The Logic in All the Madness

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Most Americans believe it is unhinged to deliberately destroy the border and allow 10 million illegal aliens to enter the country without background audits, means of support, any claims to legal residency, and definable skills. And worse still, why would federal authorities be ordered to release repeat violent felons who have gone on to commit horrendous crimes against American citizens?

Equally perplexing to most Americans is borrowing $1 trillion every 90 days and paying 5-5.5% interest on the near $36 trillion in ballooning national debt. Serving that debt at current interest exceeds the size of the annual defense budget and may soon top $1 trillion in interest costs, or more than 13% of the budget.

Why would the United States suspend military aid to Israel as it tries to destroy the Hamas architects of the October 7 massacres? Why would it lift sanctions on a terrorist Iran? Why would it suppress Israel’s response to Iran’s missile attack on the Jewish homeland? Why would it prevent Israel from stockpiling key munitions as it prepares to deal with the existential threats posed by Hezbollah?

Why would the Biden administration cancel key pipeline projects and put vast swaths of federal lands rich in oil and gas off limits to production, even as it further drains the strategic petroleum reserve? Why not pump rather than drain our own oil from strategic stockpiles?

Why would the Biden White House’s counsel’s office meet with Nathan Wade, the former paramour chief prosecutor in the Fani Willis Fulton County prosecution of Donald Trump? Why would the third-ranking prosecutor in the Biden Justice Department step down to lead Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan prosecution of Donald Trump? Why would the Biden Justice Department under Attorney General Merrick Garland select Jack Smith as a special prosecutor of Donald Trump—given his past failures as a special counsel and known political biases?

Nihilism only explains so much. A better explanation is that the Biden administration and its handlers knew that there was a good chance that most of their policies would prove unpopular and might even jeopardize Biden’s reelection.

But they also were confident the changes were of such magnitude that the United States would either become—in the infamous phrase of Barack Obama—“fundamentally transformed” or force the next Republican administration to adopt such tough medicine that it would prove untenable politically and the malady would still prove mostly impossible to undo.

After all, how would a Trump administration deal with 10 million illegal aliens who entered the US without audit or legality? Where are they? How would they be found and deported? How many court suits in blue-jurisdictions before blue judges would have to be overcome?

The country has become accultured to a nonexistent border. And so, the left assumes, it would be expensive and difficult to finish the wall, to stop catch and release, to insist refugee status must be obtained before entry, and to deport what is likely now 20-30 million illegal aliens in toto. In other words, the Biden administration may sigh, “Our work is done. Whatever you think about our illegal methods, we forever changed the idea of immigration and the demographics of the country.”

All presidents—Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden—have run deficits and vastly increased the debt since the Bill Clinton-Newt Gingrich compromises that resulted in a temporary period of balanced budgets. But in the case of Biden, there was no need to keep up the multitrillion-dollar deficits, especially as interest rates on the national debt tripled and the service costs now approach $1 trillion per year.

Biden, after all, inherited a recovering economy, flush with post-COVID-19 lockdown stimulatory dollars, pent-up consumer demand, and ossified supply chains. And then he stupidly poured gasoline on the explosive mix by dousing the country with even more federal spending. Now we have the worst of both worlds: high interest rates and nearly $36 trillion to service.

But in the leftist mind, it was worth it, given that left-wing constituencies received vast expansions of entitlements that will be hard to prune back. And unprecedentedly vast debt at levels like our current burden of 123% of annual GDP prove unsustainable. And the historic correctives are brutal: 1) major cuts in entitlements and redistributive spending programs; 2) tax hikes at a time when state, local, federal, and gas, sales, and property taxes—and other “fees”—already take over half the income of most middle-class Americans; 3) hyper-inflation to pay back what is owed with cheap funny money, with the added leftist fillip that those who have dollars lose wealth and those who don’t gain greater access to them; 4) renunciation of debt. We already saw in the Obama era that liberal bureaucrats and courts often reversed the orders of creditors in bankruptcy hearings. When debt becomes unsustainable, historically arise cries of “Why should the poor suffer more when the rich already have enough money and don’t really need to be paid back?”; and 5) efforts to “confiscate” private wealth by giving, in exchange, government “credits.” For example, there have already been floated ideas that 401Ks could be absorbed into the insolvent Social Security system for credit in government benefits.

