Afghanistan: US and Soviet Long-Wars

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss the unseating of Kevin McCarthy, the recent crime wave, Biden building border wall, and then they look at the history of warfare in Afghanistan.

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11 thoughts on “Afghanistan: US and Soviet Long-Wars”

  1. I am compelled to respond to the first part of Saturday’s podcast that dissed the removal of McCarthy from his Speaker post.

    This last week, after hearing long interviews with Rep. Tim Burchett, Rep. Eli Crane, and even the critics’ “evil” Matt Gaetz, it is clear the Freedom Caucus reasonably removed Kevin McCarthy from speakership for good cause.

    After years of gross federal overspending, that actually harms the nation’s military, values, sovereignty, after years of meddling in elections and affairs of other sovereign nations, after endless wars and seemingly countless lesser military actions across the globe, the frightening politicizing of the DOJ/FBI/IRS; after the negotiated Speaker went back on his word and, behind closed doors dealt an insulting blow to those with whom he negotiated for their vote, he gave this corrupt Administration EVERYTHING it requested in CR #1, without one iota of movement to correct the debacle at the border, one might ask: If not now, when? If not these principled men, who?

    Perhaps, too many have lost their way and dumped principle. Mr. Crane described a personal threat he received from a squish republican angry at him for taking a stand on the breaking of the promise. Mr Burchett was impressive too.The Republican squishes are ad hoc Dems and, left alone, there is a high probability they will simply vote to continue support endless wars and military activity across the globe while ignoring the removal of this nation’s own border.


      Well, the “Freedom Caucus” certainly dumped principle to collaborate with the Leftists to remove a Republican speaker.

  2. ‘It’s not how you start – it’s how you finish.’ ~

    Frankly McCarthy finally had leverage for negotiations — shut down the government, which by the way, the Democrats in the Senate are vowing to shut down the government if billions more do not flow to Ukraine’s coffers — when the narrowly-elected Speaker finally had leverage, he caved, and made a deal with the enemy. My question is, “When was McCarthy going to fight?” What about the border? What did he achieve for the border? For the economy? Gasoline prices keep rising. . . .

    Now it’s clear there’s only one man for the job who will unify the Republican congress and party: Speaker Trump must be elected inevitably, and he shall promptly impeach Biden and Harris for treason, for giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States, for violating federal law, for facilitating an invasion of the United States through the southern border, through all borders and ports of entry, and through explicit open-border policy waging war against the citizens of the United States.

  3. Charles Carroll

    What personal grudge did Rep Gaetz have for Speaker McCarthy? Gaetz is under an ethics investigation and he had asked Speaker McCarthy to quash it. He didn’t.

  4. Yes Victor we’re not talking about the Bidens, but then that’s all the Republicans did. They were doing nothing, nothing Victor.

    And the fact that Mace and Buck voted to oust Mccarthy is poetic justice. After all it was Mccarthy who put them on the fake disciplinary committees to make sure the out of control squad was not disciplined.

  5. Kevin McCarthy
    Oct 2
    Bring it on.

    Victor, why are you so heart broken over this guy? I don’t get you.


    @36:49 a correction – we didn’t give Stingers or any other weapons to the Taliban, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. There was no Taliban at that time. They arose later, after the Soviets evacuated. At the time, the opposition forces were those collectively known as the mujaheddin, who comprised a range of tribal groups, with various levels of Islamic fervor.

  7. Victor I have agreed with your views the majority of the time, BUT Speaker McCarthy got nothing done on the critical issues. Impeach Biden for: the open border, weaponizing the executive branch against the right, draining the strategic reserve, he is a crook, etc. etc.

  8. In regards to Joe Biden and the Democrats attempting to nation-build in Afghanistan –

    promoting homosexuality, transvestitism, and pseudo-racism which are the beliefs that are destroying America.

    Victor is correct, Leftists in America believe that they are morally superior and seek to persuade others to adopt their beliefs.

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