Civilization Versus the New Nihilists

Nihilism is the religion of the Left. Anarchy is now at the core of the new Democratic Party.

If the Left wished radically to alter the demography of the U.S., it could have expanded legal immigration through legislation or the courts.

Instead, it simply erased the border and dynamited federal immigration law.

By fiat, nihilists ended the wall, and stopped detaining and deporting illegal aliens altogether.

Or was it worse than that when candidate Joe Biden in September 2019 urged would-be illegal aliens to “surge” the border?

As a result, through laxity and entitlement incentives, eight-million illegal entrants have swarmed the southern border under the Biden administration.

They are swamping border towns, bankrupting big-city budgets, and infuriating even Democratic constituencies.

The same nihilism applies to crime.

In the old days liberals gave light sentences to criminals or reduced bail. But today leftist prosecutors do not even seek bail. They hardly prosecute theft or random assaults.

Criminals are arrested and released the same day. Is the nihilist plan to destroy the entire body of American jurisprudence, and to ensure “equity” in being victimized?

Is the woke idea that all Americans—inclusive of diverse Beverly Hills elites, Hollywood celebrities, or members of Congress alike—must share victim equity, and thus experience first-hand street robbery, car-jacking, smash-and-grab, and home invasion?

The United States can produce annually more natural gas and oil than any nation on earth. It once pioneered nuclear power. It has vast coal reserves and sophisticated hydroelectric plants.

The old idea was to use these unmatched resources to transition gradually to other cleaner fuels such as hydrogen, fusion power, solar, and wind. That way consumers would still enjoy affordable energy. And the United States could remain independent of coercion by the oil-producing Middle East.

But that was not the nihilist way.

Instead, the left deliberately cut back on pipelines, new energy leases, and fracking. It bragged of an upcoming ban on fossil fuels. In drought-stricken, energy-short California, the state is blowing up, not building new dams.

Is the nihilist agenda to punish with bankrupcy the energy-using middle class?

Is the hope that Americans will have to beg the Saudis, Iranians, Venezuelans, and Russians to pump more of the hated goo for our benefit so we would not have to dirty ourselves helping ourselves?

When Joe Biden entered office in January 2021 the U.S. was naturally rebounding from more than a year of Covid-enforced lockdowns.

Overtaxed supply chains were still fragile. Pent-up demand was soaring. Consumers were flush with government cash. Trillions of dollars had been printed and infused into the economy to ward off a feared recession.

All economists advised not to increase the deficit, spike further consumer demand, and expand entitlements.

Instead the Left did just the opposite.

Four-trillion dollars were printed and distributed. In no time, Americans, recovering from Covid, next experienced the worst, but entirely preventable, inflation in 40 years.

Three years later prices on staples remain 30-40 percent higher than when Biden took office. Mortgage rates tripled.

Abroad the nihilism is even more inexplicable and terrifying.

All nations suffer military setbacks. But none in memory have shamefully hightailed out of a theater as we did from Afghanistan.

Few countries could even imagine discarding billions of dollars of weapons and hardware into the hands of the terrorist Taliban, or abandoning a $1 billion new embassy, and a huge, remodeled air base.

Why did the administration simply allow a huge Chinese spy balloon to float and photograph leisurely over the continental U.S.?

Naïve countries might endure two or three attacks on their overseas bases without serious retaliation. But how could the U.S. military permit 135 rocket barrages by Iranian-supplied terrorists on American soldiers without a major and sustained response?

Is the point to humiliate our own troops? To destroy what is left of U.S. deterrence?

Popular culture is especially captive to leftist nihilism.

It is not enough to object to a statue or artwork. Instead, without deliberation or public input, they must be defaced or destroyed, all the better stealthily and by night.

After the massacres of October 7—but well before Israel had even responded to the barbaric invasion—thousands of students swarmed their elite universities cheering on the violence.

And what so exhilarated them?