Most Americans poll strong support for Israel. They oppose the Biden effort to triangulate by revisiting the old Obama nihilist agendas of emboldening the Iranian/Hezbollah/Hamas/Houthis axis to play off against our traditional allies of Israel and the more moderate Arab regimes.

By failing to prosecute nine months of domestic violence committed by pro-Hamas lawbreakers, by allowing leftist campuses to normalize anti-Semitism and pro-terrorist advocacy, and by destroying the once close alliance of Israel and the United States, the left feels it will be almost impossible to go back to the pre-Obama/Biden years. Their legacy, they hope, is a mendicant Israel utterly dependent on U.S. largess—a condition itself predicated on essentially destroying the idea of a secure Jewish state within its present borders.

The Biden administration sought to curb oil and gas production—save for brief periods before the midterm and reelection campaigns, when it drained the strategic petroleum reserve. The point was to acculturate the public to high gasoline prices, to make inefficient solar/wind/EVs projects competitive against artificially costly fossil fuels, and to institutionalize policies that will make it difficult to reopen closed fields, to reboot federal oilfield leasing, and to dismantle costly subsidies for inefficient green fuels.

That Americans paid hundreds of billions of dollars more for their fuels under Biden, that the auto industry is stuck with vast inventories of money-losing electric vehicles that the public does not want, and that the entire economy has been shackled by counterproductive green mandates were considered worth the cost of alienating the public.

The left knows that neither Alvin Bragg, E. Jean Carroll, Letitia James, Jack Smith, nor Fani Willis would have gone to court against Donald Trump if he was either a leftist or had bowed out of the 2024 presidential race. They know no one has been tried on such pseudo-charges, and no one will again be so charged after Trump. And they accept that no republic can long survive if the opposition party seeks to remove the names of its political opponents from the ballot.

But they also know that the left has now established a valuable precedent: oppose woke progressivism, and one will either become bankrupted by indictments or land before a blue-city jury eager to nullify evidence to ensure the accused is jailed and broke.

So the left believes that its new lawfare was well worth the destruction of the entire tradition of equality under the law: 1) Donald Trump has lost a half-billion dollars in fines and legal fees; 2) a court-bound Donald Trump was robbed of weeks of valuable campaign time; 3) Donald Trump can be forever now libeled as a “convicted felon”; and 4) the left has played chicken with the American Constitution and believes it has won, given conservatives would never enter into a destructive cycle of tit-for-tat.

The Biden years did the country great damage and rendered Biden himself one of the most unpopular incumbent presidents in American history. But his agendas may have fundamentally changed the country for decades, if not longer—and will require tough remedies that may be almost as unpopular as the wreckage they wrought.


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91 thoughts on “The Logic in All the Madness”

  1. America’s greatest asset is we the people. Through many difficult times, “We” eventually get it right. It may take mass deportation and other severe remedies to repair the Obama/Biden debacle, but America First MAGA will prevail. One Crisis “We” can actually DO something about is the “unsustainable” $36T debt. MFS Patriotic Capitalism is designed to pay down the debt to a manageable level. Please, Sir, contact me for information. “When In A Hole Stop Digging”.

    1. Let’s start the mass deportation by deporting those that perpetrated these crimes against America, I.e. Obama, Biden, and all the criminal DA’s and AG’s. They’ve proven they hate America, so let’s remove them from America!

    2. In the case of the US “The greatest asset” is being robbed by the largest corporations in the nation. They are only able to do this by using the government as an intermediary.
      Mandatory Vaccine = Taxes to Big Pharma
      Ukraine Aid = Taxes to Military complex
      Covid = 30% of small business closed due to government.
      All big business are courting for Taxpayer money.
      Is it theft if it is taken under the guise of taxation?

    3. I am wanting information on why We the People can actually do to make a difference in these times of actual Travail.

  2. Leftist jurisdictions or others can impede Trump deportations with habeas corpus. At some point a Trump administration will be forced to contemplate imposing MARTIAL LAW.
    My guess is that martial law is on the planning board for 2025.
    Leftist nihilism is a political organism with Pac-Man qualities. Can the U.S. such an onslaught with applying extra judicial policies involving the use of lacing nihilists in some form of Gulags? The very thought militates against CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. Are there sensible solutions short of civil warfare?

