Things That Reveal the Struggling Left

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about midterms, Mayorkas’ lies about “whipping,” cop killing in Connecticut, Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democratic Party, and Paypal’s $2500 penalty for “misinformation.”

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9 thoughts on “Things That Reveal the Struggling Left”

  1. If someone wanted to weaken the Democrats long-term, how would one go about it?
    Could one analyze the Democrat Party as a military problem, I.e. evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and formulate a line of attack?

  2. I just wanted to chime in and give a hearty Thanks to both of you for another fine podcast. This is by far my # 1 podcast. I do look forward to each & every one of them. Have a nice weekend, Scott..redcorgo5.

  3. Malorious Jongquine

    Don’t put too much stock in Tulsi Gabbard, remember during the 2020 dem debate she said we had no business attacking the taliban because they hadn’t attacked us. That was disingenuous considering the taliban were harboring al qaeda and wouldn’t give them up. al queda killed thousands of Americans, and she suggests we should have just let them be.

  4. Richard Borgquist

    Bret Baier should have asked David Priess WHY/REASON 50 intelligence employees
    sent letter that Hunter Biden’s laptop looks like Russian disinformation,
    knowing that it was not Russian disinformation, two weeks before election
    knowing that it would help Democrats and hurt Republicans
    and further knowing the mainstream press
    would not investigate or distinguish this fine point of distinction.

  5. Victor’s discussion with respect to deterrence is spot on. I’m 60 and recently retired from both a public education and law enforcement career. When I began, it seemed a real “calling.” Discretion and authority led to deterrence which led to law and order–in both professions. Order made productivity soar. Today, I would not recommend either profession. Thanks for reading.

  6. The tragic ambush of Bristol, CT police officers and the resulting murder of 2 of them is blood on the hands of all politicians who voted to defund police and otherwise tie their hands to fight crime.
    I don’t know how the politicians and the WOKE sleep at night. Watch the funeral online and cry with all the law abiding citizens of Connecticut.. Then,, vote those liberal bums out. Vote Lamont and his lackeys out.

  7. Having the courage to speak out aginst the corruption in government is very difficult. The blow back that we will inevitably face is worrisome. It may result in loss of a job, potential harassment, or worse. However, as you pointed out, people are dying in Iran standing up in opposition to the tyranny they face.

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