The nihilist, ghoulish beheading, torture, mutilation, mass rape, dismemberment, and necrophilia of unarmed, civilian Israeli elderly, women, children, and infants.

In sum, we are witnessing an epidemic of leftist nihilism similar to the 16th-century European mad wave of iconoclastic destruction of religious art.

Or is the better parallel the suicidal insanity that Mao Zedong unleashed during his cultural revolution of the 1960s?

The old politics of right versus left, and Republican opposed to Democrat have now given way to a new existential struggle: Americans must choose between civilization—or its destroyers.


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67 thoughts on “Civilization Versus the New Nihilists”

  1. As always, VDH helps me collect my thoughts concisely and coherently. I am happy that you share your wisdom through these posts and podcasts. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  2. Conor McCafferty

    And the Republican Party still allow itself to be bullied and humiliated. This will never defeat the leftist nihilism. Everrrrrrr

    1. Paul, for what’s worth, I am a huge Trump fan. The positive outcomes that his administration achieved during his first term were (in my view) nothing short of astounding. And they were achieved with the “deep state” throwing all they had at him in an effort to derail him. Even if he goes to Prison (an extreme case) he will still have my vote, providing he does not run as a 3rd party candidate.

      All that said, when I speak to others, many of whom believe in him wholeheartedly, none believe he enhances his appeal with his mean and petty tweets. He doesn’t for me either. So, by showing this side of himself I fear he will lose the vote of those that only marginally support him, as well as the on the fence voters.

      1. Stanley Bernstein

        Many people misunderstand Trump. He speaks and writes quickly in direct opinions, as do all New Yorkers. His remarks are consistently taken out of context by his enemies. However, I challenge anyone to refer to the original context and then judge if you are truly offended. You may well ask if you prefer the syrupy verbiage we received from Obama, arguably the worst president in American history (who, in my opinion, is still running the government) or the direct statements of a man who demonstrably did better than that predecessor. It is incumbent upon every voter to use cogitative ability and not emotion. Otherwise, we are all finished.

    2. We are in a fight; yes. But I’ll study the current demographics before choosing someone. It’s my understanding that those under 40 are the larger demographic. And there are people who are older and old who’ve been voicing their fervent desire for universal healthcare; and some balance in the economy rather than the basic directive there being protection of profit over all else. They’ve been trying to get these and other things since the ’60s. Some older people think we’re going back to the rather constipated ’50s if Republicans win. I’m older and I’ll fight that. It is grossly unfair and cruel what is being done to Trump, and those doing it in our faces, should be made to pay. But after we bring back law and order, secure our border, both of which should be givens, not political; governing needs to take the concerns of ALL into consideration. This includes the two party preference built into the voting laws, which facilitates a perpetual adversarial situation rather than one of civilized compromise and diplomacy. They’re calling names and making fun of people’s looks. Corruption continues. Citizens get the crumbs of what they want.

  3. Illustratively, analogously, the situation is like an enormous, ponderous airborne craft that is approaching what amounts to a “sound barrier”. The whole amorphous thing (society, going in which direction we are not sure — and the passengers in the interior fighting among themselves) …… is shaking and convulsing …… and the nearer it gets to the “speed limit” …… the more turbulent and more chaotic the shaking and convulsing become. Not to use the words “apocalypse” or “singularity” …… but yea, verily, something is nigh upon us.

  4. We MUST, and I say MUST, stop the nihilists among us… they are dangerous and with their distorted views a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

  5. The succinct summary is the best
    “The old politics of right versus left, and Republican opposed to Democrat have now given way to a new existential struggle: Americans must choose between civilization—or its destroyers.”
    If only the woke would wake to what is happening to THEM. An inconvenient truth.

