@VDHanson: The Campus Cry-Bullies

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3 thoughts on “@VDHanson: The Campus Cry-Bullies”

  1. Stephen A. Hill

    Follow the Money, as they said in the Seventies…. Someone paid for or stole all that plywood used as barricades, and for all those new looking tents in the bulldozed encampments.

  2. Kooky Kampus Komrades are the result of a complete feminization of society. Spoiled little suburban princesses are now LARPing as revolutionaries, throwing typical tantrums. The problem is that even though they aren’t real, their garbage revolution is, and Islam is more than happy to lie ( taqiyah perhaps ) its way to converting these brats as a furtherance of their Western conquest. Passing unconstitutional speech laws isn’t the answer, courage of conviction is.

  3. gibbs.1@osu.edu

    So easy to chant, so good to feel righteous, so despicable to be irresponsibly ignorant and vile.

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