Three Gnomes and a Garden without Treasures

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss Biden, Harris, Smollett, the polls and policies. Polls show Americans waking up to the Left.

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9 thoughts on “Three Gnomes and a Garden without Treasures”

  1. Sing O Muse
    Of Juicy Smollett
    Sing about his
    Subway sandwich
    How with strokes
    He laid about him
    How he smote
    Those MAGA haters.
    Fore the early rays
    Of morning
    Down to Subway
    Strode the Smollett
    There to buy a
    Tasty sandwich
    There to buy a
    Subway sandwich.
    Tasty was the
    Subway sandwich
    Chilly was Chicago’s
    On his way by
    Place abandoned
    In the darkness
    Of the morning
    Suddenly was he
    Spoken to by MAGA
    There with ropes and bleach
    For hate crimes
    There to bleach white
    Juicy Smollett.
    None of that
    Was Juicy having.
    High he raised his
    Subway sandwich.
    Down he brought it
    On a racist
    Down it came like
    Bolt of thunder.
    Picture now an
    Almond orchard
    Blooming in
    The Selma valley
    Picture Victor poking
    Down the fall all
    Even so does Juicy
    Fell those mighty
    MAGA haters.
    Off he strides now
    In the morning
    High he raises
    Subway sandwich
    And the bleach is
    His annointing
    Claiming him
    For social justice.

    1. Dawn M Vasquez

      Reply to pod…
      I heard victor speak about republican party meeting and talking about the party..
      But the main topic victor to discuss is the party split between maga Trump group…amd the establishment cheany..Romney etc…Now the maga faction supports putin..and Russia (even with putin talking genocide)…
      And establishment supporting helping Ukrainian forces.
      The party will lose every election if it does not somehow come together before November.
      Both sides seem so far apart and maga side believes war stories and pictures of Ukraine damage to be fake etc..and establishment calling for Ukrainian assistance….
      Perhaps you…victor CA do podcast and speak of unification of republican party…

      Wisconsin friends

  2. Great show as always! Your comments on Biden’s and Harris’ fitness for office are spot on, and it raises the question: how did the Democrat Party manage to nominate such poor candidates in 2020? I recall that years ago, the Democrats established a system of super delegates, selected by the party leadership, whose purpose was to bring diversity and inclusion to the selection process. It seems to me that in establishing the super delegate system, the national party diluted the vote of everyday Democrats – those that are active at the state, county and local level, who serve on municipal councils and in state legislatures, and who might be more mainstream – and who might be more pragmatic, and concerned that a presidential candidate should, among other things, actually be qualified to serve if elected. Granted, the recent Virginia state election, with its tone-deaf school board members and McAuliffe (who was tainted by his extensive involvement in national politics dudring the Clinton years) might not support my assessment of state and local Democrats’ attitudes, but still – local pols often have to be more pragmatic. Just a thought.

  3. Really liked the discussion of all topics. Very informative and educational.
    Victor is very smart and should have his thought go more viral.

  4. Future Podcast Topics for Your Summer Hiatus

    Regarding Mr. Fowler’s request for topics for future podcasts:

    Please do a podcast on geopolitics, i.e. on how geography affects politics. Potential subtopics could be:
    a. the geopolitics of ancient Greece
    b. the geopolitics of Ukraine and Russia, during World War II versus today
    c. the history of geopolitical thought from Alfred Thayer Mahan, Halford Mackinder, Karl Haushofer, Nicholas Spykman, George Kennan
    d. geopolitics today and China’s One Belt One Road Policy
    e. geopolitics of climate change and the future.

    Another possible series of podcasts could be a chronological survey of the Classical literature and thought. Give introductory talks on the major authors and works of classical Greece and Rome. Provide your listeners with an outline for self study of the classics, which works are important to read and how they tie together.

  5. What a treat to listen to your various and singular podcasts. You have become a tutor for many, especially me. Within one podcast I can marvel, I can smile and even laugh. I subscribe to your newsletter and read everything you post, including two of your books; The Dying Citizen and The Second World Wars.
    I’m quite amazed at all you do, from all the TV appearances, various interviews and still find time to write all those wonderful columns. When do you sleep?
    Thank you for illuminating our world so cogently.
    Your hosts are to be commended too.

  6. In a previous comment I posited that, in my opinion, China will side with the West against Russia in order to finalize its position as the sole superpower and savior of democracy. Developments since I made that assertion lead me to believe it is correct. I would greatly enjoy Mr. Hanson “war gaming: that scenario. Glad to be a subscriber to The Blade Of Perseus. Thank you! Wes @ Empireoftruth.

  7. Thank you Victor for all you do. Your brilliant commentary is so welcome to those who want the truth.
    Greg Redmer
    Perry Hall,MD

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