VDH on the Trevor Carey Show

VDH talks with Trevor Carey on governors Gavin Newsome and Ron Desantis and more.

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2 thoughts on “VDH on the Trevor Carey Show”

  1. Today I went to pick up my dog’s medicine. The price increased $1.00 per pill a 40% increase in what was already a very expensive pill. Every where you look prices are skyrocketing.

  2. lockeptrv@gmail.com

    One billionaire not interested in political power or even, indirectly, making money. Kind of strange since he’s arguably the most visible proponent of solar power. Strang, wants to… “die on Mars: just not on impact”.
    Yes, I have a prejudice living in Texas. I’m waiting now for the FAA to clear that huge rocket for flight. Another Federal agency, about which, being a former pilot, I have mixed feelings.
    During the last part of the 50s I lived in the California paradise…Los Altos. Rode bicycles with Jobst Brandt whose father was a professor at Stanford and financial advisor to Eisenhower. Used to go with my girlfriend to the Stanford Cathedral, lie on the bench and listen to the free organ recitals.
    We had 17 apricot trees in our back yard, and would have apricot wars as kids. Eat and throw. And apricot drying operations all around. I can still get California dried apricots, but they come from the valley now; or Turkey.

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