Reversals of Fortunes

In this Friday news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc looks at the Trump trials gone awry, Biden’s flipflop on Israel, universities surrendering to the pro-Hamas crowd, RFK Jr. on the ballot, and Sweden’s crime wave.

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7 thoughts on “Reversals of Fortunes”

  1. Years ago, when Swedes first opened their borders I caught a PBS Newshour (the Lehrer era) covering the processing of immigrants and doing interviews. One man-on-the-street interview was with a very well dressed, obviously well-educated, Iranian gentlemen seemingly a longtime resident, if not citizen, who I assumed was a businessman or professional who probably escaped the Ayatollah’s return. When asked what he thought of the enthusiastic welcome to the new hordes of immigrants, mainly from the Middle East, he shook his head sadly and said “It’s a grand sociological experiment to them, but they have no idea what they’re doing.” From that moment on I too have been sadly chronicling a Sweden that I remember as one of the nicest and safest places I spent time in destroy itself.

  2. Robert O'Brien

    A Man For All Seasons (Best Picture 1966).

    “…Will no one rid me of this meddling priest?…”

  3. Michael Campbell

    “…These people are little Nazis, they really are, these Middle-Eastern student (protesters)… (The Swedes) welcomed all these people in — and the people came to destroy them. This whole Western immigration is a suicidal impulse…”

    These pathologies — domestic and international — were all clearly identified in the 1990s, and their outcomes were predicted in prescient detail back then by newspaper columnists, right-wing radio hosts, and by Dr. Hanson himself.

    Millions of us wrote letters to editors, gave lots of money to political action groups and to ballot measures (Prop 187) etc. Naively we believed after 9-11 that our borders would be secured. Nope.

    And Leftists merely had to repeat ad nauseum, “Diversity is our strength,” and they’ve brought the Western world to near collapse.

  4. I am originally from England , but now a proud American and a believer in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So as a back drop to where I’m coming from, I have to say you are a real and True American Mr Hanson and it is really a big loss for America that you are not our President. There’s another gentleman Mr Mearsheimer, I am truly amazed how both of you are gifted and incredible speakers of history, the classics and in the political arena. I truly enjoy listening to you and for me that is a difficult proposition to be inspired by someone. Thank you for being out there in the realm of the American way of life. Thank you Mr Hanson.

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