  6. Please don’t omit the Republican co-religionists. Democrat nihilists have had the quiet but unshakeable support of the Republican leadership on the border for three decades and near complete unity since early 2016 when Trump announced. McConnell & Ryan deliberately squandered 2017 &’18 and backed the entire government apparatus to oust Trump. It was they who authored the unlimited budget, scope and time for hunt through Trump’s entire life certain they would find something(pointedly taxes, like Capone) on the multi-bankrupted, divorced, casino & beauty pageant owning man with orange hair & clown tie they so despised. They uttered not a protest with the hiring of 20 rabid Democrat prosecutors and zero Republicans using the ludicrous excuse of Russian collusion which everyone knew from the beginning was a hoax.

  7. If Americans are not willing to stop the nihilists now then we deserve what we get.

    We have the graphic evidence. We fully understand what is going on.

    We know that the government lies to us. We know that the elites control all media, universities, big tech (sans Elon), big pharma, weapons production, defense, entertainment, etc.

    We now no longer believe most of what the legacy media promotes. We understand that there is a direct line between what we hear and see in the “news” and what the intel community wants us to believe is the “truth”.

    Before long, there will be fewer and fewer people left who can put all of this in historical perspective.

    That’s what the nihilists are waiting for: once we are taken off the board they will rush forward with their Marxists plans for our country.

    At that point, they will encounter little resistance.

    This is a unique point in our country’s history. We get to watch the whole thing unfold in a slow motion journey to an inevitable conclusion. Our society is being dismantled and then obliterated at the end of our lifetimes. This only happens once, and we have front row seats to view this absolute debacle, to paraphrase Reagan.

    It does not need to end this way, but it surely will. There aren’t enough people left who will put up much of a fight. Fewer and fewer everyday.

    The old warriors on the conservative side can only fight with words.

    Goodbye, America. It was fun while it lasted.

    1. Jim, I think it a shame that you believe our demise is certain. I will never count us out. To do so, in my view is a betrayal of our forefathers who stood with America against diminishing odds. Think of those standing in the snow with bloody feet during the winter of 1777/1778.

      1. Thomas, take a look at my first sentence. Then ask yourself, “What am I willing to do?”

        Cheering ourselves on, while being totally cognizant of our slow but almost certain demise, is not a recipe for victory.

        If Trump is elected, he will no doubt slow down the spiral of defeat. But reversing the trend is likely not in the cards.

        Just commenting on what i see. Thanks for the remarks.

  8. Nihilism has history of turning in on itself, of cannibalizing its very essence (your aforementioned great leap forward, the French revolution, ad nauseam). I pray for a Biblical remnant of people who value freedom over egalitarianism, who will remain to pick up the pieces and start the cycle all over again. Would that we could, once and for all end the cycle with freedom as the final victor.

  9. If you define nihilism as the denial of the existence of morality, value, truth, etc., as well as the negation of authority (church, state, family), then I wonder if the goal of what we are actually seeing can be defined as nihilism. While perhaps the participants in the social unrest may view it as such, I’m of the opinion that the social (and global) chaos has been purposefully organized so that, at some point, populations demand more control by the state, authority or ‘global government’. Perhaps those who currently believe that their actions are nihilistic are only being used as pawns on the global chessboard…..

    1. Nihilism means the disbelief in any objective standard of truth, virtue, beauty. The standards are manmade, hence can be unmade by man.

      For example: genocide is immoral when it is defined as preventing castration of underage boys to be dressed as girls, as this will prevent the growth of transvestites, but genocide is moral when defined as using rape, child-murder and terror to decolonize Palestinian lands, and exterminate Jews. There is no objective definition of the word genocide, and whether it is good or bad depends on no objective standard. That is nihilism.

      Again, free speech is allowed per no objective standard. Anyone can vilify Trump in any words whatsoever, or accuse him of any wrongdoing, but he is demonized and subject to gag orders in turn. This is nihilism: there is no standard.

      Again, law is lawfare, used only against Trump and Trump supporters, never against Democrats guilty of the same crimes or worse. This is nihilism: there is no standard.

