War, Political Parties and Child Diplomacy

In this Friday news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss third party possibilities in 2024, the Ukraine war, Biden nibbles a child, Geraldo fired, and China cracking down on dissidents.

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4 thoughts on “War, Political Parties and Child Diplomacy”

  1. It appears obvious the US proxy war in Ukraine, in addition to showing the US to be inconsistently applying words of advice of Joe Biden and cluster bombs and other measures, is also clearly giving other nations qualms about US continued status as a world leader. From El Salvador Prez Bukele to Mexico’s Prez Lopez Obrador to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, many leaders across the globe have publicly taken note of the rapid decline of the US since this Administration took Office. November 2024 will either continue the decline or temporarily arrest it. It is significant that outsiders have taken note while so many here do not. November of 2024 will be pivotal.

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      To paraphrase Max from “The Lost Boys”, “Don’t ever invite progressives into national office, you silly people. It renders you powerless.”

  2. The professor has his numbers backwards. Ukraine is being destroyed, and their losses are widely known to be at least a quarter million souls, with Russia taking less than half of that. I can very easily find actual war footage ( horrific btw ) showing Ukrainians getting blown up, our equipment we gave them being blown up, etc. However, there is almost ZERO footage of the reverse. Ukraine is press-ganging invalids and the elderly. Where are these bogus MIC numbers that Victor cites coming from? It’s simple: if Ukraine was winning, or just not losing, we’d have glorious footage of our munitions being used by Ukrainian soldiers to destroy the Russians, but we don’t see that. I do see, however, that Mexican cartels miraculously are in possession of Javelin missiles that are supposed to be in Ukraine.

  3. Victor,
    As to Trump overvaluing his commercial estate, the borrower typically presents a value for his or her real estate assets as collateral, whether existing or to be built, and the lender has its own appraisal done before making any loan. Not only is it a private transaction, but lenders are accustomed to borrowers inflating the value of their assets, which is the reason for the lender’s own appraisal prior to submitting a loan request to committee for approval. Additionally, as you point out, Trump has never defaulted on any loans after the Atlantic City debacle after which he retooled his commerical real estate development business and no longer issues any personal guarantees.

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