The Traditionalist: Biden Non Compos Mentis

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16 thoughts on “The Traditionalist: Biden Non Compos Mentis”

  1. ken whitfield

    Deplorables have a long and growing list of grievances no less significant than those of the founding fathers.

  2. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that you have joined up with these right wing lunatics and liars. You are a historian, for God’s sake. Tell me when it has ever been good for a society to be dominated by right wing fanatics. Never! Tell me you can’t see the danger in Donald Trump and his dismantling of our government as president. You MUST realize where that leads. It sickens me that you let your name be associated with the likes of Fox News and Tucker Carlson, who are misleading their audience by telling them what they WANT to be true rather than what is true while it makes them millions. I didn’t think you were like that. I admired you as a fellow resident of the central valley, a fellow Swede, and someone who believes in Jesus’ example of how to love others unconditionally. At least that is what I thought. Now I don’t think so. Shame on you.

    1. Wow you have it so wrong, so backward. You just described the leftist democrats!! Open your eyes and see what the left is doing to our country!! How can you think this Marxist socialist agenda they are forcing on us is what Jesus would support?! It is evil.

    2. Judy Capistrant

      Sorry you have swallowed koolaid, as they say. Our constitution is being dismantled and it appears you agree it should be. God bless all those fighting to preserve it. A nation that allows its borders to be opened and then gives all the illegals free everything is doomed to fall. So far we have allowed a million illegals…and that does not include the almost same amount that got away, the bad guys…A. nd that alone is enough to lessen us as a nation, since assimilation is key for any form of immigration to work.

    3. As the progression of the dissolution of the sovereignty of the United States evaporates before our eyes, I would hope. by this time, your eyes have been opened to your myopic view of “the right”.

  3. Dawn M Vasquez

    The listener who commented that he wished vdh could have been his father…is the highest form of praise one could state.
    I hope victor understands the level of perception his fans share with others..and maybe…just maybe one day he will consider publc office.

  4. Dear VDH,
    Another wonderful podcast: Biden Non Compos Mentis!
    Also the essay “The Wind & Whirlwind” I can only hope the Republicans do it to them.
    Thank you &God bless you and your family.

  5. To Divonna Swan:

    John 18:38–“What is truth?”

    And as for making millions, I think the left has a lot to answer for on that issue. When was the last time that a public servant retired into the the same house he had before he/she entered public service (Answer–Harry Truman).

  6. Beverly Roosevelt

    I wish my father, who was my beacon, had lived longer to impart the wisdom I knew he had. (He passed when I was 17) But I am grateful, for your plain speaking knowledge, that inspires me to learn more, to temper my thoughts before I speak, and to speak to my children who are now in their 40’s. These commentaries you have so artfully composed and provide are now at our dinner table providing intellectual stimulation, laughter, and deep thought.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Beverly Roosevelt

  7. Thank you for reading the mail. I agree about VDH!

    Since Rush has died, I have been so sad. VDH is comforting in my sorrow. Knowledgable, calm, informative and just perfect.

  8. Newsflash to Mrs. Swan.

    Historians have a difference of opinion regarding current political climate. Also, Does being a “Swede” mean that you cede individual thought to the group?
    Swedes think this. I mean cmon. Clinton sucked. She should be in jail. Biden is a hollow man.

    But you jut go right ahead and keep hating on us.

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