VDH and Steven Quay

Dr. Steven Quay discusses with Victor Davis Hanson the effect of the lockdowns, the real nature of mRNA vaccines, and the controversies over the origins of covid in the Wuhan lab.

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19 thoughts on “VDH and Steven Quay”

  1. VDH is an American treasure. This brief article is a solid example. When VDH pens an article, it’s most likely its the most cogent writing on the topic and I find this article to be a case in point. Brilliant in is simplicity and content. Thank you.

  2. I really appreciate almost everything Dr. Quay had to say. But he is making a mistake when he calls for a public campaign to fight gain of function research along the lines of the “climate change” mass delusion project. Climate Change hysteria is based on an unjustified dependence on computer models, just as the basis for the lockdowns were based on the terrifying projections of an epidemiological computer model. The climate models are unproven and demonstrably unreliable. I could go into the physics and fluid dynamics, but it is really quite simple. We know from historical and archeological work that the earth was much warmer during the Medieval Warm period. Wells dug by Viking settlers on Greenland in areas that were pastures a thousand years ago have been unearthed and there is still ice in the bottom of those wells. You don’t dig a well to harvest ice. This is just one of innumerable examples. This was followed by the Little Ice Age. This featured “Frost Fairs” on the Themes River as recently as two centuries ago. Fortunately, the earth is warming, and we should welcome the return to conditions that make the northern climes much more habitable. The whole point of the “hockey stick” was to discredit the notion that our climate had experienced such variations naturally. That stick is now the subject of immense ridicule. Dr. Quay makes a mistake if he thinks that policy based on massively publicized lies is the road to a better future.

    1. Robert-

      I would like to comment in more detail on your post concerning my desire to have a public awareness of the dangers of gain-of-function (GoF) that rivaled the public awareness of the climate change topic. Given the main topic of the podcast there was not sufficient time to explore all of the relevant science on climate that you cite here. As you point out, a debate on the actual scientific evidence for and against the anthropomorphic cause of climate, the burning of fossil fuels, has never been had and is long overdue. I have examined the evidence you cite and more and your line of thought is highly credible. My only point was that, via years of exposure to this topic, the ‘man in the street’ is very aware of the phrase ‘climate change.’ On the other hand, the topic of a pandemic with a >15% lethal GoF virus would replicate the Black Plague of the Middle Ages, is highly probably if certain GoF research is not regulated properly, and yet I would wager that very few people on the street are even aware of this existential risk. Thank you for your comments, SCQ

      1. Dr. Quay,’

        Thank you for your thoughtful response to my comment. I fully share your concern for the lack of concern over GoF research. The ‘man on street’ and the majority of our politicians seem to be oblivious to the dangers, as you point out. One reason for this is the massive campaign waged by the government and the pharmaceutical industry to discredit and personally destroy authentic and credible critics. Dr. Robert Malone’s thesis is that this is a result of a propaganda campaign that uses “psyops”, or what he calls 5th generation warfare. I would argue that we have had the same sort of things applied to “climate change” for over three decades. All the lies about disappearing polar bears, warmest day ever, etc., etc., and the requirement that our media weather presenters undergo training that forces them to support these fabrications suggest that this is a concerted and organized activity. Analogous to those with a financial interest organizing industry, administrative agencies, and our pathetic universities to silence opposition to the jab. I think the best thing to do is for experts like yourself to continue to speak the truth and educate those who wish to be educated. Your conversation with Victor is very powerful. It arms thoughtful people with facts that are easy to remember. The counterproductive repeated booster program being like allergy treatments is a good example. As Victor often points out, history is a tragedy, not a melodrama.

  3. Hello Sir. Spy novels inform us that if you want to avoid being traced through a cellphone, use a bought with cash at Walmart a cheap, prepaid cellphone that you “dispose” of after use, or a cellphone Faraday bag from Amazon etc. After sealing phone in bag try to call it. If it doesn’t ring, you’re secure.

    Of course if you unseal the bag, they have your location.

