusted for the current environment, anyone with anything close to Churchill’s views and ancestry would have been long cancelled beyond redemption.

    The natural geopolitical ally has become the most evil despot in the world, the natural geopolitical adversary is treated with kid gloves & only them & god know how many American politicians & business leaders they have their hooks in to

    Appeasement in the 1930s was the result pacifism based on the memory of the carnage of WWl, an unjust peace treaty ( not signed by both the USA & USSR and as such a doomed enterprise from the start) that provided Germany with some very legitimate nationalist grievances,, the Great Depression & isolationist foreign policy.

    If I had to bet on the end point it will likely look more like a Caesar than a Churchill and I haven’t ruled out a Robespierre. Just my opinion. Hopefully wrong

  13. Beverly Lessard

    There is nothing I can add other than…. Bravo, Mr. Hansen! America is waiting for that voice of leadership – may it come sooner rather than later.

  14. Roger Berwanger

    Donald J Trump is the only person we know that can begin to undo the madness. Unfortunately, Obama judges in deep blue cities want to continue the madness.

    1. I sincerely believe, Roger, that Donald Trump is the very last chance for America. Yes, he is different (thank God). It’s past time for many American citizens acting like school children, accept his different ways and understand that past “run of the mill” leadership will hot solve our serious problems.


    2. Also IRT Jack Bowers – Surely we know Trump cannot do it alone as he is but one man. Certainly the leader of the MAGA movement but it will require all of us to get involved in such an endeavor. I’m all in and trust you are also!

  15. 👍. We have a number of Leos emerging. I submit to you Vivek Ramaswamy, Jordan Peterson, Ron DeSantis, Dennis Prager, and VDH, to name a few.

  16. Stephen Leonard

    There are already American Leo Amerys out their, shouting “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.” But thanks to our inexplicably corrupt and dishonest mass media, no one can hear them. Without a free, vigorous and inquisitive press, can any country of hundreds of millions of people remain free and prosperous? It seems less likely with every dismal, passing day.

  17. gibbs.1@osu.edu

    Yes, indeed! My only caveat likens that historical near-catastrophic appeasement to our current pusillanimity in helping Ukraine defend against massive Russian “evil” (to quote Mike Pence; cf. Piers Morgan, Nikki Haley).

  18. Dear Professor Hanson
    I listen to all your podcasts and also try to find the time to read your wise words.
    I have never written to you but today I feel I must respond to your powerful reminder that there must be a strong leader somewhere among our millions of concerned citizens who can lead us through this dark tunnel. We know that the very future of the “civilized” world depends on another great leader like Churchill who can rise above the petty politics and somehow convince our nation of the seriousness of our present situation (which you describe so well as always).
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  19. “ In other words, restore what until recently made America the strongest, most prosperous, and freest nation in the world. And quit undoing all the great good that eight generations of prior Americans bequeathed to us.”

    Undoing the great good IS the point for American Marxists.

    In a strong, unified US, the libs cannot be successful. No traction. There would be no reason to fundamentally change anything. Tweak it, maybe. But don’t annihilate the whole damn thing that has made us prosperous.

    Therefore, they must make up narratives that produce hate, inspire retribution, and makes millions feel like hopeless victims.

    That’s why the left hates America. This is the only avenue they have to gain a controlling foothold in our lives.

    Just about any “means” is justified. The goal is to demoralize and demonize successful people while immunizing the “takers” and disrupters from any culpability or blame, no matter how ignoble their actions are.

    Allow me to simplify their position: Good is bad and bad is good.

  20. I should have explained that the globalist uniparty in charge, nullifies our votes as my previous comment indicates. What’s left besides a violent revolution or national strike like Poland did?

  21. “We need a voice like Amery’s. … America is in existential danger.” Such a voice would fall on deaf ears in Congress. The great majority–of Marxist dems + RINO republicans–believe America is OK with Ukraine, a Woke military, ESG directives (like ‘green’ energy) for businesses, an open southern border, continued ‘friendly’ trade with China under Xi’s CCP, &c.
    In fact all our present leaders–political, business, tech, security & military– and institutions are profiting by managing (with blinders on) America’s decline.

  22. Absolutely, the truth that you have written here, Robert Burke, in the name of all that is true, honest, and righteous. I am proud to be your cousin!

  23. Dear Dr. Hanson,

    Oliver Cromwell’s speech to the Long Parliament in 1687 must have occurred 29 years after Cromwell’s death and 27 years after the Log Parliament had ended.

    This country is facing a number of major, very serious challenges. But comparing our situation to that of Great Britain in 1939-40 seems a bit hyperbolic.

  24. But who in the current Congress or Senate has the courage to do such a needed and brave act. They sit on their hands and have hearings which come to nothing. They are too worried about their positions to be true patriots. I fear for our nation.

  25. thebaron@enter.net

    “…and a serial fabricator.”

    Let’s call a spade a spade. He’s a liar. Not a fabricator, not a prevaricator, nor any other word derived from Latin. No, use the good, old Anglo-Saxon word for the best impact. Liar. Churchill would have use it, so should we.

