Venetian Wars, Soros DAs and Leftist Angst

In this weekend episode, VDH and cohost Sami Winc talk about the Venetian Wars of the 16th century and the Battle of Lepanto, Chicago community leaders‘ anxieties over illegals in their midst, and Soros DA in Boston resigns over ethics violations.

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12 thoughts on “Venetian Wars, Soros DAs and Leftist Angst”

  1. These weekly lectures are a high-quality Western History GE course or an old NE prep school history class. Thank you! More please!

    NB Jens, you’re a treasure too. Don’t stop commenting! We are listening! Sami is a treasure too. I look forward to her slipping up one morning and recording an Iago speech about how she’s going to take over the site.

    On Farming: Thoreau maps a similar “irrational” decline of New England farms in Walden. He’s an obtuse observer, but a wise reader perceives the poignancy he misses. The section about waiting out a storm with his Irish neighbor is a textbook example of a gifted elite missing the point.

    N.b. in spite of his faults, I love Thoreau and he is self-worth the occasional frustration.

  2. DJT as POTUS & VDH as VP & Chief Counsel would put our nation back on an unstoppable MAGA-track. Leftists, Democrats & their sycophant news-Media could howl, & it would be music to be replayed in a loop…

  3. Ezio Maiolini

    Victor talked about a farmer who would level his acreage so that when irrigating his field, the water flowed perfectly down each roll; but, if a squirrel or gopher made a hole, the flow stopped. What to do— shoot the little rascals.
    So, here I am, today ( Saturday) driving down to Marina ( Salinas farming region) and seeing beautifully manicured fields, so masterly laid out with sprinklers. My heart skipped a beat watching while driving along highway 101.
    Sprinkler systems bypass any kind old squirrel or gopher interruption, I thought.
    Ezio Maiolini

  4. Thank you for another wonderful podcast. I relate to your feelings about farming and your ancestral home. My maternal grandfather had an 80 acre farm. He was an apprenticed cabinetmaker but went into farming because he loved it. When my mother married my father, they lived in the city where my dad lived but she returned with my father after three years to be close to the farm. I live in the house I grew up in, it is filled with many wonderful memories. Your dad and my dad were of that generation, real people, real men. At the age of 30, my dad enlisted in the Navy in 1943, leaving my mom and my brother who was 8 years old.. My dad was a Seabee in the Pacific…Guam, the Marianas, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. I was born when he returned, He was greatly affected by the War. My dad and mom had 8th grade education but wanted better for me. I earned a PhD in chemistry. What a wonderful Country we live in.

  5. What treasure.
    Thank you.
    May we nominate VDH, his cohorts Jack & Sami, and we followers as a National Monument to the U.S. History of waning family farming and its treasured, varied products?

  6. amidst an unforgiving & obviously vicious debate arena ..

    Americans willing to take a stand on volatile topics risk eviscerating ridicule & character assassination ..

    most of us would rather remain disengaged beneath the safety net of ‘indifference’ underwritten by willful ignorance bordering upon abject cowardice ..

    victimhood becomes the merit badge dujour in a media driven land increasingly dominated by snowflakes & miscreants ..

    parroting the talking points of spinmeisters harboring a base contempt for this nation of truly limitless opportunity ..

    we would do well to offer prayers of thanksgiving that our forbearers literally invested their ‘lives, fortunes & sacred honor’ such that we be blessed by this miracle of self governance ..

    thanks be to God ..

    1. Dems are ULTRA WEAK personalties and due to that NEEDY PERSONALITY they NEED to be spoonfed. Its so unfortunate because there are kids and Veterans that LITERALLY DONT HAVE CHOICE, but these idiots do. Thats where CNN MSNBC ABC CBS NBC PBS, NYTimes WaPo WaStaJo USA Today, Time Newsweek Rolling Stone Cosmo, Google Facebook Old Twitter, come into play….and SPOONFEED.

  7. I enjoyed your final comments concerning farmers, and your family’s farm story.

    I operated an irrigated farming, cattle feeding operation the majority of life, now rent the land out, and sell farm and ranch land in North Dakota. I tell family members when they are selling the land that their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, fought the elements, the markets, and lived with few luxuries, that they are reaping the benefits of all the hardships of those generations, and to be thankful for them!

  8. 5:50 Start feeding your dogs the best steak you can buy. As the dogs start eating, you’ll understand how he feels.

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