Victor Davis Hanson on FBI Raid Consequence, Mid-term and 2024 Election

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11 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson on FBI Raid Consequence, Mid-term and 2024 Election”

  1. Victor, I am a big fan, and I love your no nonsense analysis. But, do you really think a weakling GOP is going to tear up a president’s state of the union address on national TV, has the passion, energy and work ethic (not to mention courage) to have 20 investigative committees, and making arrests? Who is going to order/make the arrest? DOJ? FBI? I feel that you are not serious by calling it “old Testament.” If he is smart, and has the guts he would do exactly that and more, and I will vote for him for president, after Trump. But, I will believe it when I see it. In the mean time, I am hanging all my hopes on Mr. Trump’s return. Sadly, he is the only guy that I am convinced that has what it takes to do what is right for the people.

    1. Exactly, Phil — Trump is the only guy that has proven himself to do what is right for the people. THIS IS HUGE! All of us that want this draining of the swamp should be in favor of giving him, warts and all, a chance to continue what he started in his first term. He is like no other — What a warrior!

  2. Desantis is a politician and if Trump is out of the picture you cannot for sure say that he will not change his tune into a rino one just like pence did. Only trump can do the trump agenda. Love your podcasts but the repeat equating desantis to trump (without the tweets etc) talk point is very irritating and misleading.

  3. Unfortunately I agree. They don’t know how to get down in the gutter and fight. This turning the check looks good on Sunday mornings but not in the real world. When has it ever worked?

    1. The Democrats are bullies and the way you deal with bullies is not by acquiescing but by giving them a taste of their own medicine. This is the only way to drive the point home to them.

  4. Perhaps I am naive’ about the way government works but my assumption during the Trump presidency was that Wm. Barr was the chief law enforcement officer in the country.

    Why were the BLM/Antifa riots never investigated? Why was the Hunter laptop never investigated?
    Why did Barr casually dismiss as “BS” the concerns of tens of millions at what appeared to be a rigged election?

    Why must we wait until we hold a majority in the house to investigate these obvious crimes against the country?

  5. I made an earlier comment wondering why it will be necessary to await a republican majority in the house to investigate obvious crimes against the country such as riots, laptops and elections.

    Why were these not investigated by the Trump justice department?

    Somehow my comment was taken down. Is this such a controversial topic?

  6. Victor, I have not enjoyed following someone as much as you since the now retired, Thomas Sowell. I would love to know what he thinks of Trump’s policy achievements during first four years. I know before he became president he thought him something of a spoil teenage brat.

    As for your views in this interview, I think you are missing something obvious. Everyone knows why we have looters boldly stealing in broad daylight from stores, right? It is because they can do it with impunity. Well, doesn’t the same thing apply to the leaders of now weaponized institutions. If Sandy Berger had paid a stiff price for stealing classified documents or Lois Lerner for targeting the tea party organizations, would would we have had Clapper, Brennan, etc. lying under oath to congress? Not, if they believed they would serve prison time for perjury, or get fired, or lose a pension if caught, we wouldn’t.

    So now, if the repubs do gain control of congress it is imperative that they expose the treasonous transgressions that have occurred against Trump the President, and Trump the Candidate. This can be done without getting down in the mud with the Dems. Once clearly exposed, the majority of voters will become truly shocked and see who has really been endangering our democracy. And they did it with MSM being their propaganda arm. This I believe will then lend public support for the kind of fundamental institutional changes that you believe necessary.

    Impeaching Biden would be a distraction.

  7. We need Trump in 2024. No one else has been tested in the “furnaces” of Wash. D.C. as he has and not crumbled. Yet, he, somehow, was energized. No one else knows first hand the tricks of the swamp as he now does.

    DeSantis, Pompeo, Cotton, etc., all great men. But, they can wait until 2028.

  8. I agree with Thomas O’Brien!!
    President Trump’s accomplishments while in office were done while under continuous assault by lying Democrats, already planning their elaborate scheme on how to defeat him. Of course, he was re-elected in a landslide, but we all know the cowards who didn’t fight for him, and they will live to regret their cowardice!

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