VDH Interviews Rebecca Weber, the CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

Join Victor Davis Hanson in this weekend episode as he interviews Rebecca Weber, the CEO of AMAC. She explains the origins and growth of her organization, why it is a preferable alternative to AARP, and tells her own story as an advocate of conservative values.

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8 thoughts on “VDH Interviews Rebecca Weber, the CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)”

  1. Victor,
    I always look forward to listening to your podcasts on my weekly drive from Chico to Redding, CA and back. I am able to become fully absorbed in your discussions, while the miles slide away. I love to hear your family stories growing up on the farm. I am a native Californian and grew up in the hills of Oakland on my grandparent’s compound, as a “free range” kid like you. Of course, we just called this a normal childhood. My father served at the same time and war zone as yours. I secretly wish that we could compare stories about our experiences. Please take care of yourself as you continue to teach your listeners and readers by sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

  2. Michael Campbell

    This was a great conversation. Please invite this guest regularly. At the same time, “I don’t think it will ever stop… unless in the next election (we) get an enormous turnout…” doesn’t alleviate my worries.

  3. Just renewed my AMAC membership after having let it lapse for a few years. You guys do great work!

    The upcoming presidential debate was mentioned during the podcast. Am I the only person who thinks Trump made an unforced error here? He should’ve refused and said something to effect of,

    “Due to the time wasted at the Bragg show trial in which I was gagged and off the campaign trail, I’ll now be spending my time focusing on the issues that matter with real American voters. I will be more than happy to debate Joe Biden and his diabolical record at an appropriate date and time so the American people can have a clear choice come this November.”

    Instead of letting Biden continue to twist in the breeze as his poll numbers crater, Trump has agreed to debate him and offer a lifeline. Biden will be rested, prepped, and medicated and in a friendly controlled environment with moderators that favor him and are inimical to Trump. They will be sitting down so Biden can rest and have agreed to commercial breaks which will be used if Biden starts to struggle

    Donald Trump would’ve been better served had he agreed to hold the debate after the conventions, as is customary, and under fair conditions.

    1. thebaron@enter.net

      I disagree. Biden’s handlers are the ones who made a mistake in setting up the debate. No matter how many drugs they pump into him, no matter how many hours of sleep they let him have, he will be revealed for the incompetent fool he has always been. Trump need only let Biden be himself. Trump should also stick to discussing the results of Biden’s handlers’ policies-rampant inflation as a hidden tax on us, millions of illegals flooded into the country, and enemies abroad moving aggressively to take advantage of our foolishness and weakness.
      Professor Hanson’s explanation of the Democrats’ eminences grises giving the Biden team an ultimatum makes sense, too.
      No, this is not a lifeline to Biden. It’s trial by fire, and any outcome other than failure is not very likely.

  4. thebaron@enter.net

    I joined AMAC when I hit 55. AARP solicitations have always gone into the burn pile, and once I bought a shredder, into the shredder.

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