    1. I do not think we are voting our way out of the domestic communist revolution. We are way past peaceful responses to the poisonous & deadly policies inflicted on us by the Left. The counter revolution must be pursued with ferocity so as to root out the infestation of all institutions so that we may return to “regular order” in near future. About half the country will object & half support..which seems like a formula for a brutal domestic / civil war. God help us all if (when?) the kinetic stage arises.

      1. God forbid a civil war but we won our freedom back before and it does feel like it is slipping through our fingers again

    2. Janie S Robertson

      We are already under Military rule and have been since 2018. The Swamp is being drained and all will be revealed before 11/24.

  3. Victor is exactly correct. I can already envision the TV cameras showing “newcomer families” (Denver terminology) being “captured” against their will and “shipped back” to their home countries, where of course, they will face “persecution and punishment”. It will be wall-to-wall wailing and outrage against the evil Trump and the mean Republicans.
    The most difficult and dangerous days lie ahead…and this doesn’t even take into account the threats from foreign enemies and terrorists that lie within our borders.
    The disaster of this presidency will have ruinous consequences for decades to come.
    Truly, Biden should be tried for treason given the damage inflicted upon our beloved country!

    1. Cut the free money and benefits to the illegals and many may go back on their own. If they fear going back to their country, make deals with other countries willing to take them. Give them incentives to go elsewhere and help them get there.This will be cheaper in the long run. Many may prefer to go where their language is spoken. Many have come for free stuff and probably have supportive .family they can go back to. It needs to be done or we will be even more in debt, and forever changed. Not to mention the additional strain by competition with citizens for jobs, housing, etc. The strain on the environment that our overpopulation will continue to create. New housing, sewer and water systems for 10 + million more people. All of military and breeding age, capable of doubling their nos. in a year with ‘anchor babies’.

      1. Your ideas are reasonable and show how we can facilitate the removal of these 30 million perhaps and help them go back to their homes which they likely prefer from comments I heard over the years from many visa holders and visa overstayers I have worked with. They are not interested in becoming Americans. It is better to help them return where they feel at home.

      2. Unfortunately, I have to agree. I would not be against the organization of people who literally ask to see citizenship papers from everyone in the street. Illegal… have a bus on every corner, offer to pick up the rest of their family and take them back over the border… fight? well, guess your family can figure the rest, cause you gone.
        ANYONE who starts ANY aggressive movement on ANY citizen gets streamlined to the front of the line and given harsh penalties, both Left and Right sides… Punish the aggressor, not the defender.
        INSIST that the 6th Amendment is enforced “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury”… get rid of these lawyers and prosecutors… Trial to be presented within a week, or the case is dismissed and the perpetrator considered guilty. Since when is it allowable to put people in jail for years, without even a charge… isnt that unlawful imprisonment?
        Hold EVERY member of the government responsible for their own words and prosecute them… threaten murder, riots, chaos in the streets, etc… Take it as its intended to be… A threat to loss of life and hold them accountable
        Destroy someone’s business in the name of political discord… Make them pay for it… if not in money, then 12 hr days of rebuilding the building they destroyed with no wage.
        I work my tail off, pay my taxes and its not so my money can be taken and I lose the things I help to pay for. ENOUGH

    2. Janet L Coleman

      Which is why they should start with deporting those with criminal recorded and gang members ect first then stop anyone new by securing the border then work from there. I don’t believe we can’t deport that many people so we have to be strategic. We need to crack down on employers of illegals and come up with a temp seasonal visa We need to reform welfare so Americans take some of those jobs

    3. Yes. “Biden should be tried for treason”–and a few dozen others. And that might be the only act that could bring the country into alignment with reality: Straighten up–Democrats–and fly Right.

  4. I do read your BS Mr. Victor Hanson. I admire your ability to omit major pieces of your stories. Here are just a few:

    1) You seem to be unaware of the major growth in the USA National Debt began with the 1981 Reagan Revolution, and Conservatives took an axe to the indexed 15 bracket tax structure. The USA Budget has experienced large grow in our National Debt ever since!

