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It has become grim in the last few weeks in the news as you will hear and read below–and probably already know. Please excuse the hiatus in the newsletter distribution. We had and have much going on with the website. But things are smoothing out. This newsletter won’t allow me to make a proper link to the VDH Ultra articles yet. So, I am leaving them off until we come up with a fix. I hope you enjoy the rest.

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7 thoughts on “Week In Review”

  1. I’ve wondered about the issues that I’ve had trying to get VDH in my email. I re-subscribed to them and paid for the premium service but still don’t get anything in my email. Does this describe the issues others are e having too?

      1. Hi Sami … an acolyte here of VDH. May I make a friendly suggestion please …. when we choose to become paying members of Victor’s content, the choice put before us is to pay via PayPal. Victor has encouraged us to reject the policies of these elitist companies that promote woke policies whenever possible (an example from Victor is his example of Delta Airlines). So in keeping with his call to resist these companies (‘each according to his/her own station’), I would hope we can pay for Victor’s content through an alternative means than through PayPal. Pass the word on to the powers that be. Thanks!

  2. Thoroughly appreciated Victor your ongoing calibration of how to process debacle after debacle yields a sense of hope for our future that at the end of this long dragging of our nation through this sordid phase we shall again step out into sunlit uplands

  3. private papers had a section where you could access VDH archive articles by year and month. the new website doesn’t have that. I hope you’re working on that. Thank you

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