    Biden lies, he is a liar.

  26. If only. Trump is already this leader you speak of. Crass, egotistical, stubborn and rude. But The Gunslinger has yet to gun down ( figuratively of course ) all the baddies in town. He has been wounded and one hand unable to draw, but desperation makes the other hand that much quicker.

  27. The entirety of Cromwells speech to the Long Parliament is a masterpiece. And as applicable today to whole of DC as it was to Parliament then.

  28. The British government in the thirties and forties had people like Amery in their midsts. The American government is currently occupied by self centered, corrupt and greedy politicians. They are prospering amidst these record budgets because they get their cuts in the form of well orchestrated kickbacks. Too few in the general population have no interest to complain because the practices aren’t pointed out by a vibrant and honest media.

  29. I would add that we need another Margaret Chase Smith to emerge from among the Democrats and point her finger at the Big Guy and declare “you must go, for the sake of America you must go!”

  30. There is no one available. People distrust everyone in government. We are cynical because we know the leaders are all like Biden, bought and paid for by someone. It is all crooked and just a matter of time before The USA erodes completely. There are no honest, trustworthy people in gov. to step up. The public is dumbed down. Standards have been dropped. History has been forgotten. Ethical relativism is now the path. We fear for our kids but they have been brainwashed, are ignorant, and self absorbed. The tattoo mania indicates some sort of psychological malaise. Bumperstickers in the 60’s read, “Question Authority.” Where is that awareness from youth today? They no longer value freedom and individualism. They value whatever groupthink is in vogue.

    1. A lot of truth in what you say Steve. I also am disappointed in most of America’s youth today including my children. We do have a leader that I think is the “Chosen One” who loves this country like no other previous leader since Ronald Reagan and can save our nation…. That is Donald Trump if we can save him from the evil of the Democrats.


  31. I have hope that we as a Nation will look one another in the eye and say “that is enough of this damaging foolishness”; yet I fear that America may not awaken until it is so seriously wounded its recovery will be in doubt.

  32. Mr. Zeth Swanson

    It is surprising that so many people and I speak especially of the citizenry, have to and would rather go down a bad road instead of acknowledging reality and even history which would easily deter otherwise. Also, Ungratefulness is eroding the affluence of the most affluent civilization to ever exist. With that, perhaps as a whole we don’t deserve such greatness. Keep up the good work Mr. Hanson. We need you more than ever.

  33. Your work, your pride, your strength…brilliant
    and even encouraging to those of us ready to roll up our sleeves.
    A comment on this, your final thought: Somewhere out there an American Leo Amery is growing infuriated over what is being done to America.
    And if he finally stands up…

    Have you considered the possibility of a “she” who just might stand up?

  34. Joe Tenaglia CDR USN ret

    Professor Hanson,
    Have a background and large network of LE/Mil professionals.
    Been involved in fight against the deep state for many years.
    Than you for all you and colleagues do.
    A few points:
    Epstein was recruited by CIA in late 80’s. His job was to lure and blackmail prominent persons.
    Sweetheart deal he received in Miami was because “he was intel”. Can look it up.
    J6 was a set up, pipe bombs were hoax devises, planted by FBI security contractors.
    1 hr kitchen timers, no power supply, no remote detonation system, evidence was destroyed, very unusual.
    Comey and FBI lied about many subjects examples include Garland Tx operatives FBI agent was on scene, LV massacre. Pulse massacre, Boston bombers were known by FBI, Buffalo shooter on chat room with FBI agent, Crossfire Hurricane, Laptop, Biden crime syndicate, have personal experience too many to list.
    You are an important voice.
    Thank You

    1. As an 11 year Navy veteran with 2 years prior Army service, I would love to hear from some of those LEO and Mil veterans fighting against the deep state.
      This is NOT the country I grew up in and is NOT the country I wish to leave my grandchildren.

  35. Victor I read all the comments and in my opinion I don’t think people get what’s needed.
    So let’ me take the gloves off and be frank:

    1) We need influential SITTING DIE HARD DEMOCRATIC SENATOR’S to have some gut’s and brake ranks for God’s sake and say “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

    2) We need influential SITTING DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN to have some gut’s and brake ranks for God’s sake and say “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

    3) We need influential Die Hard Democratic SPORT’S STAR”S, MOVIE STARS,TV STAR’S, ROCK, COUNTRY, AND HIP HOP STARS to HAVE some gut’s and brake ranks for God’s sake and say “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

    4) We need influential PAST DIE HARD DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS and RHINOS and NEO CONS to have some gut’s and brake ranks for God’s sake and say “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

    5) We need THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA , SOCIAL MEDIA , ALL MEDIA to REPORT WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY have some gut’s and brake away from THE RADICAL LEFT for God’s sake and say “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

    IT isn’t those on the right who are speaking now it’s who I stated above.

  36. “Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.” Leo Amery

    America should say this to the government. Reinstate the power of a Christian God in our society because we are lost without it. I learned today that Barack Obama is gay! This is huge news and it explains a lot. He has worked tirelessly to make the world safe for gays and the press has covered up for him at every turn. It is has been a betrayal of the ages. Here are a few articles that cover it. (the mrs.)