    2) The Biden administration has supplied thousands of 2000 pound Bombs to Israel, plus Artilery Shells, and all other forms of munitions…. BUT, Isreal decided to use their American Munitions to FULFILL their ZIONIST GOAL of eliminating all Arab Palestinians from Palestine by any means necessary, including GENOCIDE! Genocide by massive bombing, Starving the entire GAZA Prison population, with holding Water, destroying most medical centers, etc, etc, etc!

    3) Mr. Hanson, Please tell your readers who the USA Government came into possession of all the Federal Lands, your complaining about. I’m referring to you grievance about Biden not turning over large acres of former Native Tribal lands, to for profit gas, oil, and mineral extraction, not one dime would ever reach the Native American Tribes!

    4) Mr. Hanson, maybe you are unaware of the history of Israel, 1948-2023? It all started with Zionist Terrorists known as URGUN, headed up by Menchum Began. This Zionist terrorist group murdered thousands of Native Arab Palestinians, and STOLE most all of their possessions: Land, Homes, and Personal Properties!

    1. Oil companies have to pay royalties to the owners of the mineral rights. In the case of oil production on Native American lands, the royalties have paid the tribes themselves for over 100 years. FACT. The oil companies do not ‘own’ the land. That’s why they call it an oil lease.

      Biden should have NO say in the ‘lands’ of any state. The Fed was prohibited from having land, which is why DC is situated outside the state boundaries.

      The Palestinian goal is to eradicate Israel. Seems funny that the whole world ignores this fact.
      It’s written into their charter of government.

      Just a few facts.

      You toss out ‘bad actions’ with no relationship to the discussion. There are thousands of other ‘bad actions’ by governments that also do not have anything germane to the points Mr. Hanson discussed. Shall we weigh them all? Your red herrings may be interesting, you may believe them, but they have nothing to do with the central point of the article. Without any summary conclusions. So, what’s your point? Just trolling today?

    2. I would rather read Victor Davis Hanson’s BS, than this list of old, debunked, tired, leftist propagandized talking points.

    3. Paula blankenship

      Dan, GOD works in mysterous ways. Native indians lived for thousand of years but did not create any civil communities. If one did start up another tribe would come along and kill them off. So, he sent Columbus with others to follow making America. Same thing with Africans. What did they leave in Africa? Grass huts, leafs for clothes, a meal or two if they were lucky hunting. Most were running for their lifes from other tribes that wanted to eat them. Still today alot of babies don’t live to age three. GOD doesn’t have to answer to mankind but mankind will answer to GOD!

    4. Peter Patterson

      Wow, four hollow points that veer from the real truth and damage that has been done by the Biden administration. Nice try but a huge fail.

    5. Joel Savransky

      Gaza Hamas Hezbollah & Iran Delenda Est!!! Sooner the better! We need more of the Stern Gang today to deal with you and the Demon Savages you support! God’ s Wrath is coming for you and yours who Hate his people……..God Bless the IDF and the USA to get us out of this nightmare we’ve been living thru with this Administration of Freaks Clowns and freedom hating Marxist Commie ideology that needs Gone root and branch ASAP

    6. Not a statement you make is true. Your apparent lust for falsehoods is manifest.
      1) Reagan’s tax cuts INCREASED revenues to Treasury, as did Bush II’s and Trump’s. Increasing deficits and debt were entirely unrelated to tax cuts.
      2) Your sick fictions about “Zionist goals” and “eliminating Palestinians” warrant a level of contempt that I cannot express here.
      3) The federal government has owned its lands for centuries. Biden has effectively and corruptly blocked all energy development, while at the same time Dept of Interior is corruptly misdirecting money to steal AmerInds’ votes in close states.
      4)This is essentially a continuation of your demented lies in #2.

    7. 1. Clearly you missed the part where he stated both sides were responsible.

      2. He didn’t say they weren’t supplying them, they just aren’t providing what was promised. Did you also forget that Hamas promised to continue October 7th over and over? If they don’t stop Hamas now it will continue. They’ve done all they can to protect Palestine. You’re so clearly antisemitic and feel it’s okay to attack Israel. GFY.

      3.Youre an idiot. This has no place in his topic. Again GFY.

