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  1. Gerald A. Gould

    The problem in the Black community is the breakdown of the family structure. It isn’t me a white guy saying that but, the Bob Woodsen, Shelby Steele, and Thomas Sowell’s of the world. It is Black kids who’s discipline comes from the gang, and the gang is making a tribal jungle out of our cities. Once stoggy Indianapolis where I live, experiences shootings and killings nearly every night until one becomes numb to the news. These are no longer people but statistics, and few killings ever get solved. We have got to put consequences back into our justice system. I used to hire ex-felons, and see that they were treated like the rest of the employees. Most did not re-offend, but a few did, biting the hand, so to speak, that feed them, because the stole from us. It was tough to get convictions, but there were consequences because they got fired. While all these after school programs etc. may be helpful, they do not get to the core of the problem. These kids need moral leadership and positive role models, not to be taught they are victims who need to go out and ‘take” what they deserve.

  2. July 13


    Tucker didn’t ask you if the Left were right to hate America, he asked you why they did. But you, in your MLK-induced dreamy haze, just start rattling off another one of your rambling litanies of Left wing hypocrisies and contradictions.

    Gee, Professor, this “multiracial society” you’re so worried about today had none of these problems, especially not a ruling class which hates the country, in 1960 when the US was 90% white.

    Maybe the answer to Tucker’s question is right there in that “metric,” or rather in the destruction of the country that metric measured.

    Yes, multiracial societies do have tragic and short histories. That fact alone would make a prudent, historically literate man highly doubtful about the dreams credited to Jefferson and King which our ruling clique instruct us to honor.

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