From Ukraine to Actium

In the Friday news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson talks with Sami Winc about the war in Ukraine, Jussie Smollett, Oil Prices and the Battle of Actium.

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2 thoughts on “From Ukraine to Actium”


    @19:56 In the UK, there was movie called “Threads”, depicting life in Britain after a nuclear strike. Same idea-a propaganda piece intended terrify the audience to get them to support unilateral disarmament, under the motto, “Better red than dead.” My AP English teacher showed it to us when I was in high school. Oh, and then we had also, “Amazing Grace and Chuck”, about the Little League pitcher who says he’ll never pitch again, until nuclear weapons are abolished. Insipid.

  2. How can we better encourage children to study history? When I was a young student (K-12) I hated history. It seemed boring and about old things I didn’t care about nor was interested in. I was fortunate, however, to have good teachers who were very knowledgeable about the ancient civilizations and incorporated their knowledge into the lessons of the regular school day. Some of it must have gotten through to me even though I didn’t pay much attention while in class. Fast forward to now and I find everything VDH talks about to be not only fascinating but so relevant to where we are and what is happening. I love how he can draw on the old and shine a light on today’s events. Now, I wish I had read and studied the classics more when I was young. Hindsight is 20/20.

    It seems the teachers today come to the classroom ill-prepared to teach many subjects. The States and Federal Department of Education have introduced so much fluff and political correctness into the curriculum that the only alternative may be to abolish the Department of Education and restore education programs to the direction of local school boards.

    How can we give today’s youth 20/20 foresight?

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