The Culturalist: Victory and Complexity

Join Victor Davis Hanson and Sami Winc in this examination of the accomplishments of France’s George Clemenceau and the cultural significance of Sophocles’ “Antigone.”

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2 thoughts on “The Culturalist: Victory and Complexity”

  1. Dear Sami and VDH, thank you for the high quality discussion on Clemenceau and ze French in this episode.
    All your points during the conversation demonstrate superior mastery on the subject. Not to mention the truth around ze French military tradition (and performances…) beyond 1812 and Napoleonian Russia Campaign (rather than 1815, if I may).
    To add to the subject of Clemenceau as a complex Renaissance-like figure, please refer to some material around the connections between Clemenceau and “Japonisme” as well as Japan ->
    from Tokyo, Japan

  2. Paul Benedict Clemenceau

    Georges Clemenceau was my great grandfather and I very much enjoyed VDH’s comments about his contributions to France and history. There were a few very minor factual errors of absolutely no importance. Over all, I found VDH’s presentation informative and entertaining. As usual, he knows his subject. I have always found it interesting that leaders like Clemenceau and Churchill arose to prominence at times of existential need, and when that need ceased to exist, thanks largely to their efforts, they shuffled off the world stage and kind of disappeared. Great granddad was not elected president of France and quietly returned to Vendee where he closed out his life writing somewhat bitterly.

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