      4. You don’t know the history of Israel. Everyone thinks they do but they only know what they want to know. Interesting how you didn’t address any of the real points. Because like all the other progressive dems YOU GAVE LOST YOUR MIND!!!

    8. It’s not theirs to begin with, libtard in disguise. I hope you’re one of the first to go in the very needed and inevitable Civil War. Nothing of value will be lost when ALL of you are gone.

    9. You are obviously a bot, or a troll, because your spelling/grammar is horrible. Ah, perhaps simply just an idiotic, uninformed, repeat the narrative, democrat.

  5. But the rationalizations you list are not “logic”, except insofar as any madman has their own logic.

  6. Every crisis has built-in opportunity. Neither China nor the EU poses the uniqueness of American capitalism. And that is what will be the force behind our hope for the future. Priority 1 is to win the election, then lock down the borders. Next is to find the bad guys and either kill or detain them by reconstituting our key law enforcement institutions, like the FBI, CIA, and Military. It’s just too obvious that drawing our natural resources to drop the cost of energy will lower the “temperature” in the world. I don’t mean in the ambient sense, but in the geopolitically and economically. That will rev up the US economic engine and bring prosperity to millions and revenues to the federal budget to begin bending the curve towards control. If by some miricle Congress could become responsible, then we can actually reduce the debt, but that almost sounds like fantasy at this point. The next idea doesn’t sound conservative, but since we have these illegals are already here, why not sift through them and design a plan, in cooperation with the democrats believe it or not, to make them a productive part of our economy? Can we finally come together to serve each other and this country rather than have to endure disgraceful Hamas protesters, monument, business, masterpiece, property, campus, vandalizers? WE CAN DO THIS!!

  7. Great read as usual. I believe there’s an answer to the cost problem of correcting this mess. Eliminating huge corrupt federal agencies like the DOE FBI CIA and treasury department’s. Maybe you can comment?

  8. Dear Dr. Hanson,
    I read your analysis with such sadness. I look around and the destruction seems too great, too overwhelming to correct. Beyond that, I don’t truly understand why. Who is filled with such hatred of what the United States has accomplished that they wish to tear it to pieces?
    In my search for answers, I have learned of decades of international behavior by our intelligence agencies that can’t be explained as rational. Some of the same actors are still active in directing our current geopolitical stance. The damage they are doing to our standing on the world stage may never be repaired.
    I’m sorry to write to you with such a negative attitude because you brighten my days with your intelligent assessment of current American and geopolitical affairs every time I listen to one of your podcasts or read your latest article. But my daughter will probably never know the America I was so proud of in my youth. And now – I mourn it.
    Perhaps a new administration can begin the process of regaining our American morality, work ethic, determination and fairness. It will be a difficult job.
    We owe it to future generations to salvage what we can of this brilliant experiment. This republic that was so envied by the world. We have lost honestly and truth. We must find it again. For me, it is a labor of love.
    Thank you, Dr. Hanson, for everything you do.
    Jan K. Vroman

  9. VDH … I respectfully disagree with the title, as its most confusing and doesn’t appear to be justified, specifically the term … “Logic.” I suggest // recommend the title might be more accurate as: “The Quite Proven – Demonstratable – Obvious Treason in All the Madness.”

  10. Your’s is the only voice of reason it there today. Please keep it up. I wish I had had you as a professor of mine.


  11. A trump administration may not have the chance to turn things around. with Democrats passing out voter registration forms to illegals who sign up for benefits or drivers licenses, in many states that will generate an automatic ballot to be mailed out. Even if it isn’t mailed out they may just generate it themselves. The goal is to collect these ballots and then feed them in like they did in 2020, except they won’t have to for as many names. They will have an actual ballot to work with.

    How many ballots in 2020 were audited for citizenship? None that I know of, maybe one here and one there to make it look like they were doing something about it.

