Surveillance, Supreme Court, Censorship and More

In their Friday news round-up, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the surveillance of congressmen after Jan. 6, Supreme Court justices, big tech censorship, Pelosi’s warning of “ruthless” Chinese, illegal immigration, and a Republican coalition.

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6 thoughts on “Surveillance, Supreme Court, Censorship and More”

  1. Hello Victor Davis Hanson,

    Sounds like Californians in the North are taking from Jesse Waters book ” How I Saved the World. “My neighbor was a Scientologist very scary and intrusive, and you describe the attitude well.
    Thank you,

  2. When I was in school, we burnt leaves and lit candles around the toboggan to the Mighty and Awful Snow Demons to prevent a dry, warm Winter. Worked like magic in ’96. I don’t know which to chide more: Victor’s cosmology or meteorology. 😉

    From Papyri Hansonii 52W: “of the rain that falls to the west of the mountains it is said ‘Pulvius is lord’. Which Hieronymus of Antioch says may be glossed sub specie Christi as ‘Markos Angelos’. Hermes Trismegistus says: “of the rain which falls west of the mountains, certain spirits of the middle aether have care and are chiefly to be propitiated by the burning of fallen leaves. Moshe of Trier glosses this passage thus: “the storehouses of the snows which fall upon the face of the mountains making glad the hearts of they who witness it in season was put into effect by angels at the bidding of The Name.” (N.W. Clerk “Meterology and Gender in Antiquity” p. 123)

  3. When considering news, even that coming from John Solomon, where statistics are cited, one must remember there are lies, damn lies and statistics.
    It is likely true that US citizens and legal residents commit twice as many crimes as illegal immigrants when one discounts the crime of crossing the border illegally etc. The statistic being overlooked is the number of US citizens and legal residents in comparison to illegal immigrants.
    Using statistics one can make the case that illegals commit 25 times the number of crimes compared to legal citizens and residents, as a percentage.
    Since there are 345 million US citizens and green card holders in the US and 20 million illegal immigrants on the high end of the estimate it becomes obvious more crimes as a pure number will be committed by those legally here in the USA.

    Without pulling up actual crime statistics; just presuming 50K crimes are committed by those legally in the US and 20K crimes committed by illegal immigrants the report Ms. Winc read is accurate. However, percentage wise the number of crimes by those legally in the USA are appx 0.0145% while crimes committed by those here illegally are 0.1% or 10 times as many.

    The adage of Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics holds true!

  4. Oh boy, Victor. You’re usually so measured and sober. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you more irritated than the illegal immigrant crime statistic segment.

  5. Professor Hanson, you appeared to be fixated with Germany’s fatal mistake of attacking Russia. However. If Germany in fact attacked Russia by means of the Levant and secured the Russian oil fields in the Caucasus, would the denouement of the war been changed?

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