Where Do We Go From Here?

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the Senatorial elections, what Republicans might do should they win in November, and the economy.

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7 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?”

  1. I agree the SALT taxes hurt the GOP in 2018, but it was also the swamp attitude of a lot of GOP incumbents. They spent 2015 begging the American people to give them a Republican President so they could pass things and repeal Obamacare. So when Trump sat in the oval office begging them to send him the same laws that Obama was sent, they gave him nothing.

          1. Thanks! I plead being a victim of autocorrect.

            But what is a “Republican in Name Only”? What makes one a “Republican”? Isn’t it simply membership in the Party? Is it “membership in the Party plus mental assent to all the positions of the current Party Platform”? R.I.N.O. strikes me as an empty term of derision meaning something like “some member(s) of the Republican Party that I and my set don’t agree with and would like to see go somewhere else”. Can anyone give a definition of the term that has a less subjective criteria?

  2. I was thinking about what you said regarding Herschel Walker and maybe there’s something more with him that no one has appreciated.

    He has upped his public speaking game. If you haven’t seen him since he was onstage with Trump a couple of years ago, his presentation is much tighter. On YouTube Forbes has a 20 minute clip of a recent stump speech, which is worth a few minutes of your time.

    Anyone who grew up Baptist would recognize Walker’s speech as part stump and part personal “testimony”, that is, giving some glory to Jesus. I don’t think Catholics and the “decadent” Protestants do much of that :-). And I found it interesting.

    He mispronounces (so does VDH) and his middle Georgia comes out when he says “children” but noticeably absent are uhs, ums, and ers – meaning he’s put in some work on his personal game.

    That said, the Warnock / Walker ad ratio on YouTube is probably 10:1, maybe 20:1.

    One thing I heard Walker say about Warnock that maybe Jack said once was that Warnock didn’t believe in redemption.

  3. Brilliant personal account of your “long Covid” !

    But are you describing the effects of Covid, Covid VAX or both ?

    “Inflammation” is a generic term used by some US doctors to describe release of cytokines and other mediators. It does not tell you the cause of this release of cytokines. It is often injuries to autonomic nerves – which seem to the cause of much chronic illness – certainly explains “dietary fiber” (Burkitt) and fetal origins (Barker) hypotheses of seconds half of C20!

    Best of luck with it – either way!

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