VDH: Biden Reverts to Obama Doctine

Victor Davis Hanson // John Bachelor Show

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3 thoughts on “VDH: Biden Reverts to Obama Doctine”

  1. Good day! We ( myself and many thousands of other conservatives ) are so thankful for your insight and comments. When we view the complete insanity of the left it is reassuring to know there is at least one person thinking. God bless you and yours.

  2. I’ll say it again, this election was not so much about getting rid of Trump but to preserve the legacy of Obama. Nunes did 14 criminal referrals and to date, nothing has come forward. Understand Durham, Barr, and Wray are part of the swamp.
    The election was rigged and this was put into play by the Democrats many months ago if not a few years. Durham and Barr will retire in luxury breathing a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to institute all those indictments.
    A majority of Republicans didn’t support Trump right from the beginning so it’s no surprise they lost this election.
    One day the silent majority will wake up to take back their lost freedom which will eventually result in a civil war. Antifa and BLM were the fuel that started some of this uprising but in the end, they will get burnt through their greed.
    The Constitution as written will, in time, disappear. The Republicans and Democrats walk down the same aisle so who is left to protect the integrity of our great nation.
    If we don’t correct the wrongs in this election then we can look forward to the downfall of the USA.

  3. Charles Romer

    I dearly love and respect Victor Davis Hanson’s material but . . .
    although interesting but I just cannot abide John Batchelor.
    So I will not be listening to any of these he hosts ever again.

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