Trump Indicted, Populism and Censorship

The Friday news roundup analyzes the Trump indictment in Georgia, the San Francisco doom loop, populist singers, and a federal court of appeals case on government pressuring social media to censor.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Indicted, Populism and Censorship”

  1. I have been beginning the mornings with your podcast and my brain needs to thank you for the stimulation. Being from Exeter and living in Tulare, I am especially thrilled to hear your references to Selma and The Big Valley. I’ve always considered Fresno to be our crime shitwhole and avoided that city whenever possible. However, hearing you speak so positively about “Fresberg” MAY cause me to reevaluate my long held beliefs. Thanks, Renee

  2. Victor,
    While commercial real estate developers often inflate the value of their properties as collateral for loans, the lenders themselves also have their own appraisers value the assets prior to making any loans. If it’s a sizable loan, the loan officer will always insist on an independent appraisal before seeking loan committee approval to protect his or her job, should the borrower default. In any event, it’s a private transaction between the parties and has nothing to do with the public sector.

  3. Concerning, DAs talking to each other. Somewhere, there is a master Democrat switchboard where everything is coordinated. Talking points move across the day as though they are in a hymnal.
    Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton are not good enough actors to convince anyone that they just happen to be on air when the indictment came down. The puppeteers knew.

  4. You believe our country is in existential trouble. Your fact presentation and analysis that America is destroying itself from within is persuasive. However, I believe it would be educational to your listening public to hear you speak in depth about the threat to our constitutional democracy and way-of-life from foreign actors. Specifically China. One common sensical factor is that I would think China very much would like to see President Biden re-elected. Don’t you think that a good way to accomplish that political objective and influence the 2024 election would be to militarily invade Taiwan maybe 4-6 months before the election? The American people have historically rallied around their President in a time of war and this emotional support could probably translate into Joe Biden votes.

  5. The Professor should read Mark Steyn’s latest. He gets it. By the way, what’s up with Pompeo and McMaster? They are implicated in some very suspect behavior during their tenure under Trump.

  6. In regards to increasing crime, lying, destruction, chaos –

    1. Loss of fear of God.
    2. Loss of the nuclear family.
    3. Loss of conscience.
    4. Loss of the police.
    5. Loss of prosecution.
    6. Loss of the rule of law.
    7. Loss of biblical worldview.

  7. Increasing societal immorality –

    1. Elevation of man replaces God’s lordship.
    2. Single-parent households and homosexual households replaces the biblical family.
    3. Leftist psychology excuse the conscience.
    4. Racial Equity and reparations nullify having an adequate police force.
    5. Leftist politics and theories trumps prosecution.
    6. Relativism and power overthrows the rule of law.
    7. Evolution, abiogenesis and The Big Bang explain origins and make morality meaningless.

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