Victor Davis Hanson:”It needs to be broken up” Weighing in on FBI Raid

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2 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson:"It needs to be broken up" Weighing in on FBI Raid”

  1. Great interview. I cannot imagine the rigorous schedule you maintain. You inspire me on a daily basis. I hem and haw, and occasionally disagree, but your prolific insight never fails to engage. Thank you, Mr Hanson, I do so greatly appreciate you and your resilience and persistence. I have no doubt you have earned a place in The Hall Of Historians, and we are all the better for it. Thank you!

  2. over the years I have followed you, I never fail to be humbled and amazed at your remarkable, courageous and prescient insight Dr. Hanson. As an historian, I deeply appreciate your analysis through the lens of history. I almost never take issue with your analyses. Your command of the English language truly inspires me. you are an American treasure. I wish every American followed you as have I.

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