Victor Answers Your Questions

On this episode, join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler, as Victor answers questions that have been sent in by listeners of the show, on topics ranging from the founding of America to farming.

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10 thoughts on “Victor Answers Your Questions”

  1. William Anderson

    Nice to hear about your bike riding.

    Hear many stories from our daughter who is a Pro MTB XC bike racer. She lives in Shaver Lake and her bike shop/sponsor is Rubber Soul in Fresno. He husband is a agronomist in the San Joaquin valley for almonds and grapes.

    Safe riding Victor…


  2. I was bicycling when I listened to this podcast. When “losing four front-teeth and requiring 168 stitches” came out, I headed back home. Never been attacked by a dog, but did out run come coyote in suburban NJ.


    I have done a lot of biking — something over 10,000 miles in my more robust years — and happily unlike VDH never had an accident. i cycled across the country and the sole problem was a flat tire in North Dakota. I leaned my bike against a road sign in considerable frustration, glanced down, and found a $100 bill lying there: Happy flat tire. It was great exercise, but you do see a lot more macadam than scenery. hal brayman

  4. Robert Cherba

    Cycling, and the thrill of flying over the handlebars to an uncertain conclusion. I received my first bike after WWII, maybe 1947. I used it to deliver two newspapers, ride around the neighborhood, and ride to school when the buses went on strike. ‘Bitten by dogs and thrown to the ground when I tried some stupid things without serious injury. Bought an English bike at the UMich and rode it around campus for four years. Once, when riding fast as I could go downhill in the winter to my 8am class, a woman couldn’t start her car parked on the street. She threw the driver’s door open just as I got there. It ruined my front wheel and sent me flying about 10 feet to the base of a tree. I had a snap-brim hat on and was dressed for cold weather, so while I was at least dazed, I wasn’t injured. (The woman acted as though nothing happened.) In later life I rode a mountain bike in a foothills subdivision where a car (another woman) pulled across in front of me. I managed to stop, but my front wheel crumpled. On a bike path in Palo Duro Canyon, TX, I rode downhill and at a switchback which crossed a small, sandy streambed I was launched over the handlebars. That injured my already damaged spine. I could still get around, but it hurt for a long time. I’m 87 and my cycling days are over. During my cycling years I always yielded to vehicles, tried by best to not irritate drivers, and stayed out of their way. I was also very lucky.

  5. Mitchell Guzik

    I enjoyed your discussion about cycling. Keep at it. I also mostly ride my mountain bike, not set up as a gravel bike, on the road. It’s just too dangerous to ride my road bike in Los Angeles these days. 40+ years without a crash and in the last two years I have had two, all road condition issues. I grew up in the cycling industry in Los Angeles as a teen in the early 1970’s working at Bikecology as a mechanic. Newsom vetoed the bill for the Idaho Stop, riding through a stop sign if it’s clear. Unfortunately the problems with cyclist and motorists are probably intractable, especially electric motorcycles on the bike paths. Enforcement of traffic laws are way down the list of law enforcement resources.

  6. Thomas O'Brien

    I had very much looked forward to this podcast which would be devoted to Victor answering a variety of questions from his listeners. I expect that Jack at the very minimum would have received hundreds of questions. I myself, as I recall, submitted three.

    I was very disappointed that the entire 53 minute long podcast was devoted to just four questions. I expected 20 or more wide ranging questions to be answered. As for myself my most burning question was regarding Thomas Sowell.

    Sowell retired from public commentary before Trump’s presidency, but not before his candidacy. In his writings he was very critical of Trump’s shameful churlishness. For years I have been curious if Dr. Sowell would rise above his contempt for the man, and would give Trump’s successful presidency the credit it deserved, in spite of his proclivity for nasty name-calling. VDH is friends with Sowell. Surely the latter has commented to VDH on Trump’s presidency. Did he revise his earlier views of Trump, the candidate. Such a question could have been answered in a succinct 30 seconds.

    Many other of VDH follower’s questions could have been answered during this podcast, as well. But instead we got very lengthy answers to just four questions. I found this far less than I expected. Therefore, this podcast was very disappointing.

    1. Yes we did receive a ton of questions. A lot pretty good, some not so good. We will have more episodes — eight in total, between now and July, when Victor will be on a lengthy Hillsdale cruise — with more listener questions. I recall one of the questions you offered was a matter Victor had recently discussed at great length. Pretty sure, regarding Tom Sowell, that their conversations may be very limited in the past couple of years, and that they would be private. That said, Sowell in 2018 or 2019 may seem to have admitted he was off in his pre-2016 assessment (or didn’t say I WAS WRONG but was complimentary about some of Trump’s decisions and appointments).

  7. I have a totally unrelated comment to VDH Interviews. I enjoy walking and listening to podcast. If, (G—) forgive, I 🛑 stop and talk to someone, the podcast reverts to the beginning.. Frustrating, as much as I admire and respect VDH’s knowledge and memory I prefer to continue listening where I left off. Please advise if there is a way to prevent this happening.
    Sylvia Katz
    ps . Where can I find transcripts of these interviews?

  8. I remember when I had finally saved enough money to buy a Klein Attitude. With its internal cable routing, light and stiff oversized aluminum tubes, and beautiful design it was the BMW of mountain bikes. And mine was cherried out. I had put Mavic hubs and rims, RaceFace cranks with a big cookie upfront for added speed, and SPuDs on it. And just for an added touch I had Salsa aluminum skewers and seat post binder and stubby bar ends. I put Continental road tires on it as well for a smooth ride. It was perfect for flying around town and hopping curbs. I haven’t ridden it in a long while as I bought a Specialized road bike a few years ago. Maybe it’s time to dust her off and go find some smooth blacktop.

  9. Dr. Hanson: I’m addicted to your program – very thought provoking! A single question – is Israel about to commit the same error that the Romans did with Carthage – eliminate an enemy that keeps them tough, alert and United? Regards, Dave Hutnick

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