VDH talks with Dr. Saad

Topics covered include the Greek Miracle, classics, philosophy, the state of academia, American politics, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, consilience, and the value of practical knowledge among other themes.

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6 thoughts on “VDH talks with Dr. Saad”

  1. Great appearance with Dr. Saad.
    Please try and curtail references to Shane.
    Everything you do, I feel pressure to pull it up on NETFLIX! I’ve zeen it a lot. I’m a Jack Palance fan.
    Liked Brandon Dewilde until he played a snoot in that WWII movie with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas.

  2. This was an interesting discussion. I like it when you have a chance to flush out ideas. I was surprised to hear that you occasionally wonder if you shouldn’t have stayed exclusively with the Classics & not gone into the political analysis. I think we each have a responsibility to our country. I have always seen your political discussions as your effort to preserve our the foundation of our country and help others learn from history. Regardless your motivation, I hope you keep it up.

  3. Thank you two. It was a very nice listen.

    Ahh yes good to see (hear) Victor smile. I wrote you one time before about this elixir of life.

    Regarding why, being so learned, the vipers don’t understand common truth? There is only one plum bob, and the closer one is to it, the more they will have wisdom and understanding, otherwise a hard heart ensues. It is wrapped up in Hebrews 4:12 and Psalm 3:5-6. Peace.

  4. Enjoyed that conversation.

    When you talk about Kamala as “impeachment insurance”, have you ever wondered why some people have talked about naming Trump as House Speaker?

    Would it be possible for a GOP House to name Trump Speaker?

    If so, would it be possible to impeach BOTH Biden and Harris using the 12th Amendment as proof of joint action, and “crimes and misdemeanors” impeachment clause, along with the ancient legal maxim of not allowing one to benefit from crimes committed by others?

    Just a thought.

  5. As usual, your interview with Dr. Saad was enlightening and entertaining; almost a balm. The one point that bothered me enough to post this thought was at the end when Dr. Saad asked you about anything in your past that you might regret and you alluded to the incident of the water sequestration on your farm. You said that what you did was legal and moral but that you may have gone too far. How? The man “fenced off” water you were legally entitled to and which your family could have depended on for their survival. He didn’t care and, basically, sneered at you, and said that he would continue to unlawfully take all of the water. You brought your shotgun and bolt-cutters and ‘freed’ the water. Following the ethics of Saint Augustine, you used only the force necessary to defend your family and did not harm the other person further; indicating that you would lawfully share the water after recompense.
    I suggest that you might regret the circumstances that forced you to defend your family and self but not the actions you took. I also believe that it is that very tendency of good people to regret defending themselves against bullies and tyrants that leads bullies and tyrants to attempt coercion. You can’t go too far when you are ethically protecting/defending your family and/or yourself.

  6. Hi Victor, you mentioned the loss of your child. You may find this video interesting.

    He also lost his child. Mikal Vega, a man of many accomplishments who has earned a substantial number of different titles. A Navy SEAL, EOD (explosive ordnance disposal), Actor, Director, Producer, Screen Writer, CEO of Vital Warrior, and Master of Self Awareness, just to cover a few. We cover his childhood, his military time both as an EOD Tech, and an Operator at SEAL Team 8, his transition into civilian life, and finally his current career both in Hollywood and Directing for Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH0EvdstePc

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