    They may not even be able to prosecute them, or they may be able to tie it up long enough in court so it counts.
    18 USC 611: Voting by aliens
    (c) Subsection (a) does not apply to an alien if-
    (1) each natural parent of the alien (or, in the case of an adopted alien, each adoptive parent of the alien) is or was a citizen (whether by birth or naturalization);
    (2) the alien permanently resided in the United States prior to attaining the age of 16; and
    (3) the alien reasonably believed at the time of voting in violation of such subsection that he or she was a citizen of the United States

  12. If, and it’s a big if, the republicans win the trifecta in November and begin, or even suggest, the measures you’ve described, the howling from the left and their well-placed cohorts in media will start the republican hemming and hawing and eventual of any such actions; just like they’ve done in the past.

  13. Just read Romans 1: 18-32. The Book is always right, then now & forever. He Created us & knows our nature & the inability to love others if we can’t love ourselves & Him first.

  14. This you can take to the bank–. If it is good for Iran/China and bad for the USA,Biden and Democrats will be wildly for it. If it is bad for Iran/China and good for the USA, Biden and Democrats will fight it tooth and nail.

  15. The one thing that might just save the country is the yearning for freedom. People across the globe are yearning for freedom from their own governments and that is especially true in the USA.

    1. Yes. Thank you. However, after Trump’s election will be a good time to go to 13 or 19 justices, just as the Democrats want to do.

  16. They have more than one way to prevent Biden from being re-elected. I still think that he is Obama’s third term, and Obama won’t stand for it unless he can get a fourth. I think that their hatred for the United States, the Constitution, and our national value system is so palpable, and we have seen such atrocities perpetrated upon us Citizens from all directions for so long, that “death cult” is the proper catagory for our current government. This is Death by 1000 Cuts, pathological in its intensity against Citizens because they are also taking themselves down with the rest of us into a darkness and destruction that decent and ethical people have never even considered before, let alone experienced. They are not doing this as incompetent idiots; if they were, then they could possibly see the error of their ways. They are deliberate; and there is no remedy for that. They must be removed from Power and influence forever. Our nation has passed the point of no return, and we’ll see that clearly, shortly. The Republican Party can barely raise an eyebrow in reaction to the claim that their voters and constituents may have been disenfranchised in 2020. You know that the Republican Party lets the Democrat Party be their PR department in every generation, so they will not do what we need done. If they had done their part, already, and if the “Silent Majority” had gotten off its apathetic little butt to do the right thing, then we would not be in this predicament.

  17. Richard Harper

    Mr. Hansen, you are the very best at making the difficult seem understandable. It is so refreshing to follow your logic. Thank you.

  18. I agree with all that you describe in this piece, and with your conclusions. But I will add, as a former political refugee from a communist totalitarian country (is there any other?), that the deeper problem is that Americans, for the most part, just don’t care enough to take charge of the disaster they see happening in their country. They wait for someone else to come and mop it up, or (the most menacing truth) they believe “it’s not as bad as it seems.” Americans today haven’t had to fight for anything, much less their freedoms. Exhibit A are the college skulls full of mush who can spew antisemitism and riot without any coherent reason for doing so; worse yet, without consequences. The US population takes nearly everything for granted and as it’s lulled to sleep by decades of historical ignorance. Too strong you think? Try this: go interview immigrants who fled the Eastern Bloc countries mowed by Russia or the Chinese refugees in overcrowded boats fleeing to Indonesia — or wherever else they can land. Those who are able to come to the US make the best patriots.

  19. The positive side to this abortion is that ‘ they might lose the election,’ but just one nuclear incident will allow them to keep the Whitehouse and maintain power.

  20. John Botcheller

    Mass deportation may not be as impossible as you suggest. (1) stop transfer payments abroad; (2) prohibit employers from hiring illegal workers; (3) drastically reduce illegal benefit programs. Those who leave voluntarily may return home without prosecution; those who remain and are deported may not return.

    Last step: appoint General Michael Flynn responsible for the mass deportation program.

    1. Eisenhower had a very successful deportation program. We can do it. And we should also re-assign any FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc. employees to luxurious jobs in Guam, or Puerto Rico or the Alleutians where they can do their dirty work without opposition. Can’t fire them? Reassign them to a “nowhere.” I personally think they CAN be fired. Just pay them off to leave. What’s an extra few billions among the trillions to straighten out our direction.

  21. The Left fights to win.
    The Right fights for “fairness”, win or lose.
    It’s easy to plot the trendlines here.

  22. How ever painful it is to the country these damages and wrongs to regular normal society must be corrected quickly! No one wanted fundamental changes just forward headway improving America and every American citizen.

