7 thoughts on “Week In Review: Connected to Reality”

  1. Melinda Anthony

    I love to listen to podcasts but because of low vision issues, I can’t read his papers. Is there any way his papers can be heard rather than read? I LOVE everything I hear!

  2. Saw a Goldman Sachs ad on local Las Vegas cable TV Fox News channel 1021 for financial services app, Marcus. Wondered if a subtle subliminal allusion to Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979).

  3. An angry reader email:

    Your soul wrenching writing of your daughter’s loss was so, so sad. I tried to share it with my wife but was choking on my tears. I’m still so stricken with your loss, but so grateful for your insights.

    We’re a year apart in age, and as an ex- Californian, I am grateful for your observations of a state we loved now grieve for and hoped to die in.

    Thankyou for sharing your observations with us.
    Regards, Bruce

  4. Michael Weadock

    I love Dr Hanson work . I tried to sign up for The Week Review a number of times but l’ve yet to receive one. I follow him on Twitter but would like advice on how to get the Blog.

  5. David Santacroce

    On fox news Mr. Hanson’s quoted that only Citizens are subject to the jurdiction thereof. If Congress can only stop the State allowing Slaves in America, the Citizens in power, then how can Congress have any Jurdiction over who can come in? I guess you’re do not really understand the Constitution at all. Wake up. It is a State Right to allow people in their States and no law that Congress or a State can give this Title of Nobility call the Citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. Wake up, a title above the people is a title of Nobility as the 14th defines.

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