  4. Not sure if VDH reads these. I am on the road and last week he spoke of the nightmare with his Ram EcoDiesel. I died laughing in sympathy. I had an EcoDiesel for two years and it was constantly back at the dealer with turbo and emissions issues. I took a beating the day before Thanksgiving and dumped it for a 2023 Toyota Tacoma (last year before they slap a turbo on it). Victor, take my advice, dump the Ram at any cost and get a Tacoma or a pre-2023 Tundra (screw turbos).

    Love the podcasts.

    Colonel Gerry Nalepa
    USMCR (Ret)

  5. thebaron@enter.net

    Forget 20 years, try 20 days.
    Within the past week, or maybe 10 days, there was a news story out of Red China of another flu-like illness emerging. Just a flu, or another man-made pathogen?
    Given how the ChiComs acted with COVID, I would not be surprised if this is evidence of another pandemic. Or it could come from any other country where such research is underway. Could come from our own backyard.
    The one constant is human nature. It doesn’t change, it is fallen, and we do all kinds of stupid, foolish things because of our nature.

  6. Dr. Quay convinced me that the Covid virus was in deed a Chinese fiasco that has never been accounted for. I am also convinced that the democRATic party used it to get biden falsely elected; an iniquitous man who campaigned in his basement only to get more votes than that other reprobate, hussein obama.
    Forcing people to wear face diapers (aka “obedience masks”) and to get vaccinated had two distinct purposes; it made billions for the drug companies, and forced the proletariat to obey the government. Thomas Jefferson must have been turning in his grave over this outrageous suzerainty by the feds.

  7. Excellent interview. Dr Quay, your discussion about the five objectives of GoF research were very insightful. It helped clarify and confirm in very plain language what me and many of my scientific colleagues suspected in late 2020 especially when data about the infection and pathology mechanisms were beginning to be published before the concerted mass censorship program fired up. We often commented on the fact that it was too perfect and cynical about the quick discovery of a test vaccine vector. This global experiment on humanity basically was the largest insidious RCT for mRNA vaccines when it had already been in research for use against cancer, without much success. I believe we will see many long term affects on how this vaccine and the “perfect” virus together will impact human health. I expect to see statistically significant increases in allergies, autoimmune disease prevalence as well as many “unexplained” and unprovable associations between infected and/or vaxxed folks, especially those who continued getting boosters after it was clear something was not right, with worsened and/or progressive autoimmune diseases. I hope scientists like yourself continue to design studies to study these potential impacts.

  8. Dr Quay, was the ACE receptor improved affinity 2015 study you referred to published? If so, can you add the link to get it? Were the results of this study ever discussed, or was it retracted, censured. Why was this not highlighted more and other studies like it.

  9. Alexander Michaels

    Interesting to me is how many in our own government went to certain lengths to cover up for what the lab in Wuhan China was guilty of doing. Such gross negligence caused that city and region to suffer and we may never know the exact swift punishment the CCCP leveled upon all involved.

  10. Very insightful and sobering discussion on the Covid virus, vaccine, gain of function research, and the abandonment of public health doctrine as it functioned pre Covid. I worked at CDC during the first Covid scare and sat in on teleconference calls between HHS, NIH, CDC and SAMSHA in the initial attempt to establish a National public health strategy to counter the threat. Dr Fauci was on those first two calls pressing Tommy Thompson (HHS SEC) for NIH to take the lead in managing the National response. Thompson decided HHS would lead and other Agencies would stay in their lanes by mission statement. Following that decision, Dr Fauci was not present at any future teleconferences. I found that to be an interesting power play dynamic on his part. Luckily the first Covid scare did not materialize. Watching that play out has made me wonder and question many of Dr Fauci’s actions in support of GOF research and vaccine development. He was involved in the early HIV response with developing a vaccine to vaccinate their way out of HIV. That didn’t work, but his predominant effort always seems vaccines being the solution. Now that government scientists can be monetarily incentivized, objectivity and credibility must be scrutinized.

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