Upside Down and Inside Out

Biden’s press conference confuses, election reform and Build Back Better struggle, Biden’s family is more indictable than Trump’s, what if Republicans did what Democrats have done: listen to this and more with Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler.

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8 thoughts on “Upside Down and Inside Out”

  1. Biden is lucky to be from the 46th most populous state in the Union. If he were from California or New York there’d be no chance for him to win a senatorial seat, maybe if he could buy his constituencies like Pelosi he’d have a chance to be a long term rep.

  2. The left are poor losers. A host at msnbc alluded to getting your guns. Guns are easy to dupplant reason.
    The anger level can make armed conflict a reality question of when and of whom.

  3. What will the Left do with Joe Biden? They raised a lion in the house and now they must give him his meat even if he bites them -just like the RNC with Trump. As Houston has learned, the better thing is not to raise big cats in the house -even if rottweilers are in short supply.

  4. P.s. re: Sami and communication styles:
    Modes of polite discourse have just changed and are still changing over the past 30 years. My Yankee frankness still causes me ocassional trouble in the South, yet when I was at university in CA 20 years ago, my female peers found me overly polite, formal and cryptic. Aggressive modes of socratic discussion that students ate up like red meat 15 years ago started getting me in trouble, especially with female students, 5 years ago. It’s good to know and see that the 3 of you have such strong rapport and respect for each other, but in a podcast that is listened to by all and sundry, the old style is going to come across as offensive to a good share of listeners for cultural and generational reasons.
    P.p.s. if Sami, 17th Countess Lehktor, she who holds Sunnybrook Farm in Temenos, Child of Zeus, leads an uprising, will it begin with a destabilizing cyber attack on the website? I ask, because I want to be sure to pressure Biden to send enough Rum and Tobacco to last me while I find a temporary podcast to satisfy my addiction until “the strongest” has prevailed and BoP is online again.

  5. Thank you for this great entry for posterity. If only Jo jo Magoo had a descent temperament, it would be tolerable.
    From Jen Psaki, to Harris, Pelosi, and all the rest, this group is so out of touch with anyone or anything that can produce something of value its beyond redemption.
    Not one iota of confidence in DC or the feds period.
    We as a culture are in real trouble.
    Thanks Professor Hanson and Mr Fowler

  6. I note that the previous comments are dated in 2021. Better get the support going and adjust the disastrous Biden policies ASAP.

  7. The US Public is very aware of the dissimilar application of the law being carried out currently by Biden’s Justice Department. How can the simple change in leadership in the Legislative Branch rectify this condition? You still have Garland and Wray (sic?) reporting to hapless Scranton Joe?

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