Corruption on Top, Strife for the Rest

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler revisit Garrow’s interview and then discuss the Hunter-Joe shared account etc., RINOs swayed by Youngkin, and how older Americans are finding it hard to retire.

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10 thoughts on “Corruption on Top, Strife for the Rest”

    1. Original theme was Battle Cry of Freedom but there were assorted ding dongs who complained about this “Confederate Tune,” and truth is it was easier to find another piece of (public domain!) popular martial music — The Gary Owen (the theme of the Fighting 69th) than to explain to aforementioned ding dongs that we had been showcasing a profoundly Union tune.


        To be fair, Jack, “Battle Cry of Freedom” was so popular that a Southern composer did adapt it with Confederate lyrics. So those who complained were technically correct.
        I don’t agree with them, just calling balls and strikes.


        And “Garyowen” is much better than the weird tune Sami uses for her segments. That sounds like the theme some kids’ show from the 70s.

  1. Again with misrepresenting the status of the DeSantis campaign. I’ve always said I would support him if he got the nod legitimately ( not Trump in prison, c’mon, thats beyond the pale and should not be taken in such an apathetic manner, that means IT’S OVER), and that he’s a great Gov, but he should’ve waited. He had 28 in the bag. The ONLY RESULT from his candidacy is splitting the vote and engendering the same NeverTrump hate in a percentage of the right that exists in the Left. For whatever reasons or motivation you would like to ascribe, that’s the end result. We ALL KNEW Trump had to finish his saga, and fading into prison and death is not an option for him, or America. Think of where we’d be with a republican party that carried put Trump’s agenda instead of blocked it, defended instead of attacked, and stopped election fraud instead of supporting and ignoring it. Oh, and every poll Jack cites is sht. Enough with this think tank, NeverTrump, Joe Scarborough simping, GOPe stooge.

  2. Emilia Smothers

    This secret evil which has crept into America is Communism ( Marxism or any tolatarian government). The goal is to gain power and over throw freedom. Secrecy and lies need to be brought out in the open or it will lead to the destruction of our nation. The father of lies is Satan and the Prince of peace is Jesus Christ. Turning to him will save us.
    My Russian-Polish parents were DP refugees after WW2. They went through the Soviet Era of propaganda, totalitarian government and atheism. If they were alive the would recognize the signs.

  3. Hi Victor:
    I’m 73 and still working, but not because I need to work.
    Anyway, I ( still) play basketball with much younger men, in Moraga, an affluent suburb, east of Oakland. All have children and all have homes— very expensive homes. I don’t think any are lawyers or doctors. ( one was, but his knees gave out for basketball and stop playing.)
    So, I’m not seeing the agony of not being able to retire.
    In my neighborhood in the Oakland hills, I see young women with strollers all the time. Homes are in the 1.5-2.8 million dollar range. The ba6 area has lots of really going paying jobs to explain this.

  4. Hello Victor,

    Thanks for another interview. It was humorous listening to the imitation of what people say at a Swedish funeral and how hard working yet quiet your family was as it normalizes the experience of others. Your service to the public have helped us understand the oppression of our times. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday on September 5th.

    P.S. I recommend listenting to John MacArthur to learn what God is doing as He moves history forward. The Bible is prescient and helps us understand the world as it truly is. MacArthur can be found on his website, “Grace to You” and offers many biblical teachings.

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