Bucking the Law: Winners and Losers

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss immigration chaos and disaster at the border, Harvard defies Supreme Court on race-based admissions, Blue-Dog Democrats, and SBF’s recent incarceration.

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6 thoughts on “Bucking the Law: Winners and Losers”

  1. RFKJr with Tucker 2 days ago discussed his trip to Yuma. Only 2 out of 200 were from Latin America. The cartel busses had people from Ghana, Azerbijan, Khasakstan, and China

  2. thebaron@enter.net

    @20:46 When VDH said, “homostasis”, did he mean, “homeostasis”?

    The Central Valley accent is fascinating! “commensurate” is pronounced “commiserate” and “meritocratic”, “meri’cratic”.

  3. Please tell Mr. Hanson that I’d like to have a conversation/correspondence with him. It will go something like this:
    Since your conclusion from writing The End of Everything is that last among the failings of a society heading to extinction, was that they held onto the false hope that someone, something would come to save them, does it follow for you then, that if the next election is as flawed as the last, that that is to be our end?
    But as I think past his possible answer, it brings on the discussion that I hope to have with Victor.

    Fingers crossed. My cell number is 561-709-9035.
    Very respectfully,
    Steve Hudson (Not a farmer, but my first job was picking apples from a three-legged ladder.)

  4. Saying China is responsible for Covid 19 is misleading! Nongovernmental organizations cause Covid 19, government just does what it does. Use a crisis to its benefit. To demonize their opponents and radicalize supporters. Both Trump and Biden boasted about their vaccine and saving the country! Both totally inaccurate and egotistical. Doesn’t even touch the surface of what Covid 19 was! The greatest psychological experiment of human fear!

  5. I love VDH and can always rely on him telling the truth about the world today. I am, like many others terrified about what is happening in

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