The Culturalist: The Praetorian Question

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson talk about the politicization of the military in light of the Afghan debacle and the historical precedents — which, perhaps not so oddly, are those of totalitarian governments.

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7 thoughts on “The Culturalist: The Praetorian Question”

  1. “Never give up hope…”thank you a thousandfold, Victor Davis Hanson. Your insights have helped to keep my hopes alive during the last 20 plus months…

  2. Glad to hear the emotion….its time no doubt…to say the words….to speak the names….
    Patriots all across the fruited plain…felt disgust at the entire set up in Afghanistan…those kids had no chance….20 years old…trying to help…while the taliban took care of thier security….shameful…
    Where does the buck stop?
    Pray for those soldiers and their families.
    Please keep the pressure on Victor..

    Wisconsin friends.

  3. Thank you for your common sense and getting the word out on how liberals (Catholic leadership) is trying to destroy the greatest product of the enlightenment (the United States).

  4. The trade-offs were apparent, yet President Biden did it anyway, or was these just miscalculated assumptions? The trade-offs keep coming.

    Thank you Victor Davis Hanson for sharing your understanding of what is happening.

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