Victor Davis Hanson on the Megyn Kelly Show

Victor Davis Hanson talks at about minute 17:15 of the show to Megyn Kelly about his new book The Dying Citizen.

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2 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson on the Megyn Kelly Show”

  1. Thank you very much for your immense contributions to the national discourse.

    But, although you’re oh-so-close, I think you’re missing something in your description of the fundamental problem.

    Allow me to try.

    Just as economic collapse triggered the Russian revolution and the rise of the Nazis. Just as fear of a slave uprising in the South was a contributing factor in the Civil War. And fear of nuclear Armageddon inspired enormous expenditures during the cold War.

    All of these involved large numbers of people who believed that they were confronted by an existential threat.

    Today, hundreds of millions of citizens believe that climate change is an existential threat. And, to make matters worse, their political opposition believes that to be ridiculous (which it is) so they write it off. However, the effects of that belief are very serious.

    Significantly, conservatives are no longer considered to be the political opposition, but the enemy. The *enemy*, and I mean even beyond what lies in Russia or China. If you understand that, then the actions of progressives are easily understood. If you don’t, then much of what they do is Incomprehensible.

    As a disclaimer, I spent my career in the atmospheric science so I’ve had a front row seat to how the climate change debate has evolved. And I may have a bias. Hopefully, my bias is helpful.

    I hope this somehow helps. From another Swede… Steve

    Your book is amazing.

  2. Mislove Bradley

    Very good observations and I agree up to a point.
    The media has become the enemy with no consequences. Until we get a handle on the lies they peddle the reasons why people are so pissed
    off won’t matter. They will do and say anything to keep their leaders in power. These so called media outlets are no more then pawns for the left.
    If it’s not this threat it will be another. In my opinion they are the greatest threat to our culture.
    There are no apologies when they’ve been found wrong. No one losses their jobs. Worse yet they get promoted. Now add that to big tech and schools teaching CRT and I really fear it may be too late. I hope not.

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