Marionettes of the Democratic Party

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine Stacey Abrams’ comments, the so-called blue wave at the end of the summer, and Fauci’s impending rendezvous with Republican oversight.

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10 thoughts on “Marionettes of the Democratic Party”

  1. Wow! Sami actually voiced skepticism regarding Victor’s oracular powers! How long has it been since one of the hosts did that?! Next thing you know, she’ll be unloading on Victor with all those logical, researched arguments she’s been keeping pent up since her last attempted coup!

  2. The Republicans will give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine. But will anyone care with Biden still as president and war continue in Ukraine and spreads? Meanwhile, China will be taking Taiwan.

  3. Here we go again with lies about Georgia. My entire family is based in GA, and Victor’s repeated lies about 2 dems getting elected are getting tiresome. We ATTENDED Trump’s rally stumping for the R’s. The reason- and I am a Georgia voter – was Mitch McConnell and his garbage, wall street candidates, and fury over McConnell’s GOP and RaffenSperger’s election corruption. So you know, the governor election will be closer than you think. No republican I know, and I am active in GA politics, despises Kemp…but are forced once again by McConnell’s corrupt Uniparty nonsense to choose “the lesser” evil. I have yet to hear any criticism whatsoever of a bought,feckless, flaccid GOP led by the closeted Mccarthy and CCP owned McConnell.

  4. Marge Desiderio

    I believe this comment belongs on the “Where Do We Go From Here” podcast but it is still applicable.
    Appreciate your comment and the humor.

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