@VDHanson: Will Biden Take Us Down With Him?

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9 thoughts on “@VDHanson: Will Biden Take Us Down With Him?”

  1. I think the answer is yes. Former Attorney General Bill Barr even said recently that the country will not survive another four years of Biden.

  2. TLDR; the Biden adminstration has corrupted the institutions of the federal government so thoroughly that neither US Citizens, nor others from around the world have faith in those institutions. The only question is is whether Biden is completely incompetent or extremely, sinisterously, brilliant…

  3. For quite some time now, I’ve been wondering if our beloved U.S.A. can make it to 1/20/25 without a major terrorist attack. That fear remains…
    VDH points out another sidelight to the damage done to our country. He cites the loss in the trust of Americans in our system of justice.
    The same can be said for NIH, CDC, EPA, FBI, CIA, etc. A good reputation takes decades to build; weeks to destroy. Yet another consequence of this destructive Clinton/Obama/Biden cabal.

  4. Carolann Michayluk

    Biden stands in front of the tv cameras, but it’s Obama standing behond the tv cameras.

  5. Craig Jenkins

    We’ve got to turn out the November vote in massive numbers for a mandate. Trump administration has to clean house, bankrupt and put people in jail to restore some confidence in the judicial system and as a deterrence to future Democrat lawfare. Critics need to understand that Trump doesn’t initiate the chaos; he reacts to the personal attacks which he has every right and need to do so.

  6. gibbs.1@osu.edu

    Shocking . . . that anonymous comment quoting Bill Barr (that the U.S. would not survive another four years of Biden et al.) is absolutely correct.

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