Polling and Pipelines

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about the Trump-McConnell head-butting, recent polls, Kamala’s gaffes, Biden’s dementia, Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and war in Ukraine.

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3 thoughts on “Polling and Pipelines”

  1. Knowing the left intimately in my family, I believe Victor Davis Hanson is about the only conservative pundit that won’t make their blood boil. There are a few others, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steel for example. I use this podcast and VDH articles to fight my battles effectively. Thank you for your hard work.
    John P. Trier

  2. You’re right, Victor, we’re all effed. But if the boys in Washington, Kyiv, Brussels, and Moscow have no solutions, you’re not providing any either. It would be absolute foolishness for Zelenskyy and Co to tell you what they’re willing to bargain right now or for Washington to leak it. Highly intelligent grousing does nothing but demoralize and impede finding any solution that offers itself. Is there any way we can get some of your Hoover colleagues on the show to debate the issues? That might generate both light and heat for the listeners.

  3. I thought coco was for cocaine . . . McConnell kept Garland off the Court because of personal animosity towards Obama — similar to the scorn he had for Trump.

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