Jessie Waters Interviews VDH

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson has updates on the modern left and right on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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4 thoughts on “Jessie Waters Interviews VDH”

  1. I won’t criticize you here, because obviously Mr. Watters had you on to discuss what the Democrats, not the Republicans, will do.

    But I sure would like to hear or read what you think the new programs and initiatives are that the GOP should campaign on this year.

    Trusting in Biden’s incompetence and a strong reaction against it, plus the “Pendulum effect” of an off-year election, may be good politics. But they don’t create a mandate. And we know who our business-friendly Republicans are interested in pleasing if we just leave them to their own devices.

  2. Ah! So that’s where the podcast over the weekend. I thought with the Olympics over, Sami (insert glorious titles here)might have launched her Revolution! -Like the new masthead by the way. The sword is well placed but, to read it Classically, it’s length indicates a lack of judicious sobriety. A more petite version would eschew satyr appetites and indicate a manly moderation. Poor kalamos!

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