Victor Davis Hanson: The Left are now desperate to drop Joe Biden

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7 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson: The Left are now desperate to drop Joe Biden”

  1. What an excellent interview, and what an eye-opener to what the USA has lost in the last couple of years.

    1. Yeah. The Brits and Aussies really know how to bring out the best in interviews and Victor always rises to the challenge making us USers look good for a change!

  2. The interview ends with the hope that there will be no civil war. But the one issue that would most likely result in one is an issue that you barely touch on despite all your podcasts and interviews, which is rigged elections. All the issues you so incisively analyze are not as critical to the survival of our Constitutional Republic as the integrity of our elections and yet… crickets. The Democrats can’t keep the House and the Senate based on their policies. The issues that help Dems — the January 6th Commission, abortion, and gun control — will not outweigh inflation, a brain-dead President, and a brain-impaired Vice President, and the Dems know that (at least their leadership knows that). You think the Dems are just going to lie back and think of England while the Republicans take control of Congress. No. They are going to rig elections. Unfortunately, very few conservative pundits and news organizations are sounding the alarm. Pointing out that only 0.5% of mail-in ballots were rejected in 2020 as compared to the previous rate of 5% is a compelling datapoint. But if nothing is done about it, you’re just spitting in the wind. If conservatives don’t take election integrity more seriously, they may be confronted with a Blue State + Federal Government (+ China + Russia) vs. Red State civil war. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But probably in our lifetime. If I had your brains and influence, I would be sounding the alarm and suggesting solutions.

    1. Mike, you are 100% correct.

      Nothing else matters, nothing, not even a limited nuclear war! In fact, a limited nuclear war we could survive. But this rigged election business? No way it’s a sloooowwww painful death.

      Mr. Hanson you should be very aware of this being from California.

      Some history, I was a union welder in 1986 when Reagan signed away the state with the amnesty. Within the week I registered as independent (26 year old married with three kids at the time).
      The state elections have been worse and worse since then.
      Look what we have for politicians.

      Rigged elections will…HAVE, brought the same impossible slide to the entire country.

      Thanks for posting Mike.

    2. Hello Sir. I agree with you totally. I don’t believe that warfare will happen, but I do think The Left will not stand by idly as The Right succeeds from The Union. When I mention to friends on The Left that leaving The Union is a “choice” they get so angry, but not nearly as mad as when I tell them, “I, for one, can’t wait.” Roy, So Cal. Have a nice day.

      1. Succession is a sticky business even without shots fired. Who gets the Republican enclaves of Northwestern Connecticut, or portions of Fairfield County? Even if California were to be partitioned, what happens to Orange County and the Inland Empire? The there’s the question of whether Austin succeeds from Texas the minute Texas succeeds from the Union. Houston is pretty blue too -just sayin’.

    3. It’s one thing to have fair and free elections; it’s another thing to convince partisans that they’re fair. Just ask hardline Democrats whether W. Bush was legit and if the Russians got Trump elected and you’ll find that hardliners on each side believe that the other side only wins because it cheats.

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