  23. What’s the difference between you Victor Davis Hanson and the run of the mill left wing commie or youtube? You’re are all a bunch of censoring men in skirts.

    Here’s a question that all you brave conservatives are afraid to broach; let’s say we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they steal this election and the whole world can see it; who’s going to run them out of the Whitehouse if they decide not to leave?

  24. Biden’s administration is anything but incompetent. They have been remarkably successful in obtaining their goal. To bring America to its knees and render it impotent on the world stage and chaotic and dangerous at home. We will become just another mismanaged, tyrannical kleptocracy.

  25. You state so we’ll what many of us have been thinking for a long time. It makes me sad-and very angry-what has been done and is continuing to happen-and may continue as millions will vote for it. The future of our country looks extremely bleak as we grow weaker internally and on the world stage. Could it be that separation of the states is the only answer to complete subjugation?

    1. If we divided into regions that were given more powers than states, might everyone get more of what they want? We had safety in the 1950’s, and a border. These are normal and necessary things for people to want in their country. But we’ve not had safety in decades, and now its even worse. The border was basically opened around the ’80s; quietly. And now we have 68 million Hispanics and places where you must be bi-lingual to work. A region could have more control over this, other things. The inland country is mostly red, and the parts of states not cities often are. So geo-political divisions could be an option. I do think we need change, more teeth in some of the Constitutional laws that govern us. Just some thoughts born from my longing for safety, relief from chaos. I won’t vote for a senile man. But anyone I do vote for needs to be open to some of the things people on the left wanted prior to Biden; attention to environment; animal protection before they’re all extinct; making a more humane and controllable economy like the ‘hybrid economies” of Europe; healthcare, so on. This is what I and the other Independents that I know, want to see. I think Trump did a good job on the things he did work on.

      1. Anna, I like what you say. However, recall that existing laws and the constitution have been totally ignored by those sworn to abide by them. Further laws do no good if there is no way to enforce them. I can’t believe more laws would solve any problem. We have DA’s and judges that ignore them already. I don’t have THE solution. The solution has to be as multi-pronged as the the Dem’s plan has been.

  26. If the Obama/Biden campaign was to pull out a victory, it would not surprise to hear the rumblings of civil war abroad the nation, a little here and some there. Homeland Security will be quite busy. As a 90 y.o. Korea War vet I will be unable to participate, but I would,certainly be a cheer leader

  27. Bailey Spells

    I don’t care if the Public deem MASS DEPORTATIONS unpopular. It’s necessary! President Trump ONLY has 4ys to get this right, he needs to ignore the RHINOS that will be dying to be in his ear. He must get Ppl around him that support his vision. The one promise he made that needs to be kept is MASS DEPORTATIONS FOR ALL ILLEGALS & THEIR KIDS.

    1. Agreed. I posted about this too. I would add that we have been the 3rd most populated on Earth DUE TO IMMIGRATION; for many decades. We have brought in more by a wide margin than any other country. Why isn’t this enough?We have millions in the street, a citizenry struggling to buy essentials, trillions in debt. How is bringing in millions more sustainable?

  28. A post Christian America finds no hope in God’s Sovereign hand in the affairs of Man, despite all the evidence documented throughout the history of civilization. What VDH says here is undeniable and it is evil. Unless God intervenes, this evil will lead to total destruction and there will be blood. Our only hope is in Christ alone. Keep the faith.

  29. Peter Wrenshall

    I’m in the process of reading “The End of Everything”, and in the context of your essay here, I amaze myself to find such a matter-of-fact book on history and historical analysis getting positively scary. There is no doubt in my mind that the US republic is in the process of slow decline and a sudden collapse is becoming a real possibility. It may be a decade or it may be a century from now, but one of two things may happen: the US may fall outright to something like a Sino-Russian-Middle Eastern axis, or transition to an autocratic empire. In either case the the outcome will be dire for countries like Canada (where I am a citizen), which have up to now sheltered under the American economic and military umbrella. In this situation we, who have become used to the idea that a world in which individual freedom, and economic and technological progress are natural and inevitable, are about to have a very rude awakening.

