Trials, Budgets and Presidential Candidates

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for the Friday news roundup for a look at Trump on trial, McCarthy’s budget crisis, Newsom’s political jostling and California, the great destroyer.

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6 thoughts on “Trials, Budgets and Presidential Candidates”

  1. Always good, informative, thought provoking. You are the voice in the wilderness. Now, if only people would listen to Mr. Hanson’s wisdom!

  2. Even as Victor defended our great president Trump, he made it a point to call him crass and crude. Did Trump hurt your feelings, Victor? If he did, please let us hear about it. Stop with the hearsay. That Rosie O’donnell line saved his candidacy. Megyn Kelly wasn’t exactly a girl scout. She would have destroyed his candidacy if Trump wasn’t as cunning as he was.

    I’d support Trump just for making all these “two-face” general scumbags revealing their true allegiance — $$$!!!! Mattis was most disappointing. He was supposed to be the best the military had to offer.

    H. R. McMaster was a lightweight, shallow thinker/strategist in my humble opinion.

  3. What makes you believe that Trump actually said these things reported by these traitorous generals?

    DeSantis wouldn’t have been elected governor of Florida without Trump’s help. DeSantis is also a tool of the establishment Bush people. He also stepped into a good position in Florida having republican legislatures in both state houses. I would like to see how he holds up when he has both houses of congress against him.

    What makes you think Democrats won’t use the same impeachment, prosecution tactic against DeSantis that they did Trump? Nothing stopped them against Trump so why do you think that they will treat DeSantis any better?

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