      Again, beauty in art, or even in popular entertainment, is to be judged by political and not artistic standards: remakes of SNOW WHITE which smash the Patriarchy are award-winning, but objections to bad storytelling are dismissed and demonized as bigotry. This is nihilism: there is no standard.

      And so on and so on.

  10. Americans are close to an all out war with our own government. All it will take is a military coup from our own forces!

    Actually, if they would go ahead and begin arresting these criminals in the White House, Legislative branches, city governments, etc, America would be all the better for it.

    If it becomes a civil war in the streets, so be it! As we stand right now, we have 8 million more military-age opposers to weed out of the cities and towns.

      1. Biden may not have been lying with that statement but I believe he was wrong. A portion of the US military will not fight against US citizens. The oath a member of the armed services takes is to the Constitution, not the POTUS. It may not be a majority of those in uniform but I believe enough below the rank of Colonel know what is right and not obey unlawful orders.

      2. Apparently only one comment or Reply is possible on the thread so I will cover two in this one comment.

        To Ms Sarah Freeman: I find VDH to be more factual than opinion oriented. At least for the most part.

        To Leroy: Biden may not have been lying when he made that F15 comment but I absolutely believe he was wrong. Service members take an oath to the US Constitution, not the POTUS. It may not be a majority of the armed forces who will recognize it as an unlawful order to fire upon civilians but enough of those below the rank of Lt. Col who understand the meaning of “support and defend the Constitution of the US against all enemies foreign and domestic”.
        Many veterans, myself included, still hold that oath and when the government becomes tyrannical, rebellion becomes duty! I believe Thomas Jefferson said that or something similar!

  11. Thank you. There are so many policy failures over the past 3 years and for the MSM to ignore can’t possibly be because of one the threat of the return of Trump. It’s the new world order that wants to erase boundaries and hegemony, wants division and civil unrest, wants to eliminate the ideas of pioneerism and self sufficiency. I worked for local government for 12 years before leaving
    for the private sector; the government is not
    your friend or father. And it definitely does not take a village to raise a family b/c the village has too many bad actors trying to influence our kids, with Tik Tok being the worst. Keep it coming Victor.

  12. It seems as if we will have to take arms to defend ourselves first, from the hostile left-wing fascists, and then the government who will step in to stop the conflict. Would that not be for what the left is striving?
    Surgical strikes wouu you led be more meaningful. Take out the SOROS malfeasances, whoever is funding woke agendas in universities, etc.
    Better still for everybody to finally realize that we are all tools and puppets being manipulated by self-serving potentates bent on total domination, and remove them from any position of authority.

    If nothing happens, few, if any, will survive the endgame. Visualize a snake eating it’s own tail.

  13. The United States needs a 28th amendment to the Constitution prohibiting commercial lawyers from elected office. I know it would take some “tinkering” to make this work because we need judges and clerical workers to file deeds, births, and similar documents. However, after living through the greedy rampages on a family-owned corporation in Michigan–my father had a 7th grade education, was kind and scrupulously honest and worked to build a successful corporation and was tormented by the greed of parasitical lawyers. The last time I checked 51 of the 100 U.S. Senators were lawyers, and the largest common background in the U.S. House of Representatives is that of lawyer. Most simply have a bachelor’s degree, and then the “law degree” is an education in how to obfuscate, distort, and manipulate for greed. Of course there are may be some morally decent lawyers–not of my acquaintance,–but they are darn rare. Law without morality becomes corrupt.

    1. Could the Camp LeJeune grift be a gift to trial lawyers everywhere to give them a piece of taxpayer money? I could be wrong but it looks that eay.

    2. Great point.

      There is just one problem: lawyers now dominate Congress and are not likely to vote themselves away from the public trough.

  14. Victor,
    You put so eloquently into words with such clarity what the common American has been struggling against for so long. My fear is what I hear echoed by so many others. That is, we are feeling very cornered with no clear way away from this destruction of our beloved country. Again and again we vote for people who represent our own values and purpose. There no longer exists any trust that these elections are fairly conducted. If our candidate actually wins, they become something so foreign to what we voted for, that we feel that our vote is futile. The corruption is deep and the brave to stand up against it is so shallow.
    It is well spoken people like you who represent our values and we cling to the words of those so brave to express themselves, on our behalf as well as our country, to keep our freedom alive.

    Thank you. I should have known sooner that you came from farming. So do I. The roots of farming run deep with a pragmatic, thoughtful and fair approach to life itself. Please stay strong for the many, many of us who seemingly have no voice. Yours is a voice aligned with the masses. God bless you and the other voices in support of our threatened American life.

  15. Yes. In 2020 I recognized the woke Marxist revolution as the end of civilization unless we can stop it. Everyone must speak up truthfully.

  16. The Left is not Nihilistic in the sense that they believe all of life to be meaningless. Instead, the Left rejects biblical morality and intends to establish its own ethical system. Meaning for the Left is to overthrow God, Christianity, and the Bible and replace it with an antichrist world system.

    1. “Nihilism” here is being used in the philosophical sense, namely, not to mean that life is meaningless, but instead to mean that all standards of truth and virtue and beauty are manmade rather than established by God.

      The idea that all virtues and truths are manmade is a Marxist idea Marx got from Hegel who got it Gnostics writers, akin to Simon the Magician in the Acts of the Apostles, the man who tried to buy the Holy Spirit. Simon also started a cult that preached that God was the devil, and the snake in Eden was a benefactor freeing mankind from divine tyranny.

      In other words, you are exactly correct. The Left do not think life is without meaning; they think they grant meaning to life, because they are akin to God, and know more than He does.

  17. How any American can vote Democrat at this point is beyond comprehension. This all smells of a self destructive death spiral. There is nothing comparable on the right that can come close to the amount of backward thinking garbage that comes from the left. All they do is destroy and build nothing. Are people who vote Democrat that vain and can’t admit that this is all insane. No one in the history of our country has thought so illogically about every issue. These ideas would have never even surfaced 15 years ago when many of these people were still adults. Not one prominent historical philosopher has ever peddled all this nonsense.

  18. Pepe Sobreruedas (Miami, FL)

    What continues to boggle the mind is how old lessons learned about Leftism and its failures not only continue to be ignored but are purposefully sought out with gusto at the risk of our own obvious and guaranteed destruction? The definition of nihilism indeed…Thank you Victor for using your brilliance and eloquence as the weapons of mass destruction we need to deploy in our rhetorical arsenal…

  19. I am reminded of a passage from Gilbert Murray in “The Five Stages of Greek Religion” about the changed sensibilities of writers in the early Christian era. The parallels are not exact but there is a certain resonance: “It is a rise of asceticism, of mysticism, in a sense, of pessimism; a loss of self-confidence, of hope in this life and of faith in normal human effort; a despair of patient inquiry, a cry for infallible revelation; an indifference to the welfare of the state, a conversion of the soul to God. It is an atmosphere in which the aim of the good man is not so much to live justly, to help the society to which he belongs and enjoy the esteem of his fellow creatures; but rather, by means of a burning faith, by contempt for the world and its standards, by ecstasy, suffering, and martyrdom, to be granted pardon for his unspeakable unworthiness, his immeasurable sins. There is an intensifying of certain spiritual emotions; an increase of sensitiveness, a failure of nerve.”

  20. Well, that’s a lot to take in with your 1st cup of morning coffee.

    However, I do like to be well informed by trusted and respected sources. Dear Victor, is among that very small crowd of reliable sources.

    Although, I support those who choose to arm themselves mightily with more weapons than they can employ to withstand the encouraged attack, who the evil leaders have assembled and unleashed upon us; my weapon of defense is prayer.

    I humbly and earnestly encourage my fellow man, -my fellow Americans patriots, and all moral patriots of their respective nations, to pray. Pray, for all those who have the means and courage to take up arms against all evil. That they may be protected by Almighty God, as instruments of good. Pray for those who have courage to stand up against those demonstrating this insipid evil, those who have stolen the seats of power which they have so deplorably abused. Pray for the victims, both living and martyred. Pray, humbly to God; and, develop a sometimes neglected relationship with your Maker. Pray for His intervention; without which, there is no salvation; and no meaningful survival of any kind.

    Thank you, Victor; and may God protect and save you from the hate and harm of these “nihilists”.

  21. The Republican Party is pretty much the same as the Democrats. Republicans are hell bent on destroying the country (or at minimum allowing it to be destroyed) as the Democrats.

    Why are American troops on a base inside Syria to undergo rocket attacks, where we have not been asked to be by the Syrian government? Why does Congress continue to give unchecked war making power to whoever is the President?

    Mr. Hanson, why do you support the neocon position of US involvement in a major and sustained war in Syria?

    Yuri Bezmenov, the former KGB spy came to America and explained to Americans the 4 stages of ideological subversion:
    Everything he predicted would happen did happen.

    He now writes a substack and wrote wonderful critique of Harvard: “After almost 400 years the world’s most powerful university has publicly declared moral and intellectual bankruptcy.”

    Coming from a man who knows totalitarianism inside and out, I find his understanding of what we Americans are going through very moving.

    Victor Davis Hanson, coming from an entirely different background, and through thousands of hours of reading history, helps us see things very clearly. One of the things that is lost as a result of postmodern nihilism, besides God, is the knowledge of the difference between good and evil.

    When young people are not taught the difference between good and evil, and when young people are not imbued with a sense of God they become ships without a rudder. But more disturbing than that, they can no longer ascertain the difference between God and Satan.

    Nihilism is satanic in that its goals are to destroy everything that is creative. Its goal is rob humans of gratitude, which is the source of all creativity. It’s goal is to fool people into thinking nothing they do matters, and nothing anyone else does matters either. It works to foster chaos, evil, and corruption.

  23. Did you ever wonder what the real reason is for letting in millions of disloyal and ignorant foreigners to our country through the southern border? And why so many are of young military age?

    And why there are now proposals to allow them to become part of ur woke military to gain citizenship?

    Face it. The biggest long term problem the American Marxists have is that conservatives own too many guns. They need to find a way to disarm our citizenry.

    Our own military, as it stands, is not large enough to do that. Local cops and sheriffs are too aligned with local populations to enact direct mass gun confiscation.

    But what if we had a new, unpatriotic, unattached military force, possibly through “homeland security”, that would carry out this protracted and dangerous mission?

    Does the porous border look a bit more purposeful now?

    Just spit-balling here.

    Does anybody have a good argument against this bit of “far-out” reasoning?

    I would like to hear it.

    As we have seen with the Trump indictments, nothing is off the table with the Marxists among us.

    You just need to imagine the unimaginable. There you will find their exotic blueprints..

  24. Victor, yours is a succinct summation. We are viewing a protracted, but planned, societal collapse instigated by both Far Left-wingers and the USA government bureaucracy. If you want to see the condensed form of what we are going through, watch the film called “Downfall”, which is in the German language, but with English subtitles. Hitler went out with a bang. Instead, we are going out with a pathetic ‘whimper of Wokeism’ that no other nation pities, and that some nations feel is well-earned.

  25. I don’t think the term Nihilist is a correct term in reference to Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Both rejected Hegel and thought that politics was never in the interest of the masses but of the wealthy; Art being a Nihilist in the pro-Buddhist ascetic tradition and Freddy in the Anarchist tradition. Both suggested that the lowest common denominator – average citizen with low intellect and a high resentment will factor could be rallied into any sort of mob mentality action through careful manipulation. Maybe a better name for this new political philosophy of the Left is “Equityism”.

  26. Right now, the light at the end of the tunnel appears more like that of a freight train than a scattering of some cowboys wearing white hats coming to the rescue. By almost any metric, leftists seem to have advantage. Highly significantly, they have the seditious media.

  27. Thanks for your article Dr. Hanson…. I’m mildly surprised that the Cloward-Piven Strategy to destroy American Society has not been mentioned. C-P fits well with the current regimes ultimate goal.
    BTW Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  28. Michael Campbell

    The nihilist left does not govern, it punishes:
    ⦁ Don’t like Spanish at the DMV or on ballots? Now you know how migrant English-learners feel.
    ⦁ Don’t have a vaccine passport? Now you know how an undocumented feels.
    ⦁ Don’t like waves of illegals? Now you know how it feels to lose half your country in 1846.
    ⦁ Don’t like having to move from CA to a “Red State”? Now you understand the Trail of Tears.
    ⦁ Don’t like open borders making you a conquered people? Now you know how American Indians feel.
    ⦁ Don’t like being treated as a second-class citizen in your own country? Now you know how it feels to be Palestinian in Israel.

    American citizens discarded by industry live in campers on local streets waiting years for Social Security while illegals are put up at a Hampton Inn. If “The Grapes of Wrath” were written today, Steinbeck ould portray Ma Joad in a RV as a racist “deplorable.”

    1. There is something masochistic about the left. They appear to feel guilty about many things.

      They love to punish all who they rule over. Because their self esteem is so minuscule, they must virtue signal at every opportunity.

      The Green New Deal, with its multitude of societal punishments, is the ultimate expression of this self-harming philosophy. Though based on a total lie, we sit idly by and allow them to make our lives worse in every way imagineable — for no logical reason.

  29. Robert Westmoreland

    An important contributor to this nihilism is a deranged conception of positive freedom, according to which all barriers to radical self-determination, including “gender,” Western standards of excellence and beauty, and traditional histories of our country and civilization, must be destroyed. In case you’re interested, I discuss this in “The Tyranny of Positive Liberty,” National Affairs, Summer 2023.

  30. Faith without deeds is empty. Time to get back to god and country and get involved if it is not too late, and it very well may be. Reform and disband the federal government monoilith, trickle down to the states and municipalities and practice what you preach at home. Somebody historic said the country does not exist without a moral populace, we see it to be true today. Evil and apathy needed the spark of Soros DA’s, DEI, woke schools , and communist professors , and society is off to the slippery slope down the tubes.
    My optimistic side as an instructor with some good young men is hopefull.
    My pesimistic side thinks we are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic bitching about tthe music the band is playing.
    My fellow citizens prepare to defend what is yours, intelectual as well as physical property and self.
    We are in for one very historic ride.

    1. John, I agree.

      The unstoppable force (destroying democrats) is running up against the once immovable object (conservative, conscientious Americans).

      Without a “moral populace”, the playing field has morphed into an uneven surface that favors the destroyers.

      Under these circumstances, the once immovable object turns into an inert, defenseless, and inconsequential punching bag.

  31. Drive-By Shooter

    “If the Left wished radically to alter the demography of the U.S., it could have expanded legal immigration through legislation or the courts.”

    The “Left” did so. One device was the Hart-Celler Demographic Change Act. Other devices were related batches of pernicious drivel about “civil rights”. All three acts were passed with the enthusiasm of a notoriously bloodthirsty Zionist called LBJ and the usual pestiferous suspects. Once the racial profile of the population had changed enough, it was possible, thanks also to the rise of whole generations of European Americans indoctrinated in the cult of “civil rights”, to throw the border wide open. It’s only just a coincidence, of course, that the Bidenhouse is crawling with the usual supremacists, just like every recent admin, it seems.

  32. How long can a country last when half the people want to annihilate the half? When half the population has a severe form of retardation, where they no longer no what truth is? Where half the people seek death and destruction? Just how much longer before the rubber band snaps?

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