Victor Davis Hanson On His Latest Articles, Including, “How to Erode the World’s Greatest Military”

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6 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson On His Latest Articles, Including, "How to Erode the World's Greatest Military"”

  1. Just yesterday I watched Metaxes give a speech at YAF and it may be the best speech I’ve ever heard. I watched it twice. If you want to know what fearless courage in the face of the Uniparty is, watch it.


    Trump may have his finger on the pulse of the nation, but he’s not perfect. I think he’s made a serious misstep by supporting the LIV Tour, given the connection to bin Salman and the connection of various Saudis to the 9/11 tourists. And he made a mistake in supporting Mehmet Oz as our senatorial candidate here in PA. McCormick was a much better conservative candidate. Even also-ran Jeff Bartos would have made a better candidate than Oz.

    1. I think these are manifestations of Trump’s fatal flaw: the propensity to self-destruct. It’s the link between his vindictive tweets, his refusal to get rid of Fauci, and his spoiling of the Georgia elections. If the Never Trumpers (TM) wanted to get serious, this is what they’d go after: “sure, his policies are great, but he can’t stick the landing and ends up undoing any good he’s done”.

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