Victor Davis Hanson Show

Where Are the Democrats Going?

Victor Davis Hanson with Sami Winc talk about the dementia, coherence and message of the Democratic Party .They finish with a look at the new stage of the war in Ukraine.

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15 thoughts on “Where Are the Democrats Going?”

  1. Martin Schaffel

    Once again, you summarize events with the clarity and logic not given by those I follow for information. Your inclusion of history as part of your discussion is a welcome attribute to you as it backs up your arguments so very well. I wish the others I follow would use history in their discussions as it is so important in dealing with today’s problems. Our politicians of both parties could use a good refresher course in history to realize what their decisions can do to a society. There are some politicians who have no idea what history even is.

    Thank you again for making an hour seem like 10 minutes and for the knowledge you bring to us.

    Martin Schaffel

  2. Richard Borgquist

    Any chance this could be resurrected????
    Under Joe Biden’s pressure, Europe passed on the win/win EastMed Israeli/Cypriot/Greek natural-gas pipeline.

  3. Apologies in advance for the snark.
    The question has a one word answer.
    Insane. That is where the democrats are going.

    1. And they are trying with all their might to drag us along with them. Sorry, I can’t find my ticket so I won’t be getting into a cattle car on that train.

  4. APnews and Reuters fact checked about Harris comments on relief for Ian’s victims, they said her comment was misrepresented, misinterpreted, and taken out of context. Can you respond to that?

  5. margaret glennon

    Have been listening and re-listening from minute 15:45 to about minute 16:20.
    Is Hanson pro-choice or was that part of his pretending to be a moderate dem years ago?

  6. The Left hates religious Jews and Christians because neither group pays homage to to their god Baal. They don’t call their god Baal, but their god is Baal.

  7. I have been interested in supporting the amazing VDH by subscribing, but I refuse use PayPal.
    I gladly will pay with credit card or check for year subscription.

    Appreciate your recommendation.


  8. In order for Zelenskyy to bargain with Putin, he has to have something to bargain with. He knows he’s got until February to strengthen his hand as much as possible. We’re also not mentioning that Putin has effectively absorbed all of Belarus and strengthened his influence in Hungary. If there’s any way we can turn Xi’s eyes toward picking off some Russian islands or old disputed territory in the East, it would help.

  9. Post Script to my previous comment:

    Post War Ukraine will need rebuilding, but that will also mean a huge opportunity for European and US companies to invest in the rebuilding. The war has driven out, sidelined, or killed the old Oligarchic class. With the Zelynskyy government in deep hock to the EU and the US, now would also be a good time to start pressuring Ukraine for reform and to make aid after the war contingent on specific reforms.

    We’ll also need to discuss the potential for this war to end with Ukraine having the most disciplined and lethal conventional army in Europe. What will they do with it? How will that impact the political landscape if they do or do not join NATO? Will they seek nuclear weapons and become a fortress state like Israel? If Putin is able to turn the tables and bite off a huge chunk of Ukraine, what will he do with any large combat units and equipment that fall into his hands?

    Meantime, for those readers under the age of 45 and nerdy, Ukraine remains Ferelden and Zelynskyy its Grey Warden. (If you’re over 45, just assume I said a lot of Lord of the Rings stuff)

    1. Before the Ukraine can have any hope of rebuilding and normalising, Zenensky must go. Remember how he got in power? It was through a US backed coup d’etat, wrangled by our SoS Victoria Nuland, back in 2014. He’s functioned pretty well as a US puppet since then.

      Also don’t forget that the two major regions of the artificially ocnstructed “nation” Ukraine which are now back in Russia’s fold did so by their own popular vote, long before this present kerfuffle took place. Those regions have been, historically culturally and in some ways even politically and economically part of Russia for two or three centuries. The Crimea, no action from Putin, held a popular vote a few years back and chose by a wide margin to leave the Ukraine and return to th e Russia from which they were carved. to make up the Ukraine not quite an hundred years ago. Funny how these “factoids” are not part of the present dialogue.

      1. Wow, Russian propaganda doesn’t count as facts here even though Hanson has no love for Zelenskyy. Besides, if Z was a US puppet, he would have taken Biden’s proffered ride. Enjoy the eclairs, Comrade Commissar. Try not to get conscripted.

  10. There should be an amendment to grant the president or congress the power to declare war not just on countries but on individual leaders. Most wars in the past few hundred years have been wars of expansion. We should be able to declare war specifically on Putin or Hitler or any particular leader who is the aggressor. We can state clearly we are not at war with the Russian people, and they should avoid warring against other people. Declare to the world that we are going to kill the leader, and target that specific leader, and bomb wherever our intelligence says he is. That should be our law of the land, and we make it clear to the world that is now our law, and we follow through, and once the leader is dead we warn that country to stop being an aggressor nation.

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