What If the Right Reciprocated Left Tactics

In this episode, Victor and Jack look at Mayor Bowser’s complaints regarding illegal immigrants, Liz Cheney’s career choices, Asians turning away from the Democratic Party, the wisdom of Dr. Battacharya compared to the lies of Dr. Fauci.

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10 thoughts on “What If the Right Reciprocated Left Tactics”

  1. Victor is a tremendous scholar. In this crazy world I love listening to Victors soothing commentary that is based on common sense, wisdom gained through hard work and effort and living in the real world always. I hope that our generation that hold true to our core values, which have been instilled in us over our whole life aren’t lost with us and this new generation carry on with the insane trajectory they are potentially going. Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel. From a true admirer from New Zealand

  2. JUlie Dickerson

    Without fail, I learn so much from listening to VDH. Thank-you for all your work to bring us these
    elucidating podcasts. It’s so uplifting to know that there are still great minds in higher education!
    In college we once had William Buckley speak. I am sure he would be banned today.
    So much for tolerance these days.

  3. God help us. One would hope we are about to find out that we can and will. But conservatives, as decent and optimistic people for the most part, are unlikely to be that draconian. An overhaul of the Federal bureaucracy is sorely needed. The need for extreme measures make Trump look like the only one who can possibly make any headway on restoring fairness to the courts and cutting waste in the Federal budget. The only problem with that is that he sets loony leftists’ hair on fire. Burn, Loot and Murder is their modus operandi when they don’t get their way. They should never be appeased but stoking the uncivil war tends to alienate those voters who are conflict averse. Obama has turned the DC metro area into a Marxist fortress. The best way to dismantle it would be to move and distribute entire Federal agencies around the country. Victor Hanson is right on about that. It would be direct and simple to undertake process re-engineering to the whole beast and end up with a severely reduced headcount. The private sector does it all the time. Map the current process, eliminate the deltas, automate and update IT systems across all departments. Lead, follow or get out of the way should be the order of the day. And make it a way of life going forward. That would fix a lot of what ails this country and save a fortune.

  4. Lawrence Templeton

    I’d love to understand from Prof Hanson but I had a stroke and could not anything. If he could just slow down speaking in 80% (100% being normal) I know this works just fine in youtube.

    1. Hello Lawrence, you can slow Victor’s voice speed to 1/2 if you are listening on the apple podcast app. Good luck!

  5. Charles Carroll

    The possibility of targeted viruses was broached during this broadcast. While this comes under the banner of unverified rumors, and we know that the Rumor Committee never sleeps, I have read in several sources that the Chinese have been buying data from Ancestry.com and its equivalents. This would certainly help target specific non-Han ethnic groups and the diseases and conditions that they are most subject to.

  6. Barbara Humphreys

    I listened to the Steven Quay interview. It is outstanding. It says a lot about our institutions, none of it good, that people such as Jay Battacharya and his colleagues had to put up with such dishonest personal and professional attacks and it says a lot about them that they did not waver in their views and remained gentlemen throughout. I sympathize even more since they not only endured the personal invective but also discovered how fickle their supposed colleagues and their institution are. That pain will not go away. Did their colleagues and their institution learn anything? My bet: probably not. Mobs and institutions do not suddenly discover ethics and courage.

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