Rhetoric, a Legacy, and Abandonment

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc this weekend as they discuss Trump’s rhetoric and supporters, the legacy of the Civil War, and Xiyue Wang abandoned by Princeton in Iran.

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13 thoughts on “Rhetoric, a Legacy, and Abandonment”

  1. As I listen to your podcasts, read your articles and watch your interviews on media outlets,, the common thread is common sense. I believe that’s why I so much enjoy hearing what you have to say. As a retired RN with experiences in different aspects of the field, I have cared for and had many conversations with people from every walk of life. From neonates to the geriatric. From patriotic Americans to illegal immigrants. From the very poor to the very wealthy. I miss the variety of people and their backgrounds that enlightened me about so much. By listening to you, and a few others, I get some of that back while in retirement. I will always miss that face to face interaction though. Thank you for your variety of topics. Would love to hear your thoughts on the healthcare industry.

  2. I must disagree with Professor Hanson today. We do not need 75% of the citizens to vote on election day, we need 75% of the people to vote for the right candidate that will begin to right this nation. Certainly we must stop the submisstion of bogus ballots as well as the RNC countering the fraud instigated by the DNC.
    Conservatives are just as capable of voting early as the left.

    As for Trump’s message; he may be listening to the Professor. Trump’s message, the last week or so, has been more of what he will do on day one and less about being attacked by the corrupt DOJ/FBI. Pointing out what Biden has done to destroy the country is exactly the right message. Trump says he will secure the border, combat the human trafficking, end the war in Ukraine, halt the ‘Woke’ BS, etc.

    The 2024 presidential election is Trump’s to win or lose. It is up to the citizens to make the proper choice.

  3. Why isn’t your boy DeSantis 10 points ahead of Biden? Or Trump? In the 1st 8 minutes you demonstrate the problem: “I was in a group of important republican donors”. Was Pompeo there? Pence?

  4. Victor makes things sound interesting. That being said, it’s no different than me saying Trump 2024. In other words, it’s the same old same old.

    Like it or not, Trump can make or break the GOP general election in 2024. I wouldn’t criticize a guy with his leverage over the party.

    Are there still Independents around? I guess they need to feel more pain?  

    The woke moment is not dying based on my personal experience. It’s growing, and has the Communists characteristic of making everyone afraid to speak up.

    For example, I was on a zoom meeting to resolve a system outage, and one guy had a banner that said “black lives matter” and “pro choice”. No one said a word. Would you?
    Another example, it seems it is growing by the day that people chose to add the pronouns next to their names. Especially females.

  5. Agreed. Conservatives are in a state of delusion regarding “woke”. They don’t “go broke”, it’s quite the contrary. Also, woke is their religion, and just as I would never renounce Christ and my faith, they will never renounce theirs either. To think otherwise is folly. The woke can be sidelined, but not converted.

  6. I hope I am wrong. But it seems to me, there is more pain ahead. Things are expensive everywhere, not just in the blue states.

    Ronald Reagan is dead. We have Trump. Take it or leave it. The fact that the leading voices of the opposition party are not getting behind their front runner is concerning. I don’t see an alternative to Trump. I really don’t. They say one month in politics is an eternity. But Trump had been consistently on top for the past 7 years. He is not going away, like it or not. Sorry folks.

    That being said, I watched a little bit of the Arnold Schwarzenegger netflix documentary. He mentioned things in America were in turmoil in the 60-70’s as bad as it is now, but he was so grateful to be in the U.S. he kept working hard during this period of time..and the rest was history. He is super impressive. Don’t let the “girlie man” label fool you. He is quite accomplished.

    1. Oh my point of telling you the bit about Arnold is to remind you and myself don’t get discouraged by the politics. It will resolve itself. It had many times in our history. Let Victor sing his tune and learn from him to be an informed citizen. But focus on your own success, whatever that may be. Now could be the best time to work hard, and to reap the reward later. Especially folks are so depressed right now. Less competition. LOL 

      Victor is making money. Tucker is making money. We should too. Don’t just be a consumer. Be a producer. 🙂 YES, you! I am talking to you. 

  7. Hypothesis –

    Trump and DeSantis would do better in the polls if they turned their campaigns nationally against Biden and the Left.

    The candidate who shows that he can govern better than the democrats and persuade the independent and others should be the Republican nominee and will win the presidency.

    Vying against each other to be the Republican nominee will hurt them nationally.

  8. Victor – Thanks for another lesson on the Civil War.

    Retrospectively, the South entered a war that they mistakenly thought that they could win. They underestimated their opponent and overestimated their ability to overcome a larger force.

    The South miscalculated the North’s ability to manufacture the goods and weapons that it needed and its own ability to provide for its own needs. Its reliance on cotton and seaports that it could use to trade for goods was a vulnerability that it may not have forseen before it was cut off by the Northern blockades.

    The South may have considered that the North’s fighters were city slickers and fresh immigrants who would not fight well but neglected to include the capable Western farmers who ended up constituting the bulk of the Union army. Perhaps, the South did not think that these farmers would join the war.

    The South had the motivation to defend their homeland and their legal rights but they picked a fight with a bigger opponent who could outlast them and eventually outsmarted them.

    Under General Sherman, the North fought a brutal war of destruction and discouragement to break the will of the South. Sad to see people’s lives destroyed, it would have been better for both sides to work towards abolition without a war.

  9. The Ukraine-Russian war has some elements that are similar to the American Civil War. A smaller nation defends its homeland against a larger opponent. The smaller nation has better fighters, more motivation, and believes it has a righteous cause. The larger nation has more resources, more manpower, and a cause of its own to uphold.

    Ukraine, like the South, is dependent upon outside resources to maintain its effort. Russia, like the North, is more able to fight a war of attrition. Although Russia cannot stop the resupplying of goods like the North did by blockading southern ports, Russia’s best prospects may be that supplies to Ukraine will be cut off because the West is fighting a war of its own such as with communist China in defense of Taiwan or with a Middle Eastern power in defense of Israel.

  10. Like the American Civil War, I believe that the best time to have ended the Ukraine-Russia war was not to have started it but now that it has begun, ending it quickly through a peace agreement saves American resources, promotes American interests and enhances global stability.

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