  30. Thanks so much for your insight, Dr. Hanson…let’s hope we have a big enough rutter to slowly turn this around and not fear that we’re on the Titanic.
    Love You Hillsdale!!

  31. All this handwringing is getting tiresome. Let’s face it, America as a continental union is over. We have irreconcilable differences with the commie nerds.
    It’s past time to spit up and go our separate ways.

  32. You outline a logic that using illegal means, basically usurping the constitution will yield one of two results: 1) a fundamental change that cannot be undone, or 2) a significant change that is difficult to undo. In either case, there is the perceived gain without consequence.

    The key is the belief of no consequence.

    Just as in California, where removal of consequence through decriminalization has created unbearable conditions which the upright seek to escape, we see the same at the national institutional level.

    Those that do this believe the inevitable deaths being caused to the expendable masses and damages to the country are worth it. To upright persons who believe in a just America, is it worth the sacrifice of those that perpetrate such treason, not for vengeance, but to protect the nation and its people?

    It’s no wonder those engaged in this behavior now fret over potential consequences. Perhaps the lawfare we see now reflects a psychological palliative to cast the inevitable justice as petty retaliation. They seem to instinctively understand the ultimate fate even before those that must effect it.

    Such is understandable, for we see, they are disciples of power, while those that oppose them are of reason.

  33. Michael Campbell

    “… The Biden years did the country great damage…” The Left is systematically undoing US history — for starters, replacing whites via reverse Manifesty Destiny through immigration.

    A circa-1986 guest speaker at my CSU campus during the first amnesty debates called for mass illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America to replace whites and rebuild indigenous DNA, likening it to “habitat restoration.”

    “… The left has played chicken with the American Constitution and believes it has won.” It has won – because it acts and requests permission later.

    And there is a fair chance “The Biden Years…” aren’t over yet. Next come the mass amnesties, not unlike the Clinton’s multiple “rolling amnesties” but bigger, then instant and dual citizenships and voting for tens of millions of extended family members, plus gay marriage chain migration.

    The establishment (R) seem to just shrug in spite of its infuriated base.

  34. Time to start really analyzing all the impediments that could be brought to bear on a new Trump administration. Think of what they’ve already done. Now, what will they do next???????????

  35. Nothing is impossible to “undo”. It simply depends on the use of force and violence we care to use to get things right.

  36. VDH, I have to say, no matter the search I perform each and every day to find a light at the end of a tunnel I found more to convince me that very dark days are just ahead. To be blunt, before the open border invasion America contained very sinister minded sick individuals – many in politics but, even more, walking our streets in every city. Now fast forward in the aftermath, with the millions that have come pouring in like fire ants all over a dead carcass, there is no limit to what will happen here. As a former Marine, I was placing bets that the military would swoop and take over to make it all go away, but we now know after the Afghanistan debacle – they are infiltrated with sick stupid individuals , many like traitor Gen Milley and the clown Austin.

    Ever hear of Deagel? I won’t go into the details about what that website (now taken down) forecasts for 2025 – incredible as it may sound, what it laid out appears to me a very factual outcome for America. Very sad.

  37. “The most worthless of mankind are not afraid to condemn in others the same disorders which they allow in themselves….” – Edward Gibbon

  38. Dr Hanson is right but failed to call out the puppeteer. Biden is nothing more than a puppet for Obama, and yes – the US is being fundamentally transformed. After dynasties and empires that lasted longer than ours will, there was always a very dark period before a new dynasty emerged. I am afraid we are about to fail as a nation due to the current (and past) policies from Obama and the left and enter that dark period. What new dynasty will emerge? Will it be good or bad? Will the US even be a part of its rule is all to be determined but the path is set. A Trump reelection will be a bump in the road but as noted, too many people (illegals, criminals, the dependent poor, the lazy, corporations, and bureaucracy) are “on the take” for that bump to stop the transformation. Maybe a small delay. I am very pessimistic at the moment.

  39. The last time the government ruling over America was this arbitrary and corrupt, the American People rose up and threw them out. Perhaps it’s time to do so again. AND, once this debacle is cleaned up, EXILE should be a legitimate punishment for those guilty of violating our Constitution and hating the American Way Of Life.

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