  37. I think nearly everyone participating in the polarized political scrimmage is lacking some critical awareness about their own motivation. There is fundamentally little difference in the make-up of people on opposite ends of the political spectrum. They both express the same accusations, unwitting hypocrisy, loyalty, biases, intolerance, defense mechanisms, and relentless contempt …. this tells me there is something that everyone has in common, but unable to see, that is causing these symptoms. Otherwise there would not be such a narrow, predictable set of emotions and behaviors …. but more likely there would be no hostility or very little, since it goes against our nature as human beings. I say it goes against our nature because few people like fighting, turmoil, confrontation, and stressful feelings. These are destructive things. We generally prefer collaboration and peace of mind, and it’s also the most efficient way from a rational sense. So this gives further emphasis to the idea that something within our brain, that is outside of our “self”, is acting upon us to cause this unnatural thinking and behavior. I think it’s instinctual tribalism. It’s usefulness for survival expired long ago but it remains present creating compelling negative perceptual delusions about rival or competing tribes and their presumed motives and dangers. Presumably because at some point long ago this served “survival of the fittest” combat and conquest. We’re driven to in-group inf

  38. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is our Amery. He is telling the American people the truth about what has been going on in this country for the last 60+ years – truths that have been suppressed by the powers-that-be and the media. His voice is being suppressed by our bought and corrupt mainstream media, but he is speaking out on all the alternative media. You can find links to the speeches and interviews at TeamKennedy.com. Spread the word! Whether or not you vote for him, people need to hear what he has to say.

  39. Michael Campbell

    Everyday Americans still turn to the mainstream media for their news and political information. The media being at the heart of the problem would have to admit they were not just wrong — but wrong about a lengthy list of problems. Good luck with that. The person to call out this mess would have to come from the other side. Otherwise, the character destruction machine will be kicked into high gear, turning some honest soul into a buffoon, whoever it is. If it happens at all, it will occur in private among the ruling class.

    1. Michael as I stated in my post it must come from the powerful on other side. They are like religious zealots marching in lock step refusing to break away, fanatical in their devotion to the beliefs of the radical left communists in America. Not one but a bunch of them need a reality test, externally step outside their internal cognitive dissonance and start thinking objectively.

  40. This has to be the most commented on VDH article ever. It certainly is the most comments I have seen on his website, to include Blade of Perseus articles. A number of respondents see Donald Trump as the person most capable to take on the cabal in DC and I agree. Of course Trump cannot do it alone, he will need every voice times a million to get out the vote. Should the 2024 presidential vote fail to get us a person willing to fight against the overreaching administrative state, this nation may never recover.
    We should not expect any democrat official to come to the rescue nor will many of the GOP representatives; and certainly very few of the current unelected leviathan governing the nation. Many of the weak GOP leaders, RINOs if you will, must be replaced and only those willing to do right by the people, MAGA candidates, should be returned to DC in Jan 2025.
    If this nation is to remain a Republic governed by We the People, we have one opportunity to prevent a kinetic response.

  41. David D Cannady

    The very heart of the Constitution was removed early in the 20th Century by Woodrow Wilson, when he declared that inalienable rights aren’t inalienable and there was little pushback from the public. The reason being that he specified “unvirtuous” as the people who should not be considered to have those inalienable rights. We see the fruition of his action in the modern Progressive Movement as they declare their opposition to be guilty of bigotry and racism, i.e. “unvirtuous”. But, the beginning of the growth in their power came through the prohibition of “vice”. The last person to advocate for freedom, as our Founders envisaged it, was Mikton Friedman. But he was dismissed. Now, adult Americans have been reduced to the status of children, under the law, who never reach an age of majority and it shows in the lack of emotional maturity so prominent in our political discourse. Under a system of freedom, the brightest and most diligent rise to the top. Under our current system, the lowest common denominator is the standard. We, simultaneously, suppress the freedom of the many because of the weakness of character of a few and the resultant government promotes this pitiful standard while suppressing the natural meritocracy of freedom. What we call “the guardrails of society” are, in fact, the chute through which we are being directed into the corral Democrats have been building around us. We are becoming livestock to a ruling class just as we were before The Revolution.

  42. America has Millions of Sheep following the Goat with the bell——–Not enough Balls to Play Pool let alone Take Back our Country, It’s Constitution and Justice System ——We have been Invaded and Our Powder Is Wet !!!! ———I f You don’t Love this Country at this time and are not willing to Fight for the Truth—–then You are Breathing someone else’s Air !!!!—–All of You Know the Left has Corrupted Every part of the Government—–Ask yourself—-Why didn’t I do something when the Snowball was the size of a Pea???———–Michael A Gegere

  43. The principal reasons that there is no one to say “No more” are: (1. a people stripped of the virtue of Courage; (2. a thoroughly emasculated populace. Both are the result of children growing up without fathers, a situation in turn caused by 1) destruction of the family through easy divorce and government subsidies, 2) sexual license and general moral decrepitude, 3) “women’s lib” which has totally feminized the culture.

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