The Classicist: The Israelis, the Palestinians, and the Future of the Middle East

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7 thoughts on “The Classicist: The Israelis, the Palestinians, and the Future of the Middle East”

  1. The reason Biden doesn’t get anything in return is because he’s a “nothing burger” and puppet which no other leader respects. Biden’s presidency thus far has failed in every respects to correctly identify solutions to the problems facing the USA. There is no critical thinking coming from the Oval office and it appears that the presidency is being managed by committee. We all pretty much know how effective committees are—they usually only agree to “meet again”. Can it get worse? Sure. We’re eventually going to have VP Harris take over as President when Biden has another brain vein bleed and the 25th Amendment is in order.

  2. Susan Kennedy

    My family and friends can’t thank you enough for your brilliant insight and steadfast patriotism. Remaining true to the ideals our country was founded on combined with MAGA is our only hope. You are a true patriot for staying that course. You are right, Trump was and is right. May God guide us all back to prosperity and security. Thank you Dr. Hanson.

  3. Craig Brookins

    Thank you for your thoughts and insights with regards to yet another Israeli/Palestinian altercation. The most troubling sequelae in this affair, to me, is the exposure of the abject hatred of the Jews by the marxist democrats. Your analysis of Palestinians as victims and Israel as the abuser seems to represent the paradigm used by the left.
    However, the real asymmetry of potential power would seem to favor the Palestinians both geographically and numerically. I believe you also mentioned another irritating factor that the left sees manifest in the Israelis that serves as a force multiplier – a culture of meritocracy. Success from hard work enrages marxist dems! I taught Biology and Microbiology for 50 years retiring in 2019 which unfortunately corresponded with the rise of “woke” movement. For the first time in my career, I had students walk out in the middle of my lecture. Apparently, I inadvertently had committed a unforgivable microaggression. I asked the students to listen to Leland Hartwell’s Nobel prize interview with Adam Smith. Leland was very candid about his lack of academic vigor in high school until a physics teacher challenged him. He goes on to relate that not only were his grades poor but so was his family. No credentialed parents , no money, no grades. But he worked hard and accepted the help of caring teachers and professors and, with his God given assets, eventually went on to design and conduct award winning research concerning cell cycle control mechanisms. Later, after considerable reflection, I learned that hard work and acceptance of help to overcome poverty was the intolerable microaggression.
    I have a visceral feeling that this is the real problem that the marxists have with Israel.

  4. Carolee Wilson

    I wish you wouldn’t post on spotify. I do my best not to support this application. Now I have to download it, listen to your podcast & then take it off again.

  5. Sadly, this recording doesn’t work. I’ve tried on two separate phones and my desk top. Maybe a re-posting?

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