Under the Rock of History

In the Saturday edition, Victor Davis Hanson talks about many misconceptions of World War II and some modern misconception about inflations, Obama, and Biden. Listen in with cohost Sami Winc.

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5 thoughts on “Under the Rock of History”

  1. Hello Victor Davis Hanson,

    Bob Marley was half white and his family has profited from being black enormously and mostly in America. Obama must be crying while looking out his Martha Vineyard windows in the upper class white East coast landscape knowing he hurt Chicago extremely bad. Thank you for pointing out how controlled and manipulated we still are, and feel like we are turning into a third world nation as you speak.
    Thank you and stay safe,

  2. Do the Bidens live under the rock of history like Chaucer’s friars under the arse of Satan? Or are Sami and Victor looking for gross bugs like Calvin and Hobbes?

    I love the laughter at the end. Whenever Hunter Biden comes up on the podcast, the tone reminds me of the time the venerable old math department coordinator and I started cracking 50 Shades of Grey jokes in a particularly dry faculty meeting and made the young 20-somethings snort into their coffee. Same whenever Victor ribs Jack about Jeffrey Toobin. Fun times!

  3. I agree Ms. Winc, it was a great podcast today.
    Thank you, Dr. Hanson for another outstanding history lesson.
    While my father and every uncle served in the military during WWII all deserve our gratitude; today you presented another side of the Greatest Generation.
    We owe thanks to those who created the developed and maintained what may well be the greatest manufacturing base, in support of those overseas prosecuting the war.
    Should you ever write a book on that subject I believe it would be another VDH best seller.
    Thanks again. Excellent show!

    BTW the assessment on Obama was fantastic also. He may go down as the worst POTUS of all time, even worse than the dementia ridden Biden. At least Carter was an honest man.


  4. Dr. Hanson, thank you for a most illuminating lesson on World War Two, and drawing a truthful characterization of the canonized 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama. In one segment, you mentioned the T-34 Russian tank. It has been my understanding that the designer of the tank was not a Russian, but an American engineer, J. William Christie who developed the front wheel independent suspension, and the hardware was exported to Russia as agricultural machinery. This coincides with my understanding that the presumed Russian Kalashnikov or AK-47 rifle that was developed, designed and premiered by a German, Hugo Schmeisser, who was held captive by the Germans in 1942.
    Professor Hanson, perhaps you would be so kind in answering a question I have been asking you for several years regarding the denouement of World War Two which has since gone unanswered. If Hitler had take the advice of his generals in 1941 and the Suez Canal was utilized to reach the Levant to seize the Russian oil fields in the Caucuses would Germany have been victorious?

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