Talking With Dr. Steven Quay About COVID-19 Virus

Victor Davis Hanson interviews Dr. Steven Quay about his research and understanding of the possible engineering of the COVID-19 virus.

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19 thoughts on “Talking With Dr. Steven Quay About COVID-19 Virus”


    Around @57:15, Professor Hanson, your comment about handing the technology over from people who have experience with it, to those who have little or none, is almost exactly a central theme of Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park”. That contemporary scientists have knowledge, and develop technologies by standing on the shoulders of others. But they don’t have wisdom, because they didn’t undergo the journey to acquire that knowledge. Like handing a 5-year-old a loaded gun, yes. Excellent point.

  2. Matthew Morizio

    Thank you for providing this discussion. Very enlightening and even a bit encouraging. Grateful for the likes of Dr Guay who sees the obligation to pursue the facts re COVID’s origin.

  3. Mr. Hansen,

    When at 41:00 when you asked about is getting the jab dangerous, basically Quay meant don’t take the jab.

    You are held to a different “cancellation” standard but I’m not.

    The covid virus was a man-made biological weapon purposely released to the world. A join operation of the CCP and world elites such as Gates, Soros, Fauci, Obama, big pharma and more. With the clear intention of de-population and control.

    So far they got away with the control. And planted the seeds for de-population.

    1. No one wants to believe that the Chinese government would develop biological weapons because it is just too awful to imagine. Chinese filmmaker Lu Ke filmed children in Malawi reciting messages in Mandarin that they didn’t understand, such as “I’m a black monster. My IQ is low”. He then sold these videos to Chinese social media websites. According to Sheng Zou, a Chinese digital media expert and researcher at the University of Michigan, this content is popular in China because “it satisfies a fantasy of the outside world and also confirms pre-existing stereotypes for certain people.” “It then bolsters their self-image as more modern and affluent people” Racial stereotyping is a time-honored method of reducing your adversary to being a sub-human. Once that premise is accepted as fact, there is no longer any restraint or limit on how harshly those adversaries can and should be dealt with. No punishment, including death by mass-murder or biological agents can be ruled out. While Americans go into hysterics about climate change or the failings of ancestors long ago buried, very few have the intestinal fortitude to come to terms with the nature and reality of who we are really competing with in the ambitions of Communist China.

      1. And here’s one person who understands the threat. I’ve heard precious few such summations out of those charged with securing the future for our West. Wonder why DJT was a “literal Hitler” for all 4 years and counting?

    2. The human animal must go extinct, you all must die. I’d be happy to watch, but being dead I will not. Elites may continue, I won’t be back, bye.

  4. Dr Hanson this was an interesting interview as are most of your podcasts. But of course there is a but…

    See peer reviewed research published in science a week or so ago that strongly suggests the Wuhan lab is not the source of the virus.

    How about you asking Dr Quay to explain how COVID was found in the wet market in and beneath cages and in waste water from the market as well as other issues brought up in the article.

    I basically see Dr Quay arguing that viral characteristics that have never been observed can never happen – as compared to real evidence of the COVID virus at the wet market.

    You are about 1.25 years older than me. I have an agricultural background as well. I went through the CSU system (Humboldt) when it was cheap too. I earned a PH.D. in a natural resources field. I value my academic integrity as much as almost anything else in my life – I assume you do as well.

    Hence I do hope that you pursue additional interviews on COVID origins in the interest of truth.

    Contact me if you wish…

  5. Carroll Morrison

    Thank you for this interview. It was quite technical but I manage to follow and found it all very disturbing. Many people have died. Family have been separated.. Nursing homes refused to let the aged see their love one. some had to bury their loved ones without family present. The country was locked down and many many businesses were told to close. churches were closed. Some of the elder and those with co morbidities were not treated properly and in my opinion due to lack of care died unnecessarily . Mr Hanson can articulate all this better than any . And the united states government was waist deep in this atrocity. And that no one has been accountable nor any investigation into accountability and that the us taxpayer has not only without permission funded gain of function but also pays the price of the lockdown, loss of loved ones , force mandatory vaccinations that dont work . loss of jobs . destruction of the essence of american life plus some are still attempting to recover from this illness that few medical professionals seem to know how to help in that area just to name a few of the many many misjustices of this ordeal. Dr Quay seemed somewhat reluctant to blame the CCP and China but most of us know now who is to blame. China and most of the us government …

  6. Barbara Humphreys

    Just outstanding, Victor. The best discussion of the topic I have heard and I have listened to many. Many thanks to you and Dr. Quay.

  7. Excellent interview, Victor. I had the same experience two years ago as did Dr. Quay. Multiple colleagues and “friends” made unequivocal statements of certainty about CoV-2 which could simply not be made at the time due to lack of data. Using the vaccine in pregnant women? When it was being mercilessly pushed upon unknowing women in summer 2021, there were exactly zero babies born who had been exposed in the commercially-available phase of the vaccine. Most pharmaceuticals require about 20 years of data to evaluate for teratogenicity and toxicity in the short run, and cognitive and functional anomalies in the long run. But they made conclusions and mandates with metaphysical certitude with zero data? Like Dr. Quay and his relations to his colleagues, mine similarly soured.

    Michael March, M.D.

  8. The interview format is a nice addition to your podcast. It’s good to hear other voices on your show, and the interplay with your guest is very enlightening.

  9. Dear Drs. Quay and Hanson,

    Sounds like an open and shut case.

    Idiots, I am surrounded by idiots! And these idiots are dangerous, along with their supervisors.

    Matt Toth, PhD

  10. This was all previewed in the “Andromeda Strain”, another story from the mind that created “Jurassic Park”–Dr. Michael Crichton. The last line of the Andromeda movie was, . . . “What will we do then?”

  11. Lung-only mice are one of the crowning (coronal) jewels of the abortion industry — abominations of the type not seen since before the flood of Noah — that require viable fetal cells usually harvested from the babies violently ripped from the womb and promptly dissected alive for their human resources. Then the baby’s organ tissue is spliced onto the mouse’s back; some survive and are eagerly experimented upon during the manufacture of pharmaceutical concoctions (pharmakeia: Gk. sorcery).

    Congress scorned the Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act in 2008/2009 thus granting indefinite legislative and industrial sanction for these horrors — and countless other secret terrors of which one can only speculate. This was around the time a popular television program was suddenly canceled without warning after a segment on human-animal hybrids pinched a nerve for someone.

  12. Explosive interview. “these aren’t in dispute, they’re facts”: ‘astonishment’ blink, blink, lol.

    The thing kept coming.
    “Die, die!” Parke screamed, his nerves breaking.
    But the thing came on, grinning broadly.
    “I like quiet protoplasm,” the thing said as its gigantic mouth converged on Parke.
    “But I also like lively protoplasm.”
    It gulped once, then drifted out the other side of the field, looking anxiously around for the millions of units of protoplasm, as there had been in the old days.
    The Last Weapon